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Does mauve go with black?


Mauve and black are both popular fashion colors that can look stylish when paired together. However, combining these shades effectively does require some forethought. In the opening section of this article, we’ll provide quick answers to common questions about wearing mauve with black to help readers quickly grasp the key points.

Does mauve go with black? Yes, mauve and black can absolutely be worn together with the right approach. Mauve has a pinkish-purple tone that creates a striking contrast against the deep shade of black. This eye-catching color combination works for everything from formal occasion outfits to casual everyday wear.

What colors go with mauve and black? Some of the best colors to pair with mauve and black include other deep or neutral tones like charcoal gray, navy blue, camel, and light pink. These complementary hues help bridge the contrast between the two main colors.

When should you wear mauve and black together? Mauve and black outfits work great for many occasions including cocktail parties, nights out, or even brunch dates. The colors look sophisticated yet modern. Just avoid wearing head-to-toe mauve and black for overly formal events like black tie weddings.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive deeper into successfully coordinating these two colors.

Balancing Mauve and Black

When pairing mauve and black, it’s important to strike the right balance between the two shades. Here are some tips:

– Use black as the anchor color and mauve as the accent. Black should take up more surface area to avoid the look becoming overwhelmingly purple.

– Add pops of mauve rather than large blocks of color. Mauve works best for details like piping on an outfit, lace overlays, floral prints, or accessories.

– Stick to lighter mauve tones to complement black. Dark eggplant purple clashes with true black. Soft lilac mauves make the combo more flexible.

– Separate the colors between top and bottom. Wearing mauve pants with a black top or vice versa creates a colorblock look.

– Incorporate other coordinating colors. Gray, white, blush pink, and blue help transition mauve with black.

Outfit Ideas

Now let’s explore some chic outfit examples that skillfully mix mauve and black elements:

Black dress with mauve jacket

– A black sleeveless midi dress makes a sophisticated foundation.
– Layer on a fitted blazer in light mauve. Choose a silky fabric with notch lapels.
– Finish with black pumps and a mauve clutch bag.

Mauve skirt with black top

– Try a fluid mauve midi skirt in satin, chiffon, or lace.
– Tuck in a silky cami top in black. Play with different necklines.
– Add strappy black heels and carry a small black leather bag.

Black pants and mauve blouse

– High-waisted black trousers or skinny jeans anchor the outfit.
– Pair with a flowing mauve blouse, leaving it untucked.
– Ground the look with tough black ankle boots.

Mauve dress with black jacket

– A fitted mauve sleeveless dress makes a flirty foundation.
– Add contrast with an oversized black blazer on top.
– Finish with black tights and mauve heels.

Mauve and Black Formalwear

Mauve and black also combine beautifully for formal occasion outfits. Here are elegant ideas for weddings, cocktail parties, and nights out:

Mauve gown with black shawl

– Choose a mauve evening gown in a sleek silhouette like trumpet or mermaid.
– Drape a sheer black pashmina shawl over the shoulders.
– Carry a black sequined clutch and wear black stilettos.

Black suit with mauve blouse

– Build upon a tailored black pantsuit.
– Underneath, layer a mauve blouse in satin or silk.
– Add glossy black pumps and simple mauve stud earrings.

Little black dress with mauve heels

– A classic black cocktail dress makes a versatile base.
– Incorporate mauve through strappy suede heels.
– Finish with a black box clutch with a hint of mauve trim.

Black tux with mauve tie

– For men, wear a sharp black tuxedo and pants.
– Add a mauve necktie in satin for a stylish accent.
– Stick with black oxfords and a white dress shirt.

Casual Mauve and Black Outfits

This color pairing also lends itself nicely to more casual everyday outfits:

Black jeans with mauve sweater

– Dark wash skinny black jeans anchor the outfit.
– Layer a lightweight mauve sweater on top, either fitted or oversized.
– Finish with black ankle booties for an effortless look.

Mauve joggers with black top

– Lean into athleisure with mauve cropped joggers or sweatpants.
– Pair with a simple black cami or tank and black sneakers.
– Pull on a black bomber jacket to finish off this sporty look.

Black dress with mauve sneakers

– Take a black t-shirt dress or shift dress as a base.
– Add playful contrast with pastel purple or mauve sneakers.
– Carry a small black leather crossbody bag.

Mauve coat with black layers

– Start with leggings, a skirt, or jeans in classic black.
– Layer on a black turtleneck sweater.
– Top with a longline mauve coat for warmth and style.


Mauve and black together create outfits that are both sophisticated and modern. By following the tips above and taking inspiration from the suggested outfit ideas, you can seamlessly blend these two colors for an array of stylish looks. Whether dressing up for a cocktail party or just running errands, this color pairing makes a memorable fashion statement. So do not be afraid to experiment with mixing mauve and black items in your wardrobe.