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Does black shorts go with grey?

Wearing an outfit that matches and looks cohesive is an important part of developing your own personal style. Knowing what colors complement each other is key to achieving a put-together and fashionable look. One common color pairing that many people wonder about is wearing black shorts with grey tops. In this article, we’ll explore whether black shorts go with grey and offer tips on how to successfully mix these dark neutrals.

The Short Answer

Yes, black shorts can absolutely be worn with grey tops or shirts. Black and grey are both neutral colors that pair very well together. The high contrast between the dark black shorts and the lighter grey top creates a striking, sophisticated monochromatic look.

Why Black and Grey Work Well Together

There are a few reasons why black shorts and grey tops make for a great color combination:

  • They are both neutral colors – Black and grey are neutral shades that act as basics in your wardrobe. Neutrals are extremely versatile and easy to mix and match.
  • They have high contrast – The lightness of grey contrasts nicely against the darkness of black. This creates visual interest.
  • They are classics – Black and grey are timeless colors that are always in style. The pairing has a very classic, elegant look.
  • They are sleek and sophisticated – Together, black and grey have a refined, polished appearance. The look is understated yet sharp.

Tips for Wearing Black Shorts with Grey

Here are some tips on how to successfully wear black shorts with grey:

Choose the right shades

Pay attention to the undertones and shades of the grey and black pieces. For black shorts, go for a true, deep black without any fading. For grey tops, mid-range greys like heather grey, charcoal grey or slate grey work best. Avoid pairing very light greys with black shorts.

Match the formality

Make sure the formality of the black shorts and grey top is cohesive. For example, casual denim or cotton black shorts look great with a lightweight grey T-shirt. Formal black tailored shorts pair well with a grey button-down shirt.

Add visual interest

Black and grey on their own can be a bit stark and dull. Add something to liven up the outfit like a colorful accessory or a fun patterned top. You could also layer on interesting textures like a grey cotton top with black leather shorts.

Mind the proportions

Getting the proportions right is key to nailing this color pairing. If wearing a loose grey top, balance it with better-fitting black shorts. If the grey shirt is more fitted, choose looser black shorts.

Outfit Ideas with Black Shorts and Grey

Here are some chic outfit examples to inspire you to wear black shorts with grey:

Casual Outfits

  • Black denim shorts with a loose grey pocket T-shirt and white sneakers
  • Black cotton shorts with a fitted grey graphic tee and black Converse
  • Black cutoff shorts with an oversized grey hoodie and Vans

Smart Casual Outfits

  • Black tailored shorts with a grey Oxford button-down shirt and brown loafers
  • Black high-waisted shorts with a grey turtleneck sweater and black ankle booties
  • Black pleated shorts with a grey blazer and pointy flats

Dressy Outfits

  • Black mini shorts with a silky grey cami and strappy heels
  • Black satin shorts with a fitted grey tank and metallic sandals
  • Black belted shorts with a grey blouse and platform espadrilles

The Best Grey Tops to Wear with Black Shorts

Certain styles and shades of grey tops pair particularly beautifully with black shorts. Here are some of the best grey tops to choose:

Heather Grey T-Shirts

A heathered grey cotton tee has a casual, laidback vibe that complements black denim or cotton shorts perfectly. An ideal weekend look.

Grey Oxford Shirts

A crisp grey Oxford button-down shirt with black tailored shorts creates a smart casual outfit suitable for the office or date night.

Grey Tank Tops

A fitted grey sleeveless tank top with black shorts makes for a chic summer outfit. Grey camisoles also work well for a dressier evening look.

Grey Sweatshirts

Oversized grey crewneck or hoodie sweatshirts balance out shorter black cutoffs or bike shorts for an effortless street style outfit.

Grey Turtlenecks

Sleek black shorts paired with a lightweight grey turtleneck sweater is the perfect stylish combination for transitional weather.


Black shorts and grey tops are wardrobe basics that pair so well together. The contrast between the dark shorts and light top creates a sophisticated monochromatic look that is easy to pull off. Stay mindful of matching tones and proportions. Adding visual interest through accessories, layers and prints elevates this simple neutral pairing. With the right shades and styles, you can create endless chic outfits mixing black shorts with grey.

Casual Outfit Smart Casual Outfit Dressy Outfit
Black denim shorts, grey tee, white sneakers Black shorts, grey button-down, loafers Black mini shorts, grey cami, heels
Black cotton shorts, grey graphic tee, black Converse Black shorts, grey turtleneck, booties Black satin shorts, grey tank, sandals
Black cutoffs, oversized grey hoodie, Vans Black pleated shorts, grey blazer, flats Black belted shorts, grey blouse, espadrilles
Grey Top Pairing
Heather grey tee Black denim shorts for a weekend casual look
Grey Oxford shirt Black tailored shorts for work or date night
Grey tank top Black shorts for summer or evening wear
Grey sweatshirt Black cutoffs or bike shorts for an effortless look
Grey turtleneck Black shorts for transitional weather outfits