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Does rose gold match with red?

Does rose gold match with red?

Rose gold is a trendy metal color that pairs beautifully with certain shades of red. When selecting red hues to match rose gold jewelry or accessories, it’s important to consider the undertones of each color. Warm, rich reds tend to complement rose gold best. With some guidelines on shade and texture, you can create stylish rose gold and red combinations.

Understanding Rose Gold Tones

Rose gold gets its signature rosy hue from mixing yellow gold with copper. The amount of copper changes the intensity of the pinkish color. For example:

  • 18K rose gold contains 18 parts yellow gold and 6 parts copper
  • 14K rose gold contains 14 parts yellow gold and 10 parts copper

So a higher karat rose gold, like 18K, will appear more subtle and champagne-colored. Lower karats, like 10K or 14K, take on a deeper pinkish hue thanks to higher copper content. These tones range from a soft dusty rose to a warmer metallic pink.

ChoosingComplementary Red Tones

With so many shades of red available, from bold primary reds to muted earth tones, the trick is picking red hues that enhance, rather than compete with, rose gold’s pinkish tone. Here are some red shades that pair attractively with rose gold:

Red Shade Description
Burgundy Deep reddish brown with a purple undertone
Oxblood Dark red with subtle purple undertone
Marsala Rich red-brown earth tone
Terracotta Warm reddish orange
Coral Vivid reddish orange

Red shades like burgundy, oxblood, and marsala have a subtle complexity from their brownish or purple undertones. These complement and enhance rose gold’s warm, pinkish tones. Terracotta and coral add a bright pop of reddish orange that plays up rose gold’s natural warmth.

Avoiding Clashes

On the other hand, some shades of red can clash with rose gold. Bright, cool reds will compete with rose gold rather than complementing its soft luminosity. Steer clear of these red shades:

Red Shade Description
Primary red Bright, vivid red
Crimson Slightly bluish, cool red
Fire engine Bright red-orange
Candy apple Vivid red with pink overtones

These shades are too bold and bright to mesh well with the much softer rose gold tone. They will look distracting rather than coordinated. Instead, rich warm reds or softer reds with brownish undertones will beautifully accent rose gold.

Matching Jewelry and Accessories

When pairing rose gold jewelry or accessories with red outfits and fabrics, look for red hues that pick up on rose gold’s warmth. For example:

  • Rose gold jewelry with oxblood leather handbags or shoes
  • A rose gold watch paired with terracotta coat or top
  • Rose gold earrings and burgundy dress
  • Rose gold hair clips and marsala shawl

You can also coordinate rose gold and red for a monochromatic effect. Wearing different shades of red together, like pairing a rose gold ring with matching coral nail polish, creates a stylish, pulled-together look.

Considering Texture Combinations

When coordinating rose gold with red, texture is another important factor. Pairing sleek metallics with rich fabrics helps each element stand out. For example:

Rose Gold Item Complementary Red Texture
Polished rose gold watch Suede oxblood shoes
Brushed rose gold cuff Silk burgundy blouse
Rose gold ring Velvet maroon clutch

The interplay between the smooth metallic and lush fabric creates visual interest. On the other hand, pairing a rose gold pendant necklace with a shiny patent red handbag tends to look mismatched and too visually jarring.

Incorporating Red Gemstones

Gemstones offer another avenue to stylishly combine rose gold and red. Red gems paired with rose gold settings include:

  • Ruby: Vivid red
  • Garnet: Rich burgundy red
  • Spinel: Bright cherry red
  • Tourmaline: Dark pinkish red
  • Red beryl: Deep crimson red

Ruby and garnet especially complement a rose gold setting. Their warm, intense reds play up the romantic pink tones. Meanwhile, spinel and red beryl’s cooler reds provide bolder contrast.

Home Decor and Red Accessories

Beyond jewelry and fashion, rose gold can make a stylish statement in home decor accented with shades of red. Ideas include:

  • Rose gold light fixtures above a burgundy accent wall
  • Rose gold hardware on cabinets storing red dishware
  • Rose gold bar cart holding red wine bottles
  • Rose gold picture frames displaying artwork with red
  • Rose gold vases holding coral red tulips

As with fashion and jewelry, the most complementary reds for home decor pairings are earthy, brownish hues like burgundy, oxblood, and terracotta. These accentuate rose gold’s warm metallic glow.


With its covetable pinkish sheen, rose gold looks especially lovely when paired with the right shades of red. Choosing rich, earthy reds like burgundy, oxblood, and marsala will harmonize beautifully with rose gold jewelry, accessories, and decor accents. Avoid bright, cool reds that compete with rose gold’s softness. Thoughtfully coordinate texture and shine to let both the rose gold and red elements shine. When combined strategically, rose gold and red create an elegant, eye-catching color pairing with serious style.