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Does enchanted tear count as all gems?

Greetings readers! As your trusted SEO writing assistant, I’m here to provide an in-depth look at whether the enchanted tear item counts as all gems in gameplay. Strap in as we dive into the mechanics, effects, and community perspectives on this powerful trinket.

What is Enchanted Tear?

Enchanted Tear is an item in League of Legends that can be purchased for 400 gold. It is classified as a “Legendary Trinket” and has the following effects:

  • Can store up to 5 wards
  • Gains a charge whenever you place a Stealth Ward
  • Can place Stealth Wards over walls

The key functionality of Enchanted Tear is that it allows the player to have up to 5 Stealth Wards stockpiled at once, greatly increasing ward coverage and vision control. While regular Stealth Wards have a cap of 3 stored at a time, Enchanted Tear boosts this limit to 5.

How does Enchanted Tear interact with gem items?

Now, as for how Enchanted Tear functions with other gem items, there are a few key interactions to cover:

  • Does NOT stack or interact with Vision Wards – Having an Enchanted Tear does not let you store more than 1 Vision Ward.
  • Does NOT reduce Sweeping Lens cooldown – The cooldown reduction on trinket actives is unique to trinket items and does not affect Sweeping Lens.
  • Functions separately from Warding Totem – Can be held simultaneously with Warding Totem to gain massive warding power.
  • Can NOT exceed the 5 ward cap – Even if you also have a Warding Totem, your total stored wards cannot go over 5.

So in summary, Enchanted Tear stores extra Stealth Wards specifically and does not directly synergize with other gems like Vision Wards or Sweeping Lens. The main combo is holding it alongside Warding Totem for 5 Stealth + 1 Vision wards at once.

What roles/champions synergize best with Enchanted Tear?

Due to its high ward capacity and versatility, Enchanted Tear works excellently on:

  • Supports – More wards means better vision control for the team.
  • Junglers – Can optimally ward the map to track enemy movements.
  • Split-pushers – Can safely ward escape paths in side lanes.
  • Anyone roaming/flanking – Wards enable moving unseen through enemy territory.

Some champion examples that use Enchanted Tear effectively:

Champion Why it Works Well
Pyke Roams and flanks aggressively as a support.
Janna Keeps vision locked down in teamfights.
Twisted Fate Ganks side lanes with ultimate.
Evelynn Flanks enemies from behind as an assassin jungler.

Essentially any champion that wants to control vision and roam/flank can get great usage out of Enchanted Tear. The extra ward capacity is universally valuable.

When should you build Enchanted Tear in a match?

Here are some good guidelines for when to build Enchanted Tear in your games:

  • If warding heavily around objectives like Dragon/Baron
  • If you want to split push a side lane safely
  • If your team wants to establish vision control around major objectives
  • If facing champions with invisibility like Evelynn
  • If your support wants to roam and needs extra wards
  • If you need to check for flanking enemies often

Generally, Enchanted Tear shines most in the mid to late game, where vision control around major objectives becomes extremely important. Having those extra wards available provides vital information and can swing entire games.

What are the best practices for using Enchanted Tear effectively?

To fully utilize Enchanted Tear, keep these tips in mind:

  • Place wards proactively before fights/objectives – Don’t wait until you’re already 5v5 to start warding.
  • Use wards to control flank routes to your team.
  • Place wards in triangle brush patches near objectives.
  • Ward deeper to track enemy movements further in advance.
  • Switch to Sweeping Lens once your added ward charges are used up.
  • Don’t forget warding trinket! Save 1 Enchanted Tear charge for emergencies.

With great ward coverage, Enchanted Tear gives you tremendous vision control and information. Use this advantage to dictate the pace of the game and control objectives proactively.

Does Enchanted Tear need any buffs/nerfs?

In its current state, Enchanted Tear seems relatively balanced and does not need direct buffs or nerfs. Here are some community perspectives on its balance state:

  • Provides meaningful choice between utility and combat trinkets.
  • Vision control is impactful but not overbearing.
  • Cooldown on ward charges means you can’t spam infinitely.
  • Allows supports and junglers to contribute vision more.
  • Doesn’t crowd out other gem items like Sweeper’s Lens.

While a strong and popular choice, Enchanted Tear has defined weaknesses and tradeoffs associated with it. Its power level seems appropriate for now based on community feedback.


At the end of the day, Enchanted Tear provides excellent vision utility through its capacity to store extra Stealth Wards. While it does not directly synergize with other gem items, the combination of Enchanted Tear plus Warding Totem offers unmatched ward coverage to lock down the map.

Supports and junglers gain tremendous leverage from the item, but any champion who relies on vision control and roaming can find success with Enchanted Tear. Place wards proactively and control vision around objectives to get the most value.

While a strong choice, Enchanted Tear brings defined tradeoffs and does not need immediate balance changes. Use its powerful warding capacity to light up the map and dominate your games!