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Does Patrick Mahomes have tattoos?

Patrick Mahomes is one of the most talented and successful quarterbacks in the NFL today. As quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, he led the team to a Super Bowl victory in 2020 and was named Super Bowl MVP. Mahomes is known for his powerful throwing arm and ability to make spectacular plays. Off the field, his flashy style and impressive stats have made him one of the league’s biggest stars. One question fans often ask about the quarterback is – does Patrick Mahomes have tattoos?

An Overview of Patrick Mahomes’ Tattoos

Yes, Patrick Mahomes does have multiple tattoos. He has at least 8 known tattoos on his body, with most inked on his arms and chest. Mahomes started getting tattoos in college at Texas Tech and has continued adding to his collection in the NFL. His tattoos appear to all have personal meaning connected to his family, faith, and football career. Next, let’s take a closer look at each of Mahomes’ individual tattoo designs.

Mahomes’ Arm and Chest Tattoos

The majority of Mahomes’ tattoos are located on his arms and across his chest. His right arm features a large tattoo of a cross with roses and the words “God Given Talent” inked below. Mahomes has said this tattoo represents the faith that grounds him. On his inner right bicep is a tattoo of a winged football with the words “Gloria Dei” meaning Glory of God in Latin. Mahomes got this after being drafted by the Chiefs, feeling blessed to begin his NFL career.

Patrick’s left arm features three tattoos – a lion head on his shoulder, the phrase “Let’s Ride” along his tricep, and three roses near his elbow. The lion head likely symbolizes courage, strength, and leadership. “Let’s Ride” has become a motto for Mahomes and the Chiefs, representing their unstoppable mentality. The three roses on his left arm align with the three roses on his right arm to honor important women in Mahomes’ life – his mother Randi, wife Brittany, and sister Mia.

Across Mahomes’ chest is his newest and most meaningful tattoo – a large message reading “Heart of a Champion”. He got this tattoo done in 2022 after winning his second AFC Championship. For Mahomes, this tattoo celebrates his championship mentality and drive to keep winning.

Tattoo Location Tattoo Description
Right Arm Cross with roses and “God Given Talent”
Inner Right Bicep Winged football with “Gloria Dei”
Left Shoulder Lion head
Left Tricep “Let’s Ride”
Left Inner Elbow 3 roses
Chest “Heart of a Champion”

The Meanings Behind Mahomes’ Tattoos

It’s clear Mahomes dedicates great thought to the meanings behind each of his tattoos. As mentioned, his ink honors the important people in his life and pays tribute to his faith and football journey. Specifically, the cross tattoo on his right arm highlights his Christian faith. The “Gloria Dei” winged football recognizes God blessing Mahomes with the talent to play in the NFL. The lion symbolizes strength, leadership, and courage on the field. “Let’s Ride” represents Mahomes’ relentless mindset and bond with his Chiefs teammates. The roses are for the women in Mahomes’ life who encourage him. Finally, “Heart of a Champion” embodies Mahomes’ competitive drive and determination to keep fighting.

In interviews, Mahomes has explained how every tattoo has a special significance to him. He views tattoos as meaningful ways to represent his loved ones, beliefs, accomplishments, and mindset. Each new ink is intended to mark an important period in his life. Mahomes’ tattoos illustrate who he is as both a person and athlete.

When Did Mahomes Get His First Tattoo?

Reports indicate that Mahomes got his first tattoo while in college at Texas Tech University. In March 2016, he shared a photo on social media showing new ink on his wrist – the phrase “JT 05/28/95” in honor of his late grandmother Joanne Taylor. Mahomes was very close with his grandmother, who passed away during his freshman year of college. This meaningful first tattoo helped kick off his passion for ink.

Mahomes has said his tattoos chronicle his journey and he adds new ones during important times. After being drafted by the Chiefs in 2017, he got his winged football “Gloria Dei” tattoo. The following year, he inked “Let’s Ride” and his lion shoulder tattoo after becoming starting quarterback. Mahomes has steadily added tattoos over his NFL career as he achieves new accomplishments like Super Bowl wins and MVPs.

