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Does burgundy go with ivory?

Does burgundy go with ivory?

When it comes to fashion and style, one of the most common questions is whether certain colors go well together. Specifically, many people wonder if burgundy and ivory are complementary colors that can be worn together. Burgundy is a rich, deep red shade that has a somewhat purple undertone. Ivory is an off-white cream color. On the surface, these two hues may seem quite different. However, with the right styling, burgundy and ivory can make for a very elegant color combination.

The Color Wheel

To understand if two colors work together, it helps to look at the color wheel. The color wheel displays how colors relate to one another. Complementary colors are those located directly across from each other on the wheel. These color pairs create high contrast and really make the other one “pop.” Examples of complements are red and green, blue and orange, and yellow and purple.

Burgundy Ivory
Red-purple hue Off-white, cream hue
Deep, rich shade Soft, muted shade
Intense, bold color Neutral, subtle color

When looking at the color wheel, burgundy and ivory are not direct complementary shades. However, they do sit close to each other on the spectrum. Ivory has a yellow undertone, while burgundy leans purple. So they provide enough contrast without clashing.

The Color Combination

Now that we’ve determined burgundy and ivory are harmonious hues, how exactly can you incorporate them into an outfit? There are a few effective ways to combine these rich neutrals:

– Burgundy dress with ivory jacket or cardigan

– Ivory blouse with burgundy skirt

– Burgundy trousers with ivory blazer

– Ivory shift dress with burgundy heels and bag

– Burgundy sweater with ivory accessories

The key is balancing the two tones. Since burgundy has a bold presence, use it sparingly. Let ivory dominate and have burgundy accent it as piping on a dress or linen jacket. Or make ivory the foundation via trousers or top, with a burgundy handbag providing a pop of color.

Tone Down Bright Burgundy

Some people find bright, true burgundy to be overpowering. If you like the color combo but want it more subtle, try mellowed down shades of burgundy. Softened with grey or brown undertones, these work beautifully with ivory:

– Oxblood red

– Dried rose red

– Dusty maroon

– Russet red

– Terracotta

These muted burgundy tones have a vintage, timeless vibe. Pair them with ivory in retro-inspired styles like shirtdresses, pleated skirts, cable knits, andriding jackets.

Burgundy and Ivory Formalwear

While burgundy and ivory can work for daytime, the combination is particularly elegant for formalwear. Deep burgundy has a luxurious, wine-like richness. Ivory is soft and sophisticated. Together, they make perfect partners for events like:

– Black tie weddings

– Cocktail attire

– Galas and benefits

– Holiday parties

Some stunning burgundy and ivory formalwear ideas include:

Ivory evening gown with burgundy shawl Burgundy tuxedo with ivory shirt and bow tie
Ivory suit with burgundy pocket square Burgundy cocktail dress with ivory lace overlay

For men, a dash of burgundy works well with an ivory shirt and tie. Women can make a statement in an ivory ballgown with burgundy jewelry or heels.

Home Decor

Beyond fashion, burgundy and ivory are an elegant color scheme for home decor. In moderation, burgundy makes a moody, sophisticated accent. Ivory provides a pleasant neutral backdrop. Use this regal duo in spaces like:

– Living rooms

– Dining rooms

– Bedrooms

– Offices

Try burgundy velvet pillows on an ivory couch or ivory bedding with burgundy throw blankets. Add burgundy lamps, candles, curtains, area rugs, or vases for pops of color. For dining rooms, use an ivory tablecloth with burgundy napkins and chair cushions. Offices also benefit from ivory walls and desk accents with burgundy filing cabinets, desk pads, or books.


So does burgundy go with ivory? The answer is a resounding yes! Though very different hues, these two shades complement each other beautifully. Ivory provides an elegant neutral foundation, while burgundy adds a punch of rich contrast. From chic workwear to formal occasion-wear to home decor, burgundy and ivory create a stylish, polished aesthetic. With the right balance, this color pairing oozes sophistication. So do not be afraid to experiment with mixing regal burgundy and creamy ivory.