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Does Benjamin Moore have a silver paint?

Benjamin Moore is one of the most popular and trusted paint brands in North America. With over 3,500 colors in their catalog, they offer a wide selection of paint colors in different finishes for both interior and exterior projects. One popular neutral color that Benjamin Moore offers in their paint lines is silver.

Benjamin Moore’s Silver Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore has several pre-mixed silver paint colors across their different product lines. Here are some of their most popular silver paint colors:

Classic Silver

Classic Silver (2134-60) is one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular grays. It’s a cool, medium gray with hints of blue that works well in many homes. This versatile gray can be used in nearly any room and pairs nicely with different color accents.

Silver Gray

Silver Gray (2138-60) is a warm, greige (gray-beige) silver paint color. It’s a rich shade that adds a subtle metallic touch. Silver Gray creates a cozy feel and works well in living spaces and bedrooms.

Silver Marlin

Silver Marlin (OC-20) is a striking gray with strong blue-green undertones. This bolder silver shade adds drama and depth. It’s often used in accent walls, front doors, and other bold applications.

Silver Chain

Silver Chain (OC-39) is a cool-toned, medium-light gray with a hint of purple. It has a refined, almost lavender look. Silver Chain can create a calm vibe in bedrooms, dining rooms, and studios.

Silver Satin

Silver Satin (OC-26) is a soft, muted silver paint color with a smooth, velvety look. It’s subtle and restful but also quite chic. Silver Satin is popular for living spaces, home offices, and bedrooms.

Benjamin Moore Silver Paint Colors by Product Line

Benjamin Moore produces paints under different product lines or “collections” with different qualities and price points. Here are some of their silver color options within specific product lines:

Silver Colors in Aura Interior Paint

Aura is Benjamin Moore’s premium, top-of-the-line interior paint. It offers superior coverage and an exceptionally smooth application. Some Aura silver paint colors include:

  • Silver Sage (2137-50)
  • Palladian Blue (806)
  • Gray Owl (2137-60)
  • Winter Steel (2330)

Silver Colors in Regal Select Interior Paint

Regal Select is Benjamin Moore’s high-quality mid-priced interior paint line. It offers excellent hide and durability. Some Regal Select silver paints include:

  • Edgecomb Gray (HC-173)
  • Chelsea Gray (HC-168)
  • Silver Satin (OC-26)
  • Gray Clouds (OC-23)

Silver Colors in Ben Interior Paint

Ben is Benjamin Moore’s most affordable interior paint. It still provides decent coverage. Some Ben silver paint options are:

  • Silver Moon (317)
  • Antique Silver (AC-29)
  • Silver Lake (658)

Tips for Choosing a Benjamin Moore Silver Paint

When selecting a Benjamin Moore silver paint color for your home, here are some helpful tips to consider:

  • Decide if you want a warm silver or cool silver tone. Warm grays have brown/beige undertones while cool grays have blue/purple undertones.
  • Lighter silvers can brighten up dark rooms while darker silvers are dramatic for accent walls.
  • Look at silver paint swatches at different times of day as light affects the undertones.
  • Purchase a small sample pot to test the silver paint color on your walls before fully committing.
  • Coordinate the undertones of your silver paint with your furnishings and flooring.
  • For exterior projects, choose a silver paint that complements your home’s existing color scheme.

Silver Paint Sheens Offered by Benjamin Moore

In addition to choosing a paint color, it’s also important to select an appropriate paint sheen or finish. Benjamin Moore offers their silver paint colors in different sheens:

Sheen Description
Flat Matte finish with no shine; hides imperfections
Eggshell Soft, velvety finish; resists yellowing
Satin Subtle luster; versatile for walls and trim
Semi-Gloss Slight sheen; resists moisture and stains
High-Gloss Very shiny; used for trim and doors

Typically, lower sheens like flat or eggshell work best for walls, while higher gloss options are ideal for doors, trim, and cabinets. The sheen affects how the silver color looks, so this is an important factor to consider.

Where to Use Benjamin Moore Silver Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore’s silver paint colors are versatile enough to use throughout an entire home. Here are some popular ways to incorporate silver paint:

  • Living Rooms: Light silvers like Silver Satin or Chelsea Gray help living rooms feel open and airy. They create an inviting backdrop for furniture and decor.
  • Dining Rooms: Deeper, dramatic silver tones like Gray Owl or Edgecomb Gray can set a stylish tone in dining rooms. They stimulate the appetite and conversation.
  • Bedrooms: Cool silvers like Silver Chain or Palladian Blue have a calming effect perfect for sleeping spaces. They promote relaxation.
  • Bathrooms: Silvers with grey-blue undertones like Silver Marlin and Silver Sage complement spa-like baths. They add an elegant, soothing ambiance.
  • Offices: Neutral silver tones help create a focused work environment. Silvers like Classic Silver reduce visual noise.
  • Kitchens: Warm silvers like Silver Gray and Silver Moon reflect light well in kitchens. They maintain brightness in darker spaces.
  • Outdoor Spaces: Durability and color retention make silvers ideal for patios, shutters, doors, and other exteriors.

Whether used on an accent wall or throughout an entire home, Benjamin Moore’s broad range of silver paint colors provides beautiful choices for all types of interior and exterior projects.

Benjamin Moore Silver Paint FAQs

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about Benjamin Moore silver paint:

Does Benjamin Moore have a true silver metallic paint?

Yes, Benjamin Moore does offer a true silver metallic paint called Modern Silver (ME-694). This water-based paint has a highly reflective finish that mimics real polished silver metal. It works great for accents and adds brilliant sheen.

What silver color is Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray?

Stonington Gray is not technically a silver paint color, but a popular warm gray. It has beige undertones rather than distinct silver tones. The closest silver equivalent to Stonington Gray would be Chelsea Gray or Edgecomb Gray.

Is Benjamin Moore Silver Satin warm or cool?

Silver Satin is considered a warm-neutral gray paint color. It has subtle brown/greige undertones rather than stark cool blue/green undertones.

What silver paint color matches Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter?

Revere Pewter is a very popular gray-beige paint color. The closest silver shade match would be Benjamin Moore Silver Gray, which also has greige undertones