Do Other Chiefs Players Have Tattoos?

Along with Mahomes, numerous other Kansas City Chiefs players sport tattoos as well. Here are some examples of Chiefs with noticeable tattoos:

  • Travis Kelce – tight end, has full tattoo sleeves on both arms
  • Chris Jones – defensive tackle, has tattoos on both arms
  • Frank Clark – defensive end, has many tattoos including on his neck and face
  • Mecole Hardman – wide receiver, has various arm and chest tattoos
  • Orlando Brown Jr. – offensive tackle, has two full sleeves of tattoos

Tattoos seem to be a popular way for many Chiefs players to express themselves. The highly-inked Travis Kelce and Orlando Brown Jr. display full tattoo sleeves. Many other players like Mahomes sport smaller tattoos with personal meaning. Chiefs fans can often spot their favorite players’ distinctive tattoos during games and practices.

Player Position Tattoos
Travis Kelce Tight End Full sleeves on both arms
Chris Jones Defensive Tackle Both arms
Frank Clark Defensive End Neck, face, arms
Mecole Hardman Wide Receiver Arms, chest
Orlando Brown Jr. Offensive Tackle Two full sleeves

Patrick Mahomes’ Tattoo Artist

Kansas City tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado at Black Anchor Collective has done the majority of Mahomes’ tattoos. Hurtado is a renowned tattoo artist who specializes in realistic designs. He has inked various athletes including NBA star LeBron James. Mahomes began getting work done by Hurtado after joining the Chiefs and has continued to trust him for new tattoos.

In interviews, Mahomes has praised Hurtado’s skill and professionalism. He believes Hurtado does an amazing job capturing exactly what Mahomes wants for each new tattoo. The quarterback clearly feels comfortable working closely with the artist to get personalized designs. Moving forward, Mahomes will likely continue having Hurtado at Black Anchor Collective add to his tattoo collection.

When Did Mahomes Get His Most Recent Tattoo?

Mahomes’ most recent tattoo is the large “Heart of a Champion” ink across his chest. He got this tattoo done in February 2022 after the Chiefs won the AFC Championship to advance to Super Bowl 57. The inspiring message celebrates Mahomes’ mentality that has driven the team’s continuous success. This tattoo also paid tribute to the Chiefs hosting their third Super Bowl appearance in four seasons.

Mahomes explained he purposely timed the tattoo to represent the accomplishment of winning another AFC Championship. The ink serves as a permanent reminder of the commitment and perseverance it took to make it back to the Super Bowl. It’s clear Mahomes plans out adding new tattoos around major achievements like championship titles. Fans can’t wait to see what tattoo he might get if the Chiefs win the Super Bowl!

Does Mahomes Have Plans for More Tattoos?

Based on his approach to tattoos so far, Mahomes will almost certainly get more ink in the future. Each new tattoo marks an important moment or person in his life. Even at just 27 years old, Mahomes still has a long NFL career ahead where he’ll make many more memories and accomplish new feats with the Chiefs.

Mahomes will likely commemorate future accomplishments with celebratory tattoos like he did winning this year’s AFC Championship. He seems open to adding new ink anytime something holds great personal meaning. Mahomes also has plenty of empty space on his arms and chest for potential tattoos. Fans should keep an eye out for new tattoos on Mahomes, especially if the Chiefs win another Super Bowl.


In summary, quarterback Patrick Mahomes has at least 8 known tattoos with deep personal significance. He commemorates important people like family and teammates, his Christian faith, football journey, and competitive mindset. Mahomes carefully plans each new tattoo to represent his latest achievement or major life event. At just 27, it’s likely Mahomes will add many more unique tattoos over his career. His intricate tattoos provide insight into who Mahomes is as a person while displaying his commitment to football excellence.