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Does orange go with black hair?

Does orange go with black hair?

When it comes to hair color, most people think of basic shades like blonde, brunette, redhead, and black. However, hair color trends are constantly evolving and people are getting more adventurous with vivid tones like orange. If you have naturally black hair and are considering going orange, you may be wondering if these two bold colors actually go well together. There are a few factors to consider when pairing orange hair with black hair.

Complementary Color Theory

In color theory, orange and black are considered complementary colors. This means they are opposite each other on the color wheel. Complementary color pairings create high contrast and make each color stand out. The bright orange pops against the dark black hair in an eye-catching way. This type of bold color contrast can look fashionable and edgy.

Warm and Cool Undertones

When deciding if orange hair flatters black hair, undertones are an important consideration. Orange is a warm tone while black has cool undertones. The contrast of warm orange against cool black is visually striking. However, if your natural black hair has warm reddish undertones, an orange shade with gold flecks might complement it better than a cool bright orange.

Highlight Effect

Orange hair has a brightening effect against black hair. The orange pops like a spotlight, creating dimension and highlight contrast. This can be used strategically to make certain features stand out. Placing orange highlights around the face can illuminate skin tone. Orange streaks throughout black hair add bursts of color and vibrancy.

Ombre Combination

Instead of full head orange hair, you can get a stylish ombre look by fading orange from the mid-lengths to ends of your black hair. This creates an edgy look while allowing you to maintain your natural black color at the roots. The gradient effect is less drastic but still makes a statement. It’s also a great option if you want to test out orange hair without fully committing.

Skin Tone Considerations

The shade of orange hair you choose should complement your skin’s undertones. Warm orange shades with golden, peach or red undertones pair best with warm skin that has yellow, olive or peachy undertones. Cooler orange tones complement cooler skin with pink or red undertones. The wrong shade of orange can make skin look sallow or washed out.

Eye Color Pairings

Certain eye colors really shine when paired with orange hair. Warm brown, hazel, amber and golden green eyes look stunning with orange. Blue, gray and cool green eyes offer a more striking contrast against orange hair. Make sure to consider your eye color when selecting an orange shade.

Best Orange Shades for Black Hair

Here are some top orange hair color ideas to try with black hair:

Orange Shade Description
Burnt Orange A warm, deep orange with a subtle smoky effect. Looks beautiful with warm brown eyes.
Copper A vibrant metallic orange shade that flatters warm skin tones.
Peach A soft pastel orange with a golden peach hue. It has a sweet, feminine vibe.
Sunset Orange A bold reddish-orange similar to a vibrant sunset. It makes blue eyes pop.
Tiger Orange A fierce orange shade with dark black streaks like tiger stripes.

Maintenance for Orange and Black Hair

To keep orange hair looking vibrant against black hair, maintenance is crucial. Orange hair fades quickly and requires regular toning to combat brassiness. Use a color-depositing shampoo or mask weekly and schedule a toner treatment every 4-6 weeks. Avoid washing hair daily as this can cause fading. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and cool water. Exposure to chlorine and sun also fades orange hair rapidly, so swim caps and hats are a must.


Orange and black hair can look amazing together with the right colors and techniques. The high contrast creates an edgy, trendy look when done correctly for your skin tone and undertones. Maintenance is required to keep the orange hair bright and vibrant against the black. But if you commit to the upkeep, this bold color combo makes a dramatic fashion statement.