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Does rust orange go with gold?

Does rust orange go with gold?

When it comes to fashion and interior decor, color coordination is key. Choosing colors that complement each other can pull a whole look together, while clashing colors can make an outfit or room feel disjointed. Two colors that often pair well together are rust orange and gold. But is this color combination always harmonious? Here’s a closer look at whether rust orange and gold make good partners in fashion and home decor.

The Color Theory Behind Rust Orange and Gold

According to color theory, rust orange and gold are analogous colors, meaning they sit next to each other on the color wheel. Analogous color schemes are known for creating harmony and a sense of unity. However, it’s important to pay attention to the undertones of the specific shades you’re working with.

Rust orange typically has warm, earthy undertones, while gold can take on either warm or cool undertones depending on the exact shade. When pairing rust orange and gold, you’ll want to choose gold with warm, bronze undertones rather than gold with cool, yellow undertones. This will create cohesion in the color scheme.

Rust Orange and Gold in Fashion

In fashion, rust orange and warm-toned gold make for an elegant color pairing. Rust orange has an earthy quality that grounds gold’s brightness. Together, these shades convey a natural, organic vibe. Here are some tips for wearing rust orange and gold clothing:

Tips Examples
Pair a rust orange top with gold jewelry or goldenrod trousers. A burnt orange sweater with a gold pendant necklace and wheat-colored pants.
Mix different rust orange and gold prints, like florals and geometrics. A rust orange floral skirt with a gold and white striped top.
Choose warm shades like pumpkin, cinnamon and copper for rust orange. A copper orange shell with dark goldenrod trousers.

Rusty oranges in rich satin or velvet fabrics paired with shiny metallics in gold create an especially glamorous evening look. Just keep the undertones complementary. Go for muted, earthy rust oranges rather than bright orange-reds to match the warmth of antique gold tones.

Incorporating Rust Orange and Gold in Home Decor

Rust orange and gold are great complements in home decor as well. Rust orange makes an inviting accent color that adds visual interest, while gold makes a stunning metallic neutral. Here are some ways to incorporate these colors into home decor:

Tips Examples
Use rust orange in upholstery or area rugs to complement gold decor accents. A burnt orange sofa with gold throw pillows and gold-framed art.
Paint an accent wall rust orange and hang goldenrod-framed mirrors or art. A pumpkin orange accent wall with antique gold mirror frames.
Choose a rust orange and gold color scheme for fall tablescapes. Copper chargers, goldenrod napkins, and a cinnamon table runner.

Look for ways to layer the colors, like pairing a rust orange pillow with a gold lamp base or rust throw blanket on a gold couch. Use gold in metallic finishes like brass to add glamour. Stick to warm, earthy rust shades that pick up the bronze undertones of antique gold for maximum cohesion.

Factors That Impact How Rust Orange and Gold Work Together

While rust orange and gold are generally complementary colors, there are a few factors that impact how harmonious they appear:

– Undertones: As mentioned, you want gold with warm, bronze undertones rather than cool, yellow undertones. The rust orange should also lean warm rather than red-orange.

– Saturation: Highly saturated shades can clash. Go for muted, earthy rust tones and soft metallic sheens in the gold. Subtle, sophisticated shades create synergy.

– Lighting: The color of the lighting impacts how colors are perceived. In warm lighting, the rust orange and gold will glow. Cool lighting may make the palette feel dull. Opt for warm light bulbs to bring out the best in these colors.

– Texture: Varied textures create visual interest within the color scheme. Pair matte rust orange fabrics with shiny metallics in gold. Use smooth and rough, glossy and matte finishes.

– Scale: Don’t go overboard with these colors. Use them thoughtfully as accents. Too much orange and gold can feel overwhelming.

Rust Orange and Gold Color Palettes to Try

Some specifically gorgeous color combinations featuring rust orange and gold include:

Name Colors
Warm Autumn
  • Cinnamon
  • Goldenrod
  • Pumpkin
Terracotta Sunset
  • Adobe
  • Terracotta
  • Antique Gold
Forest Floor
  • Khaki
  • Rust
  • Bronze

From the spicy hues of Warm Autumn to the earthy tones of Forest Floor, these palettes capture the natural harmony of rust orange and golden yellow in perfect balance.

Pitfalls to Avoid When Combining Rust Orange and Gold

To keep a rust orange and gold palette looking chic, avoid these possible pitfalls:

– Matching bright orange-red and bright yellow gold. These shades will compete rather than complement.

– Having too much of both colors. Use them thoughtfully as accents.

– Introducing clashing undertones, like cool blues or purples. Stick to other warm earth tones.

– Choosing artificial-looking metallic golds rather than natural, antiqued gold finishes.

– Including too many heavily patterned rust orange and gold fabrics, which can feel chaotic.

Stay mindful of undertones, balance, saturation, and finish to keep the rust orange and gold palette feeling unified and elegant.


When thoughtfully combined, rust orange and gold create a stunning color palette with natural synergy. The earthy qualities of rust orange complement gold’s radiance perfectly. Keep gold tones warm and rust shades muted to maximize cohesion. Use these colors sparingly to accent, rather than overwhelm, your fashion look or decor scheme. With proper attention to color theory principles, rust orange and gold pair up to feel wonderfully harmonious.