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Does Billie Eilish have black hair now?

Billie Eilish has become one of the biggest pop stars in the world over the past few years. She first gained attention in 2015 with her debut single “Ocean Eyes” and has since released multiple hit songs and albums. One of the things that has made Billie stand out is her unique fashion sense and bold hair colors. When she first emerged on the scene, Billie was known for having bright neon green and black hair. However, in recent months she has switched things up and now often sports jet black hair. Let’s take a closer look at Billie’s hair evolution and whether she still has black hair in 2023.

Billie’s Early Hair Colors

When Billie Eilish broke onto the music scene as a teenager, her hair immediately became part of her signature look. She often wore her hair in loose waves and experimented with bright, unnatural colors like green, blue, and purple. Her hair helped reinforce her unique style and public image. For the first few years of her career, Billie frequently changed up her hair color but green and black remained two of her go-to shades.

Going Blonde in 2021

In March 2021, Billie shocked fans by ditching the neon colors and debuting a new platinum blonde hairdo. Dyeing her naturally brown hair to such a light shade was a dramatic change for the singer. She shared the process on social media, posting a photo of herself with the caption “did you guess correctly?” as she underwent the transformation.

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Billie opened up about what prompted her to go blonde. She shared: “I couldn’t go anywhere with that hair because it was so obviously me. I wanted anonymity.” The recognizable green/black hair had become part of her image, so she wanted to try something new.

Billie ended up keeping her hair blonde for several months through mid-2021. The platinum shade ultimately didn’t stick though. By July of that year, her dark roots were growing back in very noticeably.

Return to Black Hair

In September 2021, Billie changed up her look once again by dyeing her hair jet black. She showed off the dramatic new color on Instagram. Unlike the blonde, she seemed content to stick with the black shade for a while. The dark color suited her signature edgy style well.

So why did Billie decide to ditch the blonde and go back to black? A few factors may have contributed to the change:

  • Maintenance – Keeping bleached/blonde hair healthy requires diligent upkeep and treatments.
  • Roots – Billie’s natural dark roots were very visible growing in with the blonde.
  • Styling – The black color allowed Billie to easily achieve her signature messy/wavy hair looks.
  • Aesthetic – Black hair aligned well with Billie’s affinity for edgy fashion and dark polish.

The black hair proved to be much more than a temporary phase for Billie. She maintained the inky black shade for well over a year, keeping it consistently colored black through 2021 and 2022.

Billie’s Hair in 2023

Currently in 2023, Billie Eilish still has jet black hair. She has not done much variation with the color or cut over the past year. Her hair remains an integral part of her personal style.

Here are a few examples of Billie’s recent black hair looks:

  • At the 2022 LACMA Art + Film Gala in November, Billie wore her hair down in subtle old Hollywood waves. Her jet black hair nicely complemented her Burberry gown.
  • Performing at concerts in late 2022, Billie stuck with long, messy black waves. The darker color stands out well even on dimly lit stages.
  • In a recent Instagram post from January 2023, Billie showed off her black hair styled stick straight and parted down the middle.

Based on Billie’s current consistency with the black shade, it seems likely she will maintain it for the foreseeable future. Fans have come to associate jet black hair as part of Billie’s signature edgy style.

Billie’s Hair Transformations

While Billie has favored her natural dark shade recently, she has proven she is not afraid to dramatically transform her look. Here is a timeline of some of Billie’s most notable hair colors over the years:

Year Hair Color
2015 – 2016 Dark roots with neon green tips
2017 – 2018 Bright blue
2018 – 2019 Purple roots transitioning to neon green
2020 Jet black and neon green
2021 Platinum blonde
2021 – Present Jet black

As this timeline shows, Billie has run through a rainbow of hair colors in her young career. She hasn’t been afraid to make major changes to her style. Even when she has temporarily settled on a new color, Billie tends to switch things up again after a while. Fans can always expect the unexpected when it comes to her hair transformations!

Billie’s Hair Impact on Pop Culture

Beyond just making a personal style statement, Billie Eilish’s hair colors have had a significant impact on pop culture trends. After she broke out with her signature neon green tips, many fans started emulating the bold look. Billie served as inspiration for people wanting to express themselves through unique hair colors.

Some of the ways Billie influenced hair trends include:

  • Green hair – Billie made green hair cool again for a new generation. Searches for mint and neon green hair dye spiked after her look took off.
  • Unnatural colors – Her experimentation with bright shades helped usher in a revival of blues, purples, and greens.
  • Dark roots – Letting her dark regrowth show with colored tips caught on thanks to Billie’s example.
  • DIY dyeing – Like many teens, Billie did her own hair coloring at home. This inspired others to follow suit.

Billie Eilish remains one of the most influential figures in pop culture hair and style. Even though she currently favors her natural black shade, she still inspires fans to embrace self-expression through unique looks. Her hair evolution shows that personal style doesn’t have to stay stagnant.

The Future of Billie’s Hair

What does the future hold for Billie Eilish’s locks? While she seems content with her jet black hair for now, fans can likely expect more transformations in the years to come.

Billie has mentioned in interviews that she misses having brightly colored hair sometimes. It’s quite possible she will decide to bring back her neon green roots or try out a new vibrant hue. Her dark hair also makes it easy for her to experiment with fun highlights and temporary colors like clips and chalks.

It’s also likely Billie will chop and change up her hair length periodically. She has bounced back and forth between long extensions and collarbone-length cuts over the years. Staying versatile with her style allows her to reinvent her look.

As Billie continues to evolve her music and public image, her hair will probably remain one of her primary ways of expressing herself creatively. Fans are eager to see what she comes up with next and witness the next era of Billie Eilish’s beauty and fashion.


To summarize, Billie Eilish does currently have black hair based on her recent public appearances and social media posts. She has maintained a jet black shade for over a year now, sticking with the color throughout 2022 and into 2023.

While Billie became known for her neon green and black hair when she first gained fame, she shocked fans by going platinum blonde in 2021. The blonde phase only lasted a few months before Billie returned to her black roots. Her inky black hair seems to align well with her preferred aesthetic these days.

Even though Billie has settled on black hair for an extended period, she is likely to continue transforming her look in the future. If history shows anything, she will almost certainly experiment with new colors, lengths, and hairstyles down the road. It’s just part of what makes Billie Eilish one of the most exciting and unpredictable pop stars when it comes to beauty and fashion. Fans will have to stay tuned to see what hair era Billie moves into next!