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Does burnt orange and burgundy go together?

Does burnt orange and burgundy go together?

Orange and burgundy are both bold, warm colors that can work beautifully together in the right context. While the combination may seem unusual at first, these rich fall tones actually complement each other quite nicely. In this article, we’ll explore how to successfully pair burnt orange and burgundy, from clothing and accessories to home decor.

The Color Theory Behind Burnt Orange and Burgundy

On the color wheel, burnt orange and burgundy sit right next to each other in the warm, earthy family of colors. Burnt orange leans more towards the warmer end of the spectrum, while burgundy has more red-violet undertones. Still, the hues are close enough that they don’t visually clash when combined.

In color theory terms, burnt orange and burgundy are considered analogous colors. Analogous color schemes use hues that sit side-by-side on the color wheel. This creates a monochromatic look that’s bold yet harmonious. The colors have enough contrast to be dynamic, but also enough similarity to flow together seamlessly.

Both burnt orange and burgundy are secondary colors, meaning they are each made by mixing two primary colors. Burnt orange comprises red and yellow, while burgundy combines red and blue. This shared red base strengthens the connection between the shades.

Tips for Combining Burnt Orange and Burgundy in Your Outfits

When pairing burnt orange and burgundy in clothing and accessories, it helps to choose one color as the dominant shade in an outfit and use the other as an accent. Some tips:

  • Select a burnt orange dress or top, then add burgundy shoes, bag, scarf, or jewelry as finishing touches.
  • Wear a burgundy sweater or trousers with burnt orange accessories.
  • Incorporate both colors in a patterned blouse or dress.
  • Mix different textures like burnt orange velvet with a burgundy lace overlay.
  • Add pops of burgundy to a burnt orange coat or jacket.

Avoid going overboard by wearing both hues from head to toe. Instead, let one color take center stage and sprinkle in the other for contrast.

Home Decor Ideas with Burnt Orange and Burgundy

From wall colors to furniture, burnt orange and burgundy mingle marvelously in home interiors. Here are some stylish ways to work the color pairing into your decor:

  • Paint an accent wall burnt orange and hang burgundy drapes or prints.
  • Upholster a chair or sofa in burnt orange velvet with burgundy pillow accents.
  • Choose a burnt orange area rug and layer burgundy throw blankets on top.
  • Display burnt orange vases with burgundy faux flowers.
  • Mix burnt orange and burgundy hues in quilt patterns.
  • Choose burnt orange dishes with a burgundy table runner.

When decorating with these colors, look for opportunities to repeat and echo the shades throughout the space. The bold colors will sing when they appear in harmony.

How Lighting Impacts Burnt Orange and Burgundy

The way burnt orange and burgundy interact can shift in different lighting. In warm, incandescent light, the colors take on a cozy, vintage vibe. Cool fluorescent or LED lighting makes the palette feel more modern and vibrant.

To make the most of the color pairing, consider your light sources. Dim lighting mutes the hues, while bright light accentuates them. Natural daylight brings out the energizing, fiery qualities.

Unique Color Combinations with Burnt Orange and Burgundy

While burnt orange and burgundy pair elegantly on their own, you can also bring in additional colors to create triadic or tetradic schemes. Some ideas:

  • Burnt orange, burgundy, and navy: The depth of navy blue adds a sophisticated touch.
  • Burnt orange, burgundy, blush pink, and gold: Soft pink and metallic gold complement the autumnal palette.
  • Burnt orange, burgundy, sage green, and brown: Earthy sage and brown help ground the bold hues.
  • Burnt orange, burgundy, turquoise, and yellow: Punctuating with contrasting turquoise and yellow creates visual interest.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with unexpected color combinations. The burnt orange and burgundy foundation allows room for creativity.

Seasonal Considerations for Wearing Burnt Orange and Burgundy

As warm, nature-inspired hues, burnt orange and burgundy fit beautifully into autumnal wardrobes and decor. They evoke images of turning leaves, pumpkins, and cozy sweaters. However, you’re not limited to fall when working with these colors.

In winter, pairing burnt orange and burgundy adds a vibrant splash to dreary gray days. Come spring, burnt orange pops especially nicely against pastels. And for summer, substitute bold burnt orange with softer coral and peach tones.

While the color pairing may be optimal for fall, you can enjoy the combination year-round if you adjust the tones and textures accordingly.

Famous Logos Featuring Burnt Orange and Burgundy

Many iconic brand logos harness the visual power of burnt orange and burgundy. The classic color pairing evokes a bold, luxe look that stands out.

Brand Use of Burnt Orange and Burgundy
Netflix The logo features a burgundy wordmark against a burnt orange background.
Houzz The burgundy “Hz” icon pops out from the burnt orange square background.
Milka The logo combines burgundy wording and inner squares with burnt orange packaging.
HSBC The brand’s hexagon icon uses burgundy and burnt orange shapes.

These companies recognize the iconic, complementary nature of the two colors. Their logos demonstrate how burnt orange and burgundy work in harmony while commanding attention.

Cultural and Historical Use of Burnt Orange and Burgundy

Beyond the fashion and decor worlds, burnt orange and burgundy hold cultural significance. Here are some notable connections:

  • In India, burgundy and burnt orange appear prominently in bridal lehengas and saris for Hindu weddings.
  • The annual Burning Man festival in Nevada takes its name from the burning of a large wooden effigy. Attendees often don burnt orange goggles to protect from dust.
  • During the Tang dynasty in China (618-907 AD), painted ceramics frequently mixed rich burnt orange and burgundy hues.
  • The University of Texas’s official colors are burnt orange and white. Students wear the orange hue proudly at Longhorn football games.

From ancient art to modern traditions, burnt orange and burgundy hold symbolic meaning in cultures worldwide. The color pairing connects our past with the present through its timeless, evocative appeal.


With their bold, autumnal charm, burnt orange and burgundy form a versatile color match for clothing, decor, branding, and beyond. The key is learning how to artfully blend and balance the analogous shades. From adding burnt orange accessories to a burgundy dress to arranging burgundy and orange fall wreaths on a front door, the possibilities are wide open.

Next time you spot that perfect burnt orange top or purse, consider pairing it with a burgundy piece. Together, these spicy colors serve up style for every season.