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Does dark blue go on black?

Does dark blue go on black?

Dark blue and black are classic color combinations that can look very stylish when done right. However, pairing these darker shades requires some finesse to keep the look sophisticated. In this article, we’ll discuss if and how dark blue and black can be worn together fashionably.

The Basics of Combining Dark Blue and Black

In general, dark blue and black work well together because they are both darker neutral colors on the cool end of the color spectrum. When combining any darker shades, the key is creating enough contrast between them so one doesn’t blend into the other.

Here are some tips for wearing dark blue with black successfully:

– Choose a navy or midnight blue that has clearly visible blue tones rather than almost appearing black itself. This creates more differentiation between the two colors.

– Use black as a grounding neutral and dark blue as the accent color. For example, pair a black skirt or pants with a navy blue top.

– Add lighter colors between the dark blue and black to provide some relief, like a white shirt under a navy suit jacket.

– Use different textures like pairing a satin navy dress with black lace overlay. The light play enhances the contrast.

Dark Blue and Black in Business Attire

Dark blue and black are staples in professional office wardrobes because they project authority and confidence. Here are some ways to incorporate them for work:

Business Attire Combination How it Works
Navy blue blazer with black trousers or skirt The structured blazer in rich dark blue maintains formality while the black bottoms ground the look.
Black suit with navy blue dress shirt The navy shirt adds subtle color to the dark suit for a polished look.
Black dress with navy blue jacket The navy jacket on top of the black dress keeps the look from being too somber.

The key for office wear is keeping the proportions right – don’t wear a black suit and pants with a navy shirt or the look will be too heavy on black.

Dark Blue Jeans with Black Tops or Shoes

In casual settings, darkwash blue jeans pair seamlessly with black. The denim balances out the darkness of the black for a cool, relaxed vibe. Some easy ways to mix them:

– Black t-shirt with dark blue jeans
– Black blazer or leather jacket with dark blue jeans
– Black boots or sneakers with dark blue denim
– Black belt with darkwash jeans

Black also makes an ideal color for layering over dark denim – think a black cardigan or sweater over a navy top with dark jeans. Just keep the rest of the look minimal with these pairings so it doesn’t get too busy.

Dark Blue Evening Wear with Black Accents

For formal evening attire, dark blue and black can create a sophisticated, elegant aesthetic. Here are some stylish pairings:

Formal Combination How it Works
Navy blue evening gown with black shawl, clutch and heels The navy blue gown makes a statement while the black accessories polish off the look without competing.
Black tuxedo with dark blue tie and pocket square The black tux keeps the look sharp while the blue details add flair.
Navy blue cocktail dress with black lace overlay The black lace provides contrast and visual interest against the navy background.

The dark blue and black pairing exudes elegance and sophistication perfect for formal events. Just be sure to use black accents judiciously so they enhance rather than dominate the dark blue.

Home Decor in Dark Blue and Black

Using dark blue and black together can create a bold, dramatic impact in home decor. Here are some ideas for incorporating these moody hues:

Home Decor Combo How it Works
Navy blue walls with black furniture and accents The dark blue walls serve as an anchor while the black decor pops against it.
Black walls and rug with navy blue sofa and pillows The navy blue furniture creates a nice contrast on the black background.
Black and white kitchen with dark blue bar stools The dark blue stools add a subtle pop of color.

When using black in decor, add navy blue in smaller doses like pillows or decorative objects so the room doesn’t feel too dark and heavy. Use lighter woods, metals, and mirrors to brighten up the moody palette as well.


Dark blue and black are versatile neutral colors that can be paired in stylish, sophisticated ways. The key is using dark blue as the accent color against the black background for contrast. Incorporate lighter tones and textures as well so the look doesn’t become one-dimensional. From fashion to home decor, dark blue and black create bold, dramatic statements when done right. Used judiciously, this classic color combination exudes elegance and confidence.