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Does Sherwin Williams have a navy blue paint?

Does Sherwin Williams have a navy blue paint?

Sherwin-Williams is one of the largest and most popular paint brands in the United States. With thousands of colors to choose from, they offer paint options for both interior and exterior projects in a wide variety of sheens and finishes. One popular color that people often look for is navy blue, which can be a classic, versatile shade for many applications. But does Sherwin-Williams actually offer navy blue paint? Let’s take a closer look at their color selection and find out.

Overview of Sherwin-Williams Paints

Sherwin-Williams manufactures and sells architectural paints, industrial coatings, and specialty finishes under various brands. Their most well-known line is their Sherwin-Williams interior and exterior wall paints. Within this line, they have several different bases and sheens to choose from:

  • Latex paint – including flat, satin, semi-gloss, and high gloss
  • Oil-based alkyd paint – including flat, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss
  • Primers – both latex and oil-based
  • Stains
  • Sealers

These paints come in thousands of different colors which can be mixed at any Sherwin-Williams store. The colors span neutrals, brights, deep tones, pastels, and more. They also have several specialty lines of pre-mixed paints in popular hues.

So within this large selection of interior and exterior paints, does Sherwin-Williams offer any navy blue shades?

Navy Blue Paint Colors from Sherwin-Williams

The short answer is yes, Sherwin-Williams does have navy blue paint colors available. They offer dozens of different shades of navy blue paint spanning their different paint lines. Here are some of the most popular navy blues they sell:

Latex Paint Colors

  • Naval – SW 6244 – A very dark navy blue, almost black
  • Intrepid Blue – SW 7660 – Rich mid-tone navy
  • Windward Sea – SW 7674 – Muted blue-gray navy
  • Distance – SW 6243 – Balanced true navy blue
  • Black Magic – SW 6993 – Deep blue-black navy
  • Blueprint – SW 7030 – Gray undertone navy
  • Polo Blue – SW 6737 – Vibrant medium-dark navy
  • Patriotic Blue – SW 6738 – Bright true navy blue
  • Deep Sea Dive – SW 6468 – Green-tinted rich navy

Oil-Based Paint Colors

  • Gloss Navy – B54BZ44 – Traditional glossy navy blue
  • Satin Navy – B30NZ44 – Mid-tone navy in satin sheen
  • Semi-Gloss Deep Navy – B31-51 – Extra dark navy blue

They also offer matching navy blues across their primer, stain, and sealer lines for full coordination.

Specialty Pre-Mixed Navy Paints

Some popular ready-to-use navy paint options from Sherwin-Williams include:

  • HGSW4047 Naval – Signature interior navy
  • SuperPaint Exterior Navy – Deep exterior navy
  • Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel Navy – Rich navy for trim
  • ProClassic Waterbased Navy – Smooth navy for doors and cabinets

So as you can see, Sherwin-Williams offers a very wide selection of navy blue paint colors in various depths, undertones, and finishes. They have every shade of navy you could want for any interior or exterior application.

Comparing Sherwin-Williams Navy Blues

With so many navy blues to choose from Sherwin-Williams, it can get overwhelming to pick the right one. Here is a comparison of some of their most popular navy paint colors to help you select:

Paint Color Name Undertone Depth
Naval True navy Very dark
Intrepid Blue Slightly warm Mid-tone
Windward Sea Gray Medium-dark
Distance True navy Medium
Black Magic Warm Very dark
Blueprint Gray Medium

As you can see, Naval and Black Magic are both very deep, dark navy blues that appear almost black. Intrepid Blue and Distance are balanced, flexible true navy tones. Windward Sea and Blueprint have subtle gray undertones for a more muted effect.

So weigh the undertone and depth you want when choosing between Sherwin-Williams navy paint colors. Their extensive selection has a navy paint for every preference.

Uses for Navy Blue Paint

Now that you know Sherwin-Williams offers plenty of navy blue paint options, what are some great ways to use navy paint colors in your home? Here are some popular uses for navy blue:

Accent Walls

Use a navy blue like Intrepid Blue or Naval on an accent wall in a bedroom, office, or living space. Navy makes a dramatic, bold accent wall color. It’s a nice alternative to black for depth without going too dark.

Front Doors

Paint your front door navy blue for great curb appeal. Navy makes a stately, sophisticated front door color. Try Patriotic Blue or SuperPaint Navy for a glossy, deep finish.


Navy blue is an attractive color for bathroom walls or vanities. The cool blue tone feels calming and water-like. Try a gray-toned navy like Windward Sea for a spa-like look.

Kitchen Cabinets

For a unique kitchen, use navy blue on the lower cabinets. Pair it with white or natural wood uppers for contrast. Use an oil-based ProClassic or Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel for durability.

Exterior Siding

Stand out with navy blue siding or front door. Navy makes a striking exterior color for cottages, beach homes, or traditional styles. Use a flat or satin exterior paint.

Interior Trim/Doors

Use navy blue on interior trim, molding, doors or cabinetry for an elegant accent. Try a semi-gloss ProClassic or Emerald Urethane for a shiny finish.

Tips for Using Navy Blue Paint

Here are some top tips when working with navy blue paint:

  • Test samples on walls. Navy blue can look very different in various lights.
  • Be aware navy can read dark and dramatic in small spaces.
  • Use navy as an accent in small doses to avoid overwhelming a room.
  • Pair with light neutral walls and flooring so navy can stand out.
  • Add white, chrome, natural wood, and tan to lighten up navy.
  • In brighter rooms, use a lighter navy like Patriotic Blue.
  • Use gray-toned navies like Windward Sea in cooler, northern light.
  • For exterior use, make sure the shade contrasts well with roof and stonework colors.

Finding the Right Navy Paint at Sherwin-Williams

When you’re ready to select and purchase your navy paint from Sherwin-Williams, here are some tips:

  • Browse their navy paint selection online or in store.
  • Order color samples to test at home.
  • View chips next to your existing decor.
  • Ask a sales associate for recommendations.
  • Use an online visualizer tool to preview colors.
  • Purchase primer, sealers, and coordinating finishes.
  • Have the paint mixed in the amount you need.

Sherwin-Williams offers convenient online ordering for sampling or purchasing paint. You can also visit any of their stores and have an associate help match you to the perfect navy.


In summary, yes Sherwin-Williams does offer plenty of beautiful navy blue paint colors. They have deep, dark navies as well as softer, muted varieties across interior and exterior paint lines. Navy blue makes a versatile, timeless paint color choice. With the right navy shade and proper application, you can create a stunning space with this dramatic hue. Stop by your local Sherwin-Williams store and explore their navy blue selection soon.