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Does green and blue go together in an outfit?

Does green and blue go together in an outfit?

Green and blue are considered complementary colors on the color wheel, which means they tend to look pleasing together in outfits. However, combining these colors successfully depends on choosing the right shades and proportions. In moderation, green and blue can create a relaxed, natural, or nautical look. But if the shades are too vibrant or overwhelming, the outfit may look mismatched or jarring. With some guidelines, you can comfortably wear green and blue together.

Quick Answers

– Yes, green and blue can look great together in an outfit when done right. The key is choosing complementary shades and balancing the proportions.

– Stick to muted, dusty, or jewel tones rather than neon shades which can clash. Darker greens and blues are easier to combine than light ones.

– Use one color as a dominant shade and the other as an accent. Or layer different garments in each color. Just don’t go for head-to-toe green and blue.

– Add a neutral color like white, tan, gray, or black to anchor the greens and blues. This helps them blend smoothly.

– Think natural color combinations like blue skies and green grass or trees when selecting your shades.

– Green and blue work for casual, business casual, vacation, and nautical inspired looks when done tastefully. Avoid overly costumey combinations.

Choosing Complementary Shades of Green and Blue

Not all shades of green and blue work well together. Sticking to complementary tones in the right proportions is key. Here are some green and blue combinations that tend to look harmonious:

– Navy blue and olive green
– Royal blue and forest green
– Baby blue and sage green
– Cyan blue and mint green
– Teal blue and moss green
– Aqua blue and seafoam green
– Cobalt blue and emerald green
– Powder blue and pistachio green

These pairings take cues from nature, combining deeper jewel tones or lighter dusty shades. The colors have enough contrast to be interesting but stay in the same tonality. Combining a lighter and darker shade usually works better than two darker or two lighter hues.

Stay away from neon or extremely vibrant greens and blues, which can look garish together. Pastel shades can be pretty but may get washed out if both hues are very light. Also avoid pairing warm greens like chartreuse with cool blues like periwinkle. These discordant undertones can make an outfit look mismatched.

Balancing Proportions of Blue and Green

The easiest way to wear blue and green is to choose one as your dominant color and use the other as an accent. For example, pair a navy blue blazer with an emerald green scarf. Or wear mint green trousers with a cobalt blue blouse. This way, the colors beautifully complement each other without competing.

To balance out jewel tones, add lighter shades like white, tan, gray, or black. Crisp white paired with navy and forest green has a nautical feel. Charcoal gray tempers vibrant teal and moss green.

You can also layer different green and blue garments for a more eclectic, casual look. Just don’t overdo it. Stick to 2-3 garments in each shade so you don’t look like a parrot.

Here are some tips for combining green and blue in your outfit gracefully:

– Wear a blue top and green bottom or vice versa
– Choose blue jeans and a green jacket
– Opt for a green dress with blue accessories
– Pair a blue blazer with a patterned emerald skirt
– Combine blue chinos with a sage green polo shirt
– Try a teal cardigan over a powder blue blouse
– Add a mint scarf to a navy peacoat
– Mix different blue and green prints and textures

Incorporating Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are key for anchoring greens and blues so they don’t fight each other. Classic neutrals like white, black, gray, tan, and cream blend seamlessly with most shades of green and blue. Here are some ways to integrate them:

– White cotton or denim is a summery choice for balancing jewel tones like cobalt and pistachio.

– Charcoal, black, and navy blue all make richer darker neutrals to ground lighter greens and blues.

– Light tans, taupes, stone, and khaki are great earthy neutrals for sage, olive, and moss greens.

– Dove gray, pewter, and cream create soft edges around any shades of green and blue.

Keep accessories like shoes, belts, and bags neutral when combining green and blue clothing. You can also break up the colors with patterns like polka dots, stripes, or florals in black, white, or neutrals.

Aim for a 60(blue)/30(green)/10(neutral) ratio or 70(green)/20(blue)/10(neutral) split for a harmonious balance. The neutral 10% keeps the outfit grounded.

Green and Blue Color Combinations

Here are some suggested green and blue outfit combinations from head to toe:

Casual Looks

– Navy scoop neck tee, fitted sage green pants, white sneakers
– Powder blue button down, relaxed fit moss green chinos, brown loafers
– Emerald green utility jacket, light wash blue jeans, black boots
– White cropped tank, baby blue mini skirt, olive green sandals
– Soft green cable knit sweater, true blue skinny jeans, tan booties

Business Casual Looks

– Navy blazer, seafoam green blouse, gray trousers, black Oxfords
– Royal blue shift dress, sage green blazer, nude heels
– Cobalt blue polo, khaki pants, forest green belt
– Pistachio pencil skirt, periwinkle blouse, black pumps
– Teal cardigan, slim black trousers, mint heels

Vacation/Resort Looks

– Navy and white striped tee, mint shorts, leather sandals
– Aqua cami, olive green linen pants, tan tote bag
– Powder blue sundress with emerald floral print
– Moss green jumpsuit with royal blue kimono coverup
– Cyan romper, teal sunhat, black gladiator sandals

Nautical Looks

– Breton striped tee, white jeans, navy blazer, red flats
– Dark denim jeans, forest green polo, tan boat shoes
– White eyelet sundress with sage cardigan, coral jewelry
– Navy cropped sailor pants, light green button down, red loafers
– Blue chambray shirt dress, emerald belt, tan clutch

Dos and Don’ts


– Pick complementary blue and green shades like navy and sage green
– Use jewel tones in moderation, balancing with neutral colors
– Make one color dominant and the other an accent
– Add lighter shades like white, tan, or gray to bridge the colors
– Layer different garments in each tone for visual interest


– Wear head-to-toe green and blue or mix multiple bright shades
– Combine warm greens and cool blues
– Overwhelm your outfit with too many colors and patterns
– Go for a costumey or themed look unless that’s what you want
– Forget to coordinate blue and green accessories like bags and shoes

When to Wear Blue and Green

Blue and green pair well for:

– Casual daytime looks – try a green top with relaxed blue jeans
– Business casual office outfits – add a blue blazer to green trousers
– Vacation and resort wear – combine cool aquas and pretty sage greens
– Nautical, preppy summer styles – wear navy stripes with khaki pants

Blue and green may not suit:

– Formal occasions – black tie events call for more subdued colors
– All seasons – light pastels for spring and summer, deeper tones for fall/winter
– Nighttime – deeper more intense shades can overwhelm after dark

Use your judgment based on the setting and your personal style preferences. Not everyone follows the “rules” of color theory, so wear blue and green in whatever way brings you joy!


Green and blue can be a crisp, stylish color combination when done thoughtfully. The key is choosing complementary shades in similar tones and depths. Add enough contrast so the colors enhance rather than compete with each other. Balance jewel tones with lighter neutrals and don’t overdo the mix of greens and blues. With smart pairings and proportions, you can comfortably incorporate these cool colors for laidback, professional, vacation, or nautical inspired looks. Trust your eye and add blue and green to your wardrobe rotation in any way you like.


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