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Does pink combine with green?

Does pink combine with green?

Quick Answer

Pink and green can absolutely be combined in fashion and interior design when done thoughtfully. While these colors are not traditionally paired, they have complementary qualities that allow them to work well together. With the right tones and textures, pink and green can create eye-catching and beautiful looks.

Complementary Color Theory

In color theory, pink and green are considered complementary colors. This means they are opposite each other on the color wheel. Complementary colors create strong visual contrast when placed side-by-side. While high contrast can be jarring, complementary colors can look vibrant and striking in the right setting.

The key is to find the right balance of each color. Very saturated, intense shades of pink and green will clash next to each other. Softening one color and brightening the other creates a more pleasing combination.

Choosing the Right Tones

When pairing pink and green, pay attention to undertones. Cool-toned pinks work best with yellow-based greens, while warm pinks pair better with blue-based greens.

Some flattering pink and green color combinations include:

– Pastel pink + sage green
– Dusty rose + mint green
– Coral pink + seafoam green
– Salmon pink + lime green
– Blush pink + forest green

Avoid matching a very cool pink with a very warm green. The clash of undertones will make the pairing seem disjointed.

Texture Combinations

Variations in textures also help pink and green flow together. Pairing soft, lightweight pink fabrics with coarser green textures works nicely. Some textural combinations to try:

Pink Textures Green Textures
Silk Cotton
Satin Tweed
Chiffon Velvet
Lace Corduroy

The interplay between matte and shiny textures can also create visual interest. A glossy pink paired with a muted sage green offers nice contrast.

Fashion and Accessories

In fashion, pink and green can make for eye-catching color combinations. Here are some ways to stylishly mix these colors in your wardrobe:

– Pair a pink skirt with a green top for a playful colorblock look. Go for a warm peachy pink with a kelly green for vibrancy.

– Mix different shades of pink and green in an ombre-style dress. Try dust rose pink at the top fading into seafoam green at the hem.

– Accessorize a neutral outfit with pink and green handbag, shoes, jewelry or scarf. Mint green heels and a coral pink purse give a pop.

– Layer a pink cardigan or kimono over a green dress. A pink lace coverup dresses up an emerald cocktail dress.

– Choose pink bottoms with a green blazer or jacket on top. The green anchors the pink for a professional vibe.

Be aware of how much pink and green you wear together. Too much can feel overwhelming, so incorporate neutrals and metallics to create balance.

Home Decor and Design

The pink and green color combination can lend a playful, eclectic vibe to home decor. Here are some tips for decorating with pink and green:

– Use pink and green in a boho-chic bedroom. Try a pink velvet headboard, sage green walls and patterned pink and green throw pillows.

– Paint built-in bookshelves a glossy coral pink and style them with green and pink books plus green potted plants.

– In a powder room, pair pastel pink walls with a bold green grasscloth wallpaper on one accent wall. Add green towels and pink bath accessories.

– For kitchen decor, use mint green cabinets, a pink tile backsplash and vintage pink and green tins for storage.

– Make a bold statement with a pink sofa and green armchairs in the living room. Accent with pink and green patterned rug.

– In a girl’s room, use white furniture with touches of pink and green. Try a pink comforter, green desk chair and art prints with both colors.

Flower Arrangements

Pink and green floral arrangements are a natural choice, as they mirror colors seen together abundantly in nature. Some fresh bloom pairings to try in a vase include:

– Peonies, garden roses or carnations in soft pink hues plus green hydrangea and seeded eucalyptus.

– Pink tulips and green button chrysanthemums.

– Hot pink gerbera daisies with lime green hypericum berries.

– Coral pink lilies and green ivy vines.

For a whimsical look, add in fillers like baby’s breath and any coordinating greenery. Play with mixing different pink and green flowers in the same arrangement for depth.


Pink and green are often described as clashing. But the truth is that when thoughtfully combined using complementary tones and textures, these colors can look fresh and modern. By following basic color theory principles and rules of thumb, pink and green can be blended beautifully in both fashion and interior design. With the right hues and balances, this bold color pairing definitely passes the style test.