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Does purple and grey work?

Does purple and grey work?

Purple and grey are two popular neutral colors that can work well together in the right context. Combining these cooler tones creates an elegant, sophisticated look. However, the right shades and proportions are key to pulling off this color pairing successfully. In this article, we’ll explore if and when purple and grey work well together, tips for combining them, and examples of purple and grey color schemes.

Can You Wear Purple and Grey Together?

Yes, purple and grey can work beautifully when paired together. However, the shades you choose and how you combine them are important factors.

Grey and purple are both cooler, neutral tones on the color wheel. This makes them easy to pair together without clashing. However, you want to pay attention to the undertones and choose complementary shades. For example, a cool-toned purple like lavender looks sophisticated with a cooler grey. Meanwhile, pairing a warmer purple with a greige (grey with beige undertones) can create a more dynamic look.

You’ll also want to make sure one color doesn’t overwhelm the other. Using too much of one shade can make the other fade into the background. Finding the right balance is key. An even mix creates a harmonious blended effect. But you can also use one as an accent shade to make the other pop as the dominant color.

Overall, combining purple and grey thoughtfully can create an elegant, stylish color palette. The cooler tones complement each other beautifully. Just be mindful of shade combinations and proportions as you pair them.

Tips for Combining Purple and Grey

Here are some top tips for pairing purple and grey effectively:

– Stick to cooler-toned shades like lilac, lavender, and plum purple with grey blues, dove greys, and charcoal. Warmer purple hues can also work with greige or taupe grey depending on the look you want.

– Use purple as the accent color to make grey pop as the dominant neutral. For example, add purple pillows to a grey sofa or purple flowers to a grey vase.

– Try combining grey and purple in large and small doses. Use one shade on larger furnishings or clothing pieces and the other as accents.

– Add texture and patterns to create visual interest. Plaid, stripes, or floral purple fabrics complement solid grey pieces nicely.

– Incorporate purple and grey in soft, muted tones for a relaxed look. Go bold and vibrant for an energetic, dynamic scheme.

– Divide a space into grey and purple zones to clearly define each color’s territory. Or blend the hues throughout for a harmonized look.

– Pair cool metallics like silver and pewter with purple and grey for a glamorous feel. Brass adds warmth if you want a warmer scheme.

– Use lighting to enhance the cooler tones. Cool daylight bulbs and LED lighting keep the look refined.

Thoughtfully combining shades, proportions, textures, and lighting ensures purple and grey work together seamlessly. Play with different pairing techniques to find what suits your personal style or space.

Purple and Grey Color Scheme Ideas

Here are some purple and grey color scheme ideas to inspire you:

Lavender and Charcoal

A soft lavender purple has a gentle, relaxed feel. Pairing it with a deep charcoal grey creates stylish contrast. Use lavender on larger furniture pieces like sofas or beds. Then bring in charcoal with accents like throw pillows, area rugs, or curtains. The bold grey pops against the delicate purple backdrop.

Violet and Dove Grey

For a light, airy look, combine a pale violet purple with soft dove grey. The pale neutral backdrop lets the purple hue stand out when used on furniture or as accents. This color scheme works nicely in bedrooms, living spaces, and bathrooms.

Eggplant and Grey Blue

Rich eggplant purple has a sophisticated, luxurious vibe. Pairing it with a cool-toned grey blue creates a refined, elegant feel. Use eggplant on feature walls or larger furniture pieces and accent with grey blue pillows, rugs, and decor. This color scheme is ideal for formal living spaces.

Plum and Heather Grey

For a bold, dramatic look, plum purple and heather grey make a striking combo. Heather grey lets the deep purple hue take center stage. Use plum on walls, bedding, or sectional sofas to make a statement. The grey nicely balances out the richness.

Purple Grey and Lilac

A palette of three purple-grey tones creates a harmonious monochromatic look. Use a purple-toned grey like Mountbatten pink as a neutral backdrop. Bring in soft lilac and deeper purple-grey accents and decor. The tones blend beautifully for a soothing, relaxed vibe.

How to Decorate with Purple and Grey

Here are some decorating ideas to help you seamlessly incorporate purple and grey:

Living Room

In living rooms, try a grey sofa with purple throw pillows. Hang grey curtains and use a purple area rug to define the space. Add in purple candles, books, and accessories for pops of color. Paint or wallpaper one wall purple for dramatic contrast.


In bedrooms, paint the walls a soft grey and bring in purple with bedding, pillows, and window treatments. Or paint the walls a bold purple and contrast it with grey furniture and neutral bedding. Add purple lamps, art, and accessories.


For kitchens, use grey on larger cabinets, counters, and backsplashes. Add pops of purple with barstools, appliances, cookware, and decorative items. Paint an accent wall or island purple to make it a focal point.


In bathrooms, use grey on big-ticket items like the vanity, tile, and tub/shower. Bring in purple with towels, shower curtains, rugs, and accessories. Paint or wallpaper the walls purple for a spa-like feel.

Home Office

For home offices, paint the walls grey and use a purple desk chair and accessories. Or opt for a grey desk and purple filing cabinet and organizational items. Purple lighting also adds personality.

Whatever the room, thoughtfully layer grey and purple through furniture, decor, accents, and lighting. Play with proportions to find the right balance.

Do Purple and Grey Go Together in Clothing?

Yes, purple and grey complement each other beautifully in clothing combinations. Wearing purple and grey together creates chic, sophisticated outfits. Here are some ways to pair these colors in clothing:

– A grey blazer with a purple blouse or dress
– A purple skirt with a grey sweater
– Grey pants with a purple top
– A grey coat over a purple outfit
– Grey shoes with purple clothing
– Purple jeans and a grey t-shirt
– A purple jacket with grey dress
– Grey suit with purple shirt and tie

When combining purple and grey clothing, stick to cooler-toned shades that complement each other. Muted, subtle hues have an understated elegance. Bolder shades make more of a statement.

Incorporate purple as a skirt, blouse, dress, or pants paired with grey basics. Or make grey the anchor and use purple as the accent in a jacket, sweater, or shoes. You can also find purple and grey patterns like plaid for mixing and matching.

Accessories like scarves, handbags, and jewelry also allow you to tastefully incorporate both colors. Simply adding a purple scarf to a grey outfit pulls the palette together.

Overall, purple and grey work so well in clothing because they create a cool, sophisticated vibe. Pairing them thoughtfully results in stylish outfits with visual interest.


Purple and grey can be an absolutely stunning color combination when done right. The key is choosing complementary shades of purple and grey and thoughtfully combining them through balance and proportion. Cool-toned lilacs, lavenders, violets, and plums pair up beautifully with charcoal greys, taupes, and blue-tinged greys. Warmer purples can also work nicely with greiges.

Use purple as an accent in a mostly grey scheme or vice versa. Dividing a space into purple and grey zones or blending the colors harmoniously also creates cohesion. Incorporate plenty of texture through purple and grey patterns and fabrics. Use lighting, metallics, and accessories to fully bring the palette to life.

From chic home decor to sophisticated clothing combinations, purple and grey work together elegantly. This versatile color pairing allows you to create refined, stylish looks that also have unique personality. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different purple and grey shades and combinations to find a palette that suits your tastes and space.