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Does purple oVertone wash out?

Does purple oVertone wash out?

Purple hair dye has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many people love the fun, vibrant look of purple hair. However, purple hair dye, especially vivid tones, can be tricky to use. One of the biggest concerns people have with purple hair dye is whether it will wash out quickly or fade to an undesired tone.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at purple hair dye from the brand OverTone. We’ll examine how long the purple color lasts, what factors affect fading, and tips for making it last longer. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on maintaining vibrant purple hair color with OverTone.

About OverTone

OverTone is a conditioner-based hair color brand that specializes in fashion shades like purple, blue, pink, and more. Their signature product is the Daily Conditioner, which gently deposits color while hydrating hair.

OverTone launched in 2015 and has become popular for its gentle, conditioning formula and extensive range of colors. Their purple shades include Violet, Purple for Brown Hair, Deep Purple, and Extreme Purple.

The brand promises no damage from their formulas and even promotes hair health. The conditioner format also allows you to control the intensity of color. With repeated use, the purple tones build up for a more vivid effect.

How Long Does OverTone Purple Last?

When first applied, the purple color from OverTone is very bright and intense. If your hair is light blonde or pre-lightened, the color will show as a vivid, jewel-tone purple. On darker bases like brown hair, the purple appears more subtle.

Over time, the intense purple fades into a softer pastel purple. How long this takes depends on several factors:

Your base color – OverTone purples last longer on pale blond and pre-lightened hair. The color washes out quicker on darker bases.

Your hair porosity – More porous hair absorbs color differently than healthy, smooth hair. Color washes out faster on porous, damaged hair.

Your hair care – Washing, heat-styling, and sun exposure all accelerate fading. Taking good care of your hair helps extend the vibrancy.

Your expectations – Some fading is expected with fashion shades. If you desire super-vibrant purple, expect to touch up the color every few weeks.

Here’s an approximate timeline of how long you can expect the purple to last:

Base Color Initial Intensity First Signs of Fading Pastel Phase
Pale Blonde 2-3 weeks 4-6 weeks 6-8 weeks
Light Brown 1-2 weeks 3-4 weeks 4-6 weeks
Dark Brown 1 week 2-3 weeks 3-5 weeks

As you can see, results vary quite a bit depending on your natural hair color and goals. Understand that frequent refreshing is needed to maintain super vibrant purple hair. But even as the color fades, it creates a beautiful pastel effect.

Factors That Cause OverTone Purple to Fade

It’s impossible to prevent purple hair dye from fading entirely. However, certain factors accelerate the fading process. Being aware of these can help you take steps to extend the vibrancy of your OverTone purple:

Heat styling – Heat tools open the cuticle and speed up fading. Limit use of hot styling tools.

Sun exposure – The UV rays from sunlight oxidize and break down hair color pigments. Wear a hat for protection.

Swimming – Chlorine and salt water strip color. Always wet hair before swimming and rinse after.

Hard water – Mineral deposits in hard water attach to hair and drag color molecules out. Use a shower filter.

Frequent washing – Too-frequent shampooing fades color quicker. Wash 2-3 times per week max.

Clarifying shampoos – Their deep cleansing action strips color molecules. Use a color-safe, moisturizing shampoo.

Hot water – Very hot shower water opens the cuticle, allowing color to escape. Rinse hair in lukewarm water.

Following healthy hair practices maximizes how long your OverTone purple lasts. Be mindful of factors that contribute to fading when caring for colored hair.

Tips to Make OverTone Purple Last Longer

You can take strategic steps to preserve your purple hair color for as long as possible:

Use a color-depositing shampoo – Look for a shampoo specifically for colored hair as it will help repigment and revitalize color.

Switch to a moisturizing shampoo – Hydrating, sulfate-free formulas are gentler on color molecules.

Shampoo less often – Stretch washes to every 3-4 days instead of daily to stabilize color.

Rinse with cold water – Cold water helps seal the cuticle and lock in color.

Limit sun exposure – Direct sunlight fades hair dye fastest. Wear hats and use an SPF spray.

Avoid chlorine – If swimming, wet hair first and rinse immediately after to minimize fading.

Use a color-protecting conditioner – Conditioner creates a protective seal over color molecules.

Get a gloss treatment – Semi-permanent gloss adds a color boost and shine between full touch ups.

Use an at-home color refreshing mask – Masks deposit a shot of color to freshen between dye sessions.

With some adjustments to your hair care routine, you can stretch out the longevity of OverTone’s purple dye. Be diligent about these methods, and you’ll keep the vibrant color around longer.

Can You Re-Dye Over Bleached OverTone?

It is possible to re-dye your hair with OverTone after it has faded, even if the hair is bleached underneath. However, there are a couple precautions to keep in mind:

– Avoid re-dyeing over severely damaged, broken hair. The porous, fragile strands may absorb too much color unevenly.

– Do a conditioning and bond-building treatment before re-dyeing to improve the hair’s integrity.

– Opt for a darker shade than you used initially for better coverage and intensity.

– Expect to refresh the color more frequently than on undamaged hair.

– Monitor the condition of hair closely and adjust use of OverTone as needed.

With some caution, you can successfully re-apply OverTone dye over bleached hair. But be conscientious of the hair’s health and condition to avoid further damage. Let your hair’s needs guide your decision of when to touch up the purple color.

What Color Does OverTone Purple Fade To?

OverTone’s purple shades create a beautiful ombre effect as they fade out. The precise faded color depends on your original dye choice:

Violet – Fades from rich violet to a pastel lavender.

Purple for Brown Hair – Transitions from grapey purple to a lighter, smokier purple.

Deep Purple – Softens from an intense amethyst to a lighter lilac purple.

Extreme Purple – Diminishes from vivid violet to a pale ash-toned purple.

So in summary, the OverTone purple shades tend to fade to lighter pastel purple variations. The tones get progressively lighter and take on hints of silver or gray depending on the original color.

Many find the faded, pastel effect of OverTone purples just as beautiful as the initial vibrant color. The faded shades create an ombre appearance as the roots regrow in. Embrace the faded tones as a new way to wear purple hair!

Does OverTone Damage Hair?

Most hair dyes contain chemicals like peroxide or ammonia to open the cuticle and deposit color. Over time, these chemicals weaken and dry out the hair.

OverTone, however, uses a more gentle approach. Since the product is a daily conditioner, not permanent dye, it does not require the same intense chemicals.

The ingredients smooth and protect the cuticle rather than overly open it. As you use the product, it gradually builds up color while adding hydration.

Most users do not experience noticeable damage from OverTone. In fact, the brand claims their products improve hair’s health and strength over time. However, everyone’s hair is different.

Those with already fine, fragile, or chemical-treated hair may still experience some drying effects. And OverTone likely causes less damage than permanent dyes, but some still occurs from the coloring agents.

Minimize risk by not overlapping the product close to the root when applying. Also, monitor your hair’s condition closely and adjust use as needed. Overall, OverTone is gentler than traditional permanent color. But approach with care on fragile hair.


Vibrant purple hair demands commitment – but it’s worth it for the eye-catching style! OverTone offers conditioning dyes that deposit rich, dynamic shades of purple into your strands. While the color fades over several weeks, proper hair care maximizes its durability. Embrace the faded ombre effect as your next stunning look.

OverTone purples require more refreshed applications compared to permanent dye. But the gradual, gentle color delivery comes with less damage to strands. So you can reinvent your look frequently.

Flaunt bold purple hair with confidence by understanding OverTone’s lasting power, fade effect, and care techniques. Your mermaid-worthy mane will turn heads at every stage of fading into pastel purple perfection.