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Does Blue Lizard sunscreen rub in?


Blue Lizard sunscreen is a popular mineral sunscreen brand that offers broad spectrum SPF protection. One common question consumers have is whether Blue Lizard sunscreen rubs in completely or leaves a white cast on the skin. In this article, we’ll take a close look at Blue Lizard’s ingredients, formulation, and reviews to help determine if it fully rubs into the skin.

About Blue Lizard Sunscreen

Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen is manufactured by Crown Laboratories, Inc. based in Johnson City, Tennessee. Some key facts about Blue Lizard sunscreen include:

  • Uses mineral active ingredients zinc oxide and titanium dioxide for broad spectrum SPF protection
  • Offers SPF options ranging from SPF 15 to SPF 50+
  • Has a signature color changing technology that turns blue when exposed to UV rays
  • Is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation
  • Is fragrance free, paraben free, and reef safe

Blue Lizard sunscreens are mineral based rather than chemical based. The active mineral ingredients sit on top of the skin to deflect UV rays rather than being absorbed into the skin.

Blue Lizard Ingredients

Here is an overview of the key active and inactive ingredients found in Blue Lizard sunscreens:

Active Ingredients

  • Zinc Oxide: Mineral UV filter that provides broad spectrum protection. Usually used at concentrations between 2-25%.
  • Titanium Dioxide: Mineral UV filter that also provides broad spectrum protection. Typically used at concentrations between 2-10%.

Inactive Ingredients

  • Alumina and Silica: Used as thickening agents to improve texture and application.
  • Iron Oxides: Natural mineral pigments that provide Blue Lizard’s signature color change.
  • Vegetable Oil: Natural oils used to moisturize and condition the skin.
  • Stearic Acid: Fatty acid derived from vegetable oils that helps form the lotion texture.

The concentrations of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide can impact the sunscreen’s tendency to leave a white cast. Higher concentrations typically lead to more whitening.

Blue Lizard Formulation

In addition to its active mineral UV filters and inactive ingredients, some other aspects of Blue Lizard’s formulation that can affect its rub-in ability include:

  • Micronized vs. Non-Micronized: Micronized mineral particles are ground into smaller sizes which can rub in more easily.
  • Nano vs. Non-Nano: Nano-scaled particles have enhanced cosmetic properties but may be less natural.
  • Texture: Lotions tend to rub in better than thicker creams or sticks.
  • Added Emollients: Extra oils and butters can combat dryness and improve application.

According to the manufacturer, Blue Lizard uses a micronized, non-nano formulation to balance performance with naturalness. Their lotions contain emollient oils for smooth application.

Blue Lizard Reviews

Here’s an overview of what customers and reviewers say about Blue Lizard sunscreen’s ability to rub into skin:

Positive Reviews

  • “Glides on easily and doesn’t leave behind a white hue like some other mineral sunscreens.”
  • “I was pleased by how quickly it rubbed in without leaving my skin looking pasty and chalky.”
  • “I have light olive skin and experienced no white cast. It rubbed in very nicely.”

Negative Reviews

  • “Left an unpleasant whitish tone on my Hispanic/tan complexion.”
  • “Takes some effort to fully rub in and still left me looking a bit pale.”
  • “Dried with a white cast on my brown skin. I had to rub it in for a while before it dissipated.”

Key Takeaways

  • Works well for many lighter skin tones, minimal white cast noticed.
  • May take some effort to fully blend in for darker skin tones.
  • Thicker or heavier formulations more prone to leaving residue.

So while Blue Lizard seems to absorb well for many, it may not rub in completely on darker skin tones in some cases.

Tips for Application

Here are some tips that may help Blue Lizard sunscreen absorb better and reduce potential whitening:

  • Apply to clean, dry skin to improve absorption.
  • Warm the lotion between fingers first to make it easier to spread.
  • Use downward strokes and gentle pressure to work the sunscreen into skin.
  • Apply in thin layers and build coverage rather than glopping on thickly.
  • Blend into hairline, ears, and neck to avoid streaks or residue.
  • Allow 10-15 minutes for full absorption before adding other skin products.

Taking a bit of extra time to thoroughly massage and blend in the sunscreen can help minimize any chalky white residue.


Overall, Blue Lizard mineral sunscreen rubs in well for many users but may be more prone to leaving a white cast on those with medium to darker skin tones in some instances. Using lighter lotion formulas and taking time to evenly blend and rub in the sunscreen can help optimize absorption and minimize whitening. Blue Lizard sunscreen provides high quality broad spectrum protection when applied properly, even if requiring a little extra effort for full blendability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Blue Lizard sunscreen leave a white cast?

Blue Lizard can occasionally leave a white cast, especially on darker skin tones. But many users find it rubs in without much residue. Using lighter lotion formulas and taking time to thoroughly rub it in helps minimize white cast for most.

Why does mineral sunscreen leave a white color?

The active mineral ingredients zinc oxide and titanium dioxide sit on top of the skin, scattering light to deflect UV rays. Their opaque white color can cause a whitish hue on the skin. Smaller nanoparticles rub in better but may be less natural.

Does Blue Lizard sunscreen rub in completely?

For many users, Blue Lizard sunscreen absorbs fully with minimal rubbing in. But it may take a bit more effort to completely rub in for those with medium to darker skin tones in some cases. Using lighter lotions and thoroughly massaging it can optimize absorption.

Is Blue Lizard or Coppertone better?

Both Blue Lizard and Coppertone make high quality sunscreens. Blue Lizard only uses mineral filters while Coppertone offers both mineral and chemical options. For a mineral sunscreen, Blue Lizard often rubs in well. But Coppertone mineral formulas may leave less white cast for some.

Does Blue Lizard sunscreen work immediately?

No, you need to apply Blue Lizard sunscreen 15-30 minutes before sun exposure for the active ingredients to fully bind to the skin surface. Reapply after swimming or sweating. It doesn’t become effective immediately.

Key Takeaways

– Blue Lizard sunscreen contains mineral active ingredients zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that sit on top of the skin.

– Ingredients, formulation, and texture impact how easily it rubs in without leaving a white cast.

– Reviews are mostly positive but some with darker skin report a white residue.

– Rubbing in thoroughly with light lotions can help it absorb better and reduce whitening.

– Allow time for Blue Lizard sunscreen to fully absorb into skin before sun exposure.