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Does kendall jenner dye her hair?

Kendall Jenner is one of the most famous models and reality TV stars today. As part of the Kardashian-Jenner family, she has grown up in the public eye and fans have watched her hair evolve over the years. Let’s take a look at whether Kendall Jenner dyes her hair and how her hair color has changed throughout her career.

Kendall’s Natural Hair Color

Kendall Jenner’s natural hair color is dark brown. As a child and in her early teens, she had a rich brunette hair color that matched her dark eyebrows. Her mother Kris Jenner also has naturally dark brown hair.

However, once Kendall began modeling and appearing on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, fans noticed her hair color getting lighter and lighter. It became obvious that she was lightening her hair to achieve a more photogenic look. Her dark roots grew in noticeably between salon appointments.

So while Kendall does have naturally dark brown hair, she has colored it lighter for most of her professional career.

Kendall’s Hair Evolution

Here is a look back at how Kendall Jenner’s hair has transformed over the years:

2008-2009: Dark Brunette

When she first appeared on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kendall had long, straight, dark brown hair. This was her natural hair color and it matched her dark eye color.

2010-2012: Light Brunette

As Kendall entered her mid-teens, her hair color gradually got lighter to a milk chocolate brown shade. She started lightening it subtly while still keeping her dark roots.

2013-2014: Ombre Brown

In 2013, Kendall jumped on the ombre hair trend. Her long locks transitioned from light brown on top to a darker caramel shade on the bottom. This allowed her to keep her roots dark while lightening the rest of her hair.

2015-2016: Bronde

In 2015, Kendall’s hair was a beautiful bronde hue. This blend between brown and blonde hair gave her a beachy, sun-kissed look. During this time she also cut her hair into a medium length lob.

2017-2018: Light Blonde

Kendall went full blonde in 2017! Her long hair was dyed a pale blonde that almost looked platinum in certain lighting. This was her lightest hair yet.

2019-Present: Golden Brown

In recent years, Kendall has settled into a rich golden brown hair shade. It has undertones of caramel and honey blonde highlights. This warm hair color flatters her skin tone.

Does Kendall Jenner Dye Her Hair?

Based on the evidence, it’s clear that Kendall Jenner does dye her hair lighter than her natural brunette shade. Some key points:

  • As a child, Kendall had dark brown hair that matched her eyebrows. This indicates her natural hair color is very dark.
  • Over the years, Kendall’s hair got progressively lighter, from dark brown to light brown to blonde.
  • Her dark brown roots were often visible as her colored hair grew out.
  • Kendall has never gone back to her original very dark shade, suggesting she maintains lightened hair.

Kendall clearly enjoys changing up her hair color and experimenting with different shades of blonde. But she always keeps it within a range of brown to blonde hues. Even when she was platinum blonde, it was a creamy pale shade.

Does She Dye Her Hair Herself or Go to a Salon?

Kendall definitely gets her hair dyed by top professional hair colorists in Los Angeles and New York City. Some hair stylists she frequently visits include:

  • Adir Abergel
  • Jen Atkin
  • Christian Wood
  • Michelle Pugh
  • Rachel Lee

These in-demand stylists help Kendall achieve her desired hair shades with expert precision. Her light blonde and bronde looks require careful highlighting and toning. Over-the-counter box dyes likely won’t produce the same results.

Of course, these salon visits don’t come cheap! Jenner likely spends thousands of dollars regularly to maintain her hair color. But for celebrity hair, she trusts the best colorists in the business.

How Often Does She Dye It?

Kendall probably gets her hair colored every 4-6 weeks to keep her roots looking fresh. As a brunette, her regrowth would show quickly if she didn’t get frequent touch-ups.

For special events like Fashion Week or the Met Gala, she may get her color refreshed right before. This ensures her hair is as bright and uniform as possible.

When she has very light platinum blonde hair, the growing out process is more obvious. At this time, she may visit the salon more frequently to prevent dark roots from taking over.

What Dye and Techniques Are Used?

To take Kendall’s naturally dark hair lighter, her colorists likely use professional lightening products like:

  • Olaplex
  • Redken Flash Lift
  • Schwarzkopf Blond Me
  • Wella Blondor

These lighteners allow hair to be lifted multiple shades while minimizing damage. Toners in shades like beige, gold, and ash help cancel out brassiness and create a cool, neutral blonde.

Foil highlighting is also used to provide dimension. The stylist will weave thin foil sheets through sections of hair then apply lightener. This produces natural-looking highlights.

With balayage, hair color is painted directly onto the surface of the hair without foils. This gives a soft, seamless look at the roots.

Using a combo of techniques gives Kendall Jenner beautiful, multidimensional hair color.

What About Her Eyebrows?

Kendall’s dark eyebrows make it obvious she dyes her blonde hair. But are her eyebrows natural?

Kendall does get her brows professionally shaped and threaded to keep them tidy. However, she does not dye or bleach them to match her light hair. Her bold, dark eyebrows are part of her signature look.

In fact, Kendall credits her bushy, untamed eyebrows as one of her top model-worthy features. She embraces them in their natural state – no dye needed.

Kendall’s Hair Color Over the Years

Year Hair Color
2008-2009 Dark brown
2010-2012 Light brown
2013-2014 Ombre brown
2015-2016 Bronde
2017-2018 Light blonde
2019-Present Golden brown


While Kendall Jenner’s natural hair color is dark brown, she consistently dyes it lighter shades of brown and blonde. Over the years, she has experimented with different highlighting techniques and hues from ombre to bronde to platinum blonde.

Kendall sees her hair color as a way to transform her look and keep things fresh and exciting. Even though dyeing can damage hair, she cares for it with Olaplex and keratin treatments. Her hair always looks super sleek and glossy.

So while those dark roots give it away, Kendall Jenner seems to enjoy being a blonde! But with her gorgeous features, she could pull off any hair color she desires.