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Does sage and lavender color go together?

Sage green and lavender are two colors that can work beautifully together in home decor and fashion when done right. Both are considered calming, soothing colors. Sage green has an earthy, natural vibe, while lavender brings a sense of femininity and relaxation. When paired together, these two shades create a palette that is both stylish and peaceful.

The Meaning Behind Sage Green and Lavender

Before looking at how to combine these colors, it’s helpful to understand what they represent individually.

Sage green is associated with qualities like wisdom, security, resilience and tranquility. It evokes feelings of being close to nature. In color psychology, sage green is thought to promote balance and clarity.

Lavender represents imagination, femininity and grace. It is strongly associated with springtime and flowers. The color lavender also brings to mind gentleness, elegance and nostalgia. It is considered to have a calming, mood-boosting effect.

Both sage green and lavender have a soft, subdued quality about them. When used together, they create an atmosphere that is comforting and romantic. The earthy sage balances out the feminine lavender perfectly.

Home Decor Combinations

For home interiors, sage green and lavender work together seamlessly in a variety of ways. Here are some effective ideas for decorating with this color palette:

– Paint walls sage green and use lavender accent pieces like throw pillows, area rugs and decorative objects. This creates a nice balance.

– Use a lavender sofa or armchair to pop against a sage green wall. Add in other lavender accents like curtains or candle holders.

– Alternate between sage green and lavender when selecting dishes or decorative items for the kitchen or dining room. A mix of the two colors creates visual interest.

– Choose sage green bedding and layer in lavender sheets or a throw blanket at the foot of the bed. Add lavender flowers or candles to tie the look together.

– Paint built-in bookshelves or cabinets a sage green shade and display lavender vases, books or collectibles on them.

– Use lavender tiles in a sage green bathroom. Introduce more lavender through towels, soap dishes, artificial flowers or wall art.

– Paint a nursery in different tones of sage green and lavender for a modern, soothing look.

Clothing and Accessory Pairings

In fashion, sage green and lavender look fabulous when styled together in different articles of clothing or accessories. Ways to mix these hues include:

– Wear a lavender blouse with a sage green skirt or pants. Finish with sage heels or boots.

– Pair a lavender dress with a sage green cardigan or jacket on top. Add a sage handbag.

– Mix a lavender top with sage pants or jeans. Layer on sage jewelry like pendant necklaces or bracelets.

– Style a sage green blazer with a lavender shell top and pants or skirt on the bottom.

– Wear lavender jeans with a sage green tee, sweater or blouse. Include a sage belt and shoe.

– Don a sage green jumpsuit or romper with lavender heels and handbag.

– For cooler weather, pair a lavender coat with a sage scarf, beanie and gloves.

– Incorporate both colors into an outfit by wearing lavender shoes with a sage dress or vis versa.

– Make these colors pop even more by choosing jean shorts in one shade and a top in the other.

Sage Green and Lavender Color Schemes

When decorating or putting together outfits using sage green and lavender, it helps to follow basic color theory principles to create the most appealing combinations.

Some effective color schemes to use include:

Complementary: Sage green and lavender sit opposite one another on the color wheel, meaning they complement each other well when used together. The earthy sage balances out the delicate lavender.

Split Complementary: Adding a pop of color that sits next to lavender on the color wheel, like periwinkle blue, creates a split complementary scheme. The third color ties the palette together.

Analogous: Use different tones and shades of sage green and lavender together to form a soothing, harmonious analogous color scheme. Add in cream or pale blue as neutrals.

Triadic: Bringing in yellow ties sage green and lavender together in a vibrant triadic scheme. All three colors are evenly spaced around the color wheel.

Monochromatic: Stick to different shades, tints and tones of just sage green or just lavender to create a monochromatic look. Add texture and interest through pattern.

Neutral: Ground the pairing with natural, earthy neutrals like cream, brown, tan or white. This allows the lavender and sage green to really stand out.

Tips for Decorating and Styling with Sage and Lavender

Here are some top tips to follow when using sage green and lavender together in your home or outfits:

– Use one color as the dominant shade and the other as the accent. For example, paint walls sage green and bring in lavender decor pieces.

– Try combining the two colors in the same material, like pillows that mix sage and lavender. This makes the pairing appear more cohesive.

– Add in neutrals like white, tan, cream or light blue to balance out the green and purple tones.

– Introduce metallic accents like silver, gold or copper to add shine and sophistication.

– Use varying shades of each color for more depth. Try a darker sage on walls with a soft lavender sofa, for example.

– In clothing, make sure the colors you choose flatters your complexion. Olive and darker skin pops against both hues.

– Avoid going overboard. Stick to one or two main sage and lavender items so the pairing doesn’t feel overwhelming.

– Add in pops of color that coordinate, like yellow, pink or pale blue. This keeps the palette from feeling one-note.

– Use patterns and prints featuring sage green and lavender to incorporate both colors in one item, like a pillow.

– Make sure lighting is soft and warm so the colors take on a cozy, welcoming vibe.

Sage Green and Lavender Room Ideas

Here are some inspirational ways to use a sage green and lavender color scheme in various rooms:

Living Room:
– Sage green walls with a lavender sofa or accent chair
– Lavender and sage striped armchairs
– Sage couch with lavender throw pillows
– Framed art and prints mixing the two colors

– Lavender headboard with sage bedding
– Sage green walls with a lavender tufted bench at the foot of the bed
– Lavender and sage striped duvet cover
– Lavender curtains hanging over sage painted windows

– Sage green tiles paired with lavender towels and bath mats
– Sage walls and lavender shower curtain
– Sage vanity with a lavender stool or accessories
– Lavender flowers in a sage vase displayed on shelves

Dining Room:
– Sage green dining chairs around a lavender table
– Lavender paneled built-in buffet holding sage dining ware
– Sage green pendant light over a lavender table runner
– Lavender flowers as a centerpiece on a sage table

– Sage green cabinets with lavender hardware and appliances
– Lavender kitchen island with sage bar stools
– Sage backsplash tile with lavender grout
– Lavender liquid dispensers on a sage counter

Sage Green and Lavender Color Palettes

Here are some stunning sage green and lavender color combinations to inspire your own decor or fashion choices:

Earthy Autumn
Sage Green – #717d6f
Mustard Yellow – #d4ad5e
Terracotta – #ab6338
Lavender – #c7b7d4

Spring Botanical

Sage Green – #b7c9af
Robin’s Egg Blue – #9ec4d7

Coral – #ee786e
Lavender – #9e7fb8

Retro Cafe
Sage Green – #6c7b3f
Rose Pink – #e1b8b5
Yellow – #f9e66c

Lavender – #a892e0

Coastal Chic
Sage Green – #98a687

Sky Blue – #a4b8c4
White – #fbfaf9
Lavender – #807ec6

Modern Glam
Sage Green – #5b7552
Champagne – #eaddcf
Dark Gray – #45494e
Lavender – #a389c6


With their soothing, complementary qualities, sage green and lavender make for a beautifully relaxed color pairing. Whether used evenly or with one color taking the lead, this palette brings harmony and style to any room. Make sure to also bring in neutrals and add pops of coordinating colors to keep the look balanced and interesting. With the right approach, this duo can create a comfortable, inviting and stylish atmosphere.