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Does grey and blue go together clothes?

Does grey and blue go together clothes?

Grey and blue are two versatile neutral colors that can work beautifully together in fashion and interior design. When paired correctly, these cool tones create a sophisticated, yet relaxed aesthetic. In clothing specifically, grey and blue offer endless options for stylish outfits. Understanding the undertones and shades that complement each other is key to nailing this color combination.

Complementary Shades of Grey and Blue

The intensity and undertones of different greys and blues determine how well they coordinate. Here are some of the most complementary shade combinations:

Grey Blue
Light grey Powder or baby blue
Medium grey Sky blue
Charcoal grey Navy blue
Dove grey Steel blue

Light greys pair attractively with soft powder or baby blues, creating a delicate, ethereal look. Medium greys coordinate with cheerful sky blues for a fun, casual vibe. Charcoal greys look striking beside rich navy blues, perfect for formal attire. Dove greys complement steely blues nicely as well for a cool, refined aesthetic.

In terms of undertones, greys and blues with similar cool, muted tones tend to complement each other best. Warm greys and blues with purple or green undertones can sometimes clash and appear mismatched. Sticking to neutral, icy shades is a foolproof way to achieve elegance.

Outfit Ideas with Grey and Blue

From dresses to pants and beyond, grey and blue effortlessly unite in countless stylish combinations. Here are some outfit ideas to inspire you:

Grey Sweater with Blue Jeans

A mid-grey sweater paired with classic blue denim jeans creates a timeless casual look. Vary the shade of the sweater from light to charcoal depending on the wash of the jeans. Distressed denim calls for a heathered medium grey, while dark wash jeans suit a charcoal grey knit.

Grey Blazer with Blue Dress

For the office or events, combine a tailored grey blazer with a blue sheath dress. Opt for a dove grey or charcoal blazer over a vivid royal blue or navy dress for a bold, eye-catching ensemble. A grey tweed blazer also adds lovely texture.

Grey Trousers with Blue Button-Down

Crisp grey trousers immediately polish any outfit. Match with a short or long-sleeved blue button-down shirt for an effortlessly professional look. Light blue pairs well with grey pants in warmer months, while navy ups the formality for winter.

Grey Overcoat with Blue Scarf

As outerwear, medium to charcoal grey overcoats complement most shades of blue perfectly. Finish the look with a cozy cashmere blue scarf. For extra flair, choose a patterned or striped scarf.

Grey Suit with Blue Tie

A grey suit is a modern wardrobe staple for men. The ideal accent is a blue necktie, which pops against the grey backdrop. Bold blue ties with grey suits are perfect for making a statement.

Home Decor with Grey and Blue

Grey and blue transcend fashion to create gorgeous, soothing living spaces. Here are some tips for decorating with these two colors:

Cool Paint Colors

Opt for greyish blue or bluish grey paint colors to give rooms an airy, relaxing feel. Go for icy shades like glacial grey-blue or weathered chambray for walls. Trim and ceilings in bright cloud blue add cheerful contrast.

Tile and Textiles

Incorporate grey and blue through floor and fabric choices. White subway tiles with alternating bands of grey and sky blue is a simple, elegant backsplash idea. Steel blue velvet pillows pop against a dove grey couch.


Select larger furniture pieces like sofas or beds in grey hues and bring in blue through accent chairs, ottomans and decorative objects. A charcoal sofa makes navy accent chairs stand out, for example.


Kitchens are great spots to mix grey and blue. Use light grey cabinets with a dark blue-grey island or peninsula. Hang powder blue mugs from a silver-grey pot rack. Mix various blue glass bottles and grey canisters.


Try bold navy walls with a grey vanity in bathrooms. Soothing grey walls and pale blue towels are also a nice combination. Use textured grey bathmats and shiny cobalt blue shower accessories as an invigorating color scheme.


Grey and blue undeniably complement each other beautifully across all aesthetic realms. With the right shades and tones, this cool color pairing creates sophisticated style. Whether for fashion, home decor or any creative pursuit, keep these tips in mind to elegantly intermix grey and blue. Thoughtful color coordination allows you to unlock the full potential of this diverse neutral color scheme.