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Does Goldwell cover grey hair?

Going grey can be a tricky experience for many people. While some embrace their naturally greying locks, others prefer to cover up grey hairs through coloring. If you’re in the latter camp, you may be wondering – does Goldwell hair color cover greys effectively? As a top professional brand worldwide, Goldwell offers a range of coloring products specifically designed to conceal grey hair. Keep reading to learn more about how their formulations can provide maximum grey coverage for your hair type and needs.

How Goldwell Cover Plus Works

The Goldwell Cover Plus line is formulated to provide optimum grey coverage while also caring for your hair. The products contain a violet pigment and subtle reflective toners that target grey hairs and neutralize yellow tones. This helps provide even, natural-looking color results. The Cover Plus color creams also contain a Pro-Vitamin Complex with vitamins and oils to help condition hair during the coloring process.

Within the Cover Plus range, Goldwell offers permanent, demi-permanent, and toning options to suit different needs:

  • Permanent – For long-lasting grey coverage. Lasts through about 6-8 weeks of washes.
  • Demi-permanent – Less commitment than permanent color. Lasts 4-6 weeks.
  • Toners – Designed to refresh color and enhance grey blending between salon visits.

In consumer testing across over 500 uses, the permanent Cover Plus color achieved a 90% grey coverage satisfaction rate. The demi-permanent and toners are not designed to completely cover grey hair on their own but can enhance and fortify salon color results.

Application and Results

To get the most even, optimum grey coverage, Goldwell Cover Plus coloring services are best applied by a professional colorist at a salon. They will customize the exact formulation and application to your hair type and level of grey. Here is an overview of the general process:

  1. Hair is cleansed and prepared for coloring.
  2. Colorist mixes and applies the Goldwell permanent or demi-permanent color. The formulation is painted directly onto grey regions first.
  3. Color is processed for the recommended development time.
  4. Hair is rinsed, conditioned, and dried.
  5. If needed, toners may be applied for enhanced blending and cool tones.

The end result is hair that looks naturally colored with an undetectable grey transition. The Goldwell formulations provide subtle, blended coverage that is undetectable to the eye. They are designed to avoid the blunt root look that can happen with inferior greying products. The colors also incorporate blue and violet pigments to counteract yellowing as grey hair often develops brassy tones.

Goldwell Cover Plus Colors

No two heads of grey hair are exactly alike, so Goldwell offers over 50 shade options under the Cover Plus permanent and demi-permanent collections. This extensive palette provides nuanced colours and depths to complement an array of complexions and needs. Some of the most popular grey coverage shades include:

  • 5BG – Dark Beige Blonde: A rich neutral beige, perfect for dark blonde to light brown hair.
  • 6N – Natural Brown: A natural-looking medium neutral brown.
  • 7NC – Natural Copper: A warm, copper-kissed medium brown.
  • 8NG – Natural Gold: A golden brown shade with warm undertones.
  • 9GB – Gold Brown: A deep golden brown ideal for concealing up to 100% grey.

A professional Goldwell colorist will narrow down the right hue and depth during your consultation. Factors like your natural hair color, complexion tone, percentage of grey, and desired look will all come into play. A strand test can also help determine your ideal match before applying color.

Who Is Goldwell Best For?

Thanks to the vast color selection, conditioning formulas, and skilled professional application – Goldwell Cover Plus can adapt to cover grey for all hair types and needs. Here are some of the top client profiles who can benefit:

  • Those with up to 50% grey: Goldwell offers great coverage for salt and pepper hair. The colors blend away grey hairs seamlessly.
  • Those with 50-100% grey coverage needed: With the right formulation and application, Goldwell can fully override stubborn grey hairs.
  • Men seeking subtle grey blending: Goldwell is ideal for maintaining a polished, natural look.
  • Women who color at home between salon visits: Goldwell toners help refresh color and enhance grey coverage.
  • Blondes and brunettes: Goldwell’s shades span from light blonde to black to conceal grey no matter your base.
  • Those concerned about hair health: Goldwell’s nourishing formulas help hair maintain integrity.

How Long Does it Last?

How long the grey coverage results from Goldwell last will vary based on the specific type of product used:

Goldwell Product Duration
Permanent Cover Plus Color 6-8 weeks
Demi-Permanent Cover Plus Color 4-6 weeks
Cover Plus Toners 4-5 washes

Permanent color provides the most long-lasting results, while toners offer subtle refreshes in between full coloring services. Proper at-home maintenance is also key for optimizing how long your salon grey coverage lasts. Be sure to use a sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo and conditioner range to protect your shade.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pricing for Goldwell Cover Plus grey coverage services will depend on several factors:

  • Salon location – Pricing can vary by geographical area.
  • Your hair length and thickness – More hair requires more product.
  • Permanent vs. demi-permanent color – Permanent tends to cost more.
  • Whether toners or special techniques are used – Toners and balayage placement add cost.
  • Level of stylist – Master colorists often command higher pricing.

On average, expect to invest anywhere from $100-300+ for initial grey covering services with Goldwell. Follow-up glossing and toning services cost less than the initial application. When considering cost, remember that you are paying for the expertise of a trained colorist as well as the premium formulations. This helps ensure gorgeous, healthy, multi-dimensional results that conceal grey hair.

Does Goldwell Damage Hair?

All hair coloring involves some degree of damage, as opening the cuticle and depositing pigment chemically alters the natural hair. However, Goldwell takes care to make formulations as gentle as possible. Their Cover Plus lines all incorporate Pro-Vitamin Complexes with nurturing oils, antioxidants, and UV filters to condition hair during the lightening, coloring, and lifting processes. This helps counteract and minimize damage.

When used correctly by a skilled colorist, Goldwell Cover Plus leads to less damage than many drugstore box dye kits. The salon techniques, personalized formulation, and aftercare regimen help maintain the health and integrity of your strands. Avoiding over-processing is also key – be sure not to aggressively color hair when it is not needed, and use toners for freshening between full color appointments.

How to Maintain Results

Once you leave the salon, the right at-home regimen is vital for keeping your Goldwell color looking fresh and maximizing how long it conceals grey growth. Here are some tips:

  • Use a sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Goldwell’s own Inoui Care line is ideal.
  • Rinse hair with cool water and limit washing to every 2-3 days.
  • Apply a weekly nourishing hair mask.
  • Use lower heat styling tools and always protect hair with a heat spray.
  • Gloss and tone between full color appointments.
  • Avoid chlorine, salt water, and other damaging elements.
  • Trim regularly to nix split ends.
  • Take hair vitamins such as biotin to nurture from within.

With the right home regimen combined with professional Goldwell color services every 4-8 weeks, you can keep grey hairs concealed and hair looking its vibrant best.


Goldwell offers industry-leading grey coverage results thanks to its high-quality formulations, extensive color options, and expert professional application. The Cover Plus permanent colors, demi-permanents, and toners are specially designed to conceal grey hair while also caring for your strands. With routine touch-up services and proper at-home care, Goldwell provides natural, subtle and multi-dimensional grey coverage that keeps hair looking its youthful and vibrant best.