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Does electric make good sunglasses?

Does electric make good sunglasses?

When it comes to selecting sunglasses, most consumers look for protection, style, and affordability. However, electric sunglasses offer some unique benefits that make them worth considering for certain buyers.

What are electric sunglasses?

Electric sunglasses are equipped with special LCD (liquid crystal display) lenses that can switch between light and dark settings electronically with the push of a button. This allows wearers to adjust the tint level to suit changing light conditions. The built-in lithium batteries are rechargeable.

Benefits of electric sunglasses

Here are some of the key advantages of electric sunglasses:

  • Adaptability – Being able to adjust your tint with the press of a button allows you to quickly adapt to changing light levels, whether going from indoors to outdoors or vice versa.
  • Convenience – There’s no need to carry multiple pairs of sunglasses and switch them out manually.
  • Customization – Wearers can choose their ideal tint level for current conditions instead of relying on pre-set levels.
  • Optimal eye protection – Electric lenses can tint heavily in intensely bright environments to maximize UV and glare protection.
  • Improved vision – Variable tint allows wearers to reduce squinting and eye fatigue in challenging lighting.
  • Fashion and style – Electric sunglasses come in stylish designs from major brands like Oakley.

Considerations when buying electric sunglasses

Here are some factors to keep in mind with electric sunglasses:

  • Battery life – Most electric sunglasses can run 2-3 days on a charge, but frequent tint adjustments will drain batteries faster.
  • Price – Electric sunglasses are more expensive, ranging from $100-$400+ depending on brands.
  • Durability – The electronics make them more prone to damage from drops, moisture, etc.
  • Lens quality – Visual clarity and UV protection can vary amongst brands.

Top electric sunglasses brands

Some of the major players in electric sunglasses include:

Brand Notable Features
Oakley – Patented Prizm lens technology
– Lightweight O Matter frames
– Stylish sport designs
Ray-Ban – Classic Wayfarer styling
– Glass or polycarbonate lenses
– Mirrored lens options
Rodenstock – German engineered lenses
– Precise tint control
– Rugged acetate frames

Are electric sunglasses worth the cost?

For some buyers, the advantages offered by electric sunglasses make them well worth the added expense. The convenience factor of quick tint adjusting alone can be a huge perk for active users who move in and out of varying lighting conditions frequently. The ability to customize your tint on demand also reduces eye strain and glare issues compared to fixed tint lenses.

Electric sunglasses are especially beneficial for drivers, boaters, fishers, bikers, and others who need to adapt their eyewear quickly to changing surroundings. The enhanced durability of top brands like Oakley can also make them a wise investment for demanding users.

However, more casual sunglass wearers may not get enough added utility from electric options to justify the higher costs. And the performance and styling differences between more affordable brands should be carefully weighed.

How do electric sunglasses work?

Electric sunglasses use LCD (liquid crystal display) technology to enable the variable tinting. Here’s an overview:

  • LCDs contain rod-like molecules suspended between two transparent electrodes and two polarizing filters.
  • When voltage is applied, the rod-like molecules align so that light cannot pass through.
  • With no voltage, the molecules are randomly arranged so light can pass through.
  • By controlling the voltage, the tint darkness can be varied.
  • Built-in light sensors automatically adjust the tint depending on ambient light levels.

Pushing the button cycles through different tint settings from light to dark. The integrated battery powers the LCD lenses.

Pros and cons of top electric sunglass brands

Here is a comparison of key strengths and weaknesses for leading electric sunglass companies:

Brand Pros Cons
  • Superior lens technology
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Optimized for sports
  • Very expensive
  • Limited style options
  • Iconic styling
  • Glass lens options
  • Mirrored lenses available
  • Relatively heavy
  • Not optimized for sports
  • Engineered lens precision
  • Acetate frames are durable
  • Very customizable tint
  • Lesser known brand
  • Limited style selection

Alternatives to consider

While electric sunglasses offer unique advantages, some alternatives provide compelling options at lower price points:

  • Photochromic lenses – Change tint in response to UV light automatically. Don’t require batteries.
  • Interchangeable lens – Swap out lenses manually to get different tints. More affordable.
  • Clip-on sunglasses – Flip on tinted clips onto regular glasses when needed. Very budget friendly.

The right choice comes down to your specific needs and budget. Make sure to try out different pairs to get a feel that works for your lifestyle.

Do electric sunglasses work well?

When purchased from a quality brand, electric sunglasses generally work very effectively at providing adaptable tint control. Here are some key factors that influence performance:

  • LCD technology – Advanced LCD lenses from leading companies transition smoothly across tint levels.
  • Response time – Good electric sunglasses react quickly to activate darker tints when conditions change.
  • Light sensors – Accurate built-in light sensors ensure tint adjusts appropriately as ambient light varies.
  • Polarized options – Select models offer polarized LCD lenses to reduce reflective glare.
  • Battery life – Efficient power management allows some electric sunglasses to operate up to a week between charges.

However, lower cost or off-brand electric sunglasses may have performance issues like slow response times, inaccurate tinting, and short battery life. Trying sunglasses out in person is the best way to evaluate real-world functionality.

Are electric sunglasses worth it?

For people who can benefit from the unique advantages of electric sunglasses, they can certainly be worth the higher cost in many cases. Key considerations include:

  • How frequently you move between varied lighting conditions where adjustable tint would be useful.
  • How inconvenient you find having to switch between fixed tint sunglasses manually.
  • Whether you value optimized eye protection from excessive glare and UV when outdoors.
  • How much disposable income you have to spend on sunglasses with added features.

For those who are constantly moving in and out of indoor and outdoor settings, electric sunglasses can provide extremely helpful versatility. For more casual sunglass wearers, the cost may be difficult to justify.


Electric sunglasses utilize clever LCD technology to give wearers adaptable tint control at the push of a button. This provides advantages in convenience, optimized eye protection, and visual comfort in frequently changing light conditions. While the costs are higher, many active sunglass users find the benefits worthwhile.

When shopping for electric options, look for recognized brands like Oakley that deliver responsive, durable performance. And be sure to compare against quality non-electric sunglasses to make sure they fit your needs and budget.

With smart design and practical innovation, electric sunglasses are an intriguing modern take on this essential accessory. For the right buyer, they can be a valuable investment in eye health and performance.