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Does brown furniture go with green walls?

Does brown furniture go with green walls?

When decorating a room, choosing furniture and wall colors that go well together is key to creating a cohesive and stylish look. Brown furniture and green walls can work beautifully together if done correctly. The earthy tones complement each other and create a natural, inviting vibe. However, shades of brown and green need to be coordinated properly to avoid a clashing or overwhelming effect. Understanding the undertones in different brown and green hues is essential for pairing them successfully. With careful planning and some decorating tips, brown furniture and green walls can be a sophisticated and tranquil color combination.

Evaluating Brown Furniture Shades

Brown furniture comes in a wide variety of shades, ranging from light tan to deep chocolate. The undertone of the brown makes a big difference in how it interacts with different greens. Here are some common types of brown furniture to consider:

Brown Tone Description Works Best With
Golden brown Warm, yellow/orange undertones Olive greens, mossy greens
Reddish brown Red or purple undertones Forest greens, emerald greens
Neutral brown Very little undertone Sage greens, light greens
Espresso brown Deep, pure brown Hunter greens, dark olive greens

Brown furniture with yellow, orange, or red undertones tends to look best with greens on the warmer end of the color spectrum. Cooler greens work well with more neutral or pure brown tones.

Choosing Complementary Green Wall Colors

When selecting a green wall color to go with brown furniture, consider the shade and intensity of the green. Pale, muted greens are generally easier to match with browns. Deep, jewel-tone greens make bolder statements but require more coordination. Here are some green wall color options to pair with brown furniture:

Green Type Color Names Works With
Sage green Willow Tree, Tradewind Neutral browns
Mint green Spa, Raindrop Light tans, golden browns
Lime green Chartreuse, Citron Medium reddish browns
Forest green Pine, Evergreen Espresso, dark brown
Olive green Avocado, Green Olive Golden browns, mocha

Neutral sage greens, bright limes, and vivid forest greens all have brown furniture pairs that can accentuate their tones. Focus on whether you want an energizing or relaxing vibe.

Factors for Successfully Coordinating Browns and Greens

Beyond just choosing complementary shades, there are other factors to ensure brown and green work in harmony:

  • Texture: Mix glossy, matte, and textured finishes. A wooden dining table pops against a flat sage green wall. Or velvet green chairs stand out against rough tan walls.
  • Saturation: Balance vivid tones with muted ones. Deep forest green walls work with neutral brown couches. Olive green walls match rich mahogany furniture.
  • Lighting: Adjust light levels. Bright lighting mutes bold greens. Dim lighting enhances saturations.
  • Accessories: Repeat browns and greens in pillows, rugs, plants, etc. This ties the palette together.
  • Neutrals: Cream, tan, and grey act as bridging neutral tones to transition between the browns and greens.

Thoughtful coordination of the above elements creates a layered, interesting room full of depth and character.

Tips for Decorating with Brown Furniture and Green Walls

Here are some helpful decorating tips for successfully incorporating brown furniture and green walls:

  • Select wood finishes that pick up green undertones like cherry or mahogany if paired with warmer greens.
  • Choose cool-toned woods like maple or ash for cooler sage and mossy greens.
  • Accent with metals like bronze, copper, and nickel that reflect green and brown hues.
  • Layer on white, cream, or beige accessories to prevent overwhelming color saturation.
  • Paint wood trim or ceilings in a coordinating neutral hue to tie the palette together.
  • Add rich leather and velvet browns in upholstery and pillows to complement lush greens.
  • Incorporate natural textures like wool, linen, jute, etc. to connect to the earthy color scheme.
  • Display live plants and dried botanicals to really highlight the organic vibe.

With the right brown and green combinations, this color scheme can create spaces with lots of depth, sophistication, and visual interest.

Brown and Green Color Scheme Inspiration

Here are some inspiring rooms using brown furniture and green walls:

Transitional Living Room
Warm walnut brown sofa and chairs pop against sage green walls. Cream curtains and tan pillows bridge the colors.
Traditional Study
Rich cherry wood built-ins and desk pair nicely with olive green walls. Leather chairs repeat the brown tones.
Eclectic Bedroom
A vintage emerald green velvet headboard stands out against neutral tan walls. Wood nightstands echo the brown and green tones.
Rustic Dining Room
A natural wood dining set matches the mossy green accent wall. Metallic copper decor repeats green undertones.

These rooms demonstrate how the right brown and green combinations can create stylish, inviting spaces. The colors enhance each other when coordinated properly with shade, saturation, texture, and lighting.

Considerations and Potential Challenges

While brown and green can make beautiful complements, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Browns and greens can easily look dated if color combinations are not updated. Stick to modern, stylish hues.
  • Too many shades of brown and green can feel overwhelming. Limit to 2-3 core tones.
  • Dark browns and greens can make a room feel heavy and intense. Add enough light tones to brighten up the space.
  • Green walls will influence the look of brown furniture. Make sure finishes complement the wall color.
  • The wrong undertones can make browns and greens clash. Always double-check for complementing tones.

With careful selection and mixing of complementary shades, the challenges can be overcome to create a stylish brown and green living space.


Brown furniture and green walls can create a sophisticated, nature-inspired room when paired thoughtfully. Choosing complementary brown and green shades is key, with special attention to undertones. Factor in texture, lighting, and accessories to tie the full palette together. With some decorating tips in mind and inspiration from charming, cozy brown and green rooms, this color scheme can upgrade any space with warmth and tranquility. Balancing rich browns and verdant greens results in a welcoming, organic look full of character and depth.


Here are some key points to remember:

  • Evaluate brown furniture undertones and choose greens with complementing warm or cool tones
  • Select green wall colors with appropriate shades and intensity for brown furniture
  • Use texture, lighting, metals, and neutrals to transition between browns and greens
  • Follow decorating tips like choosing coordinating wood finishes and adding natural textures
  • Take inspiration from rooms with brown and green color schemes
  • Avoid overwhelming color saturation and clashing undertones

With some strategic color coordination and decorating decisions, brown furniture and green walls can create a beautiful, inviting living space with lots of character. The earthy combo results in a relaxing, organic look when done right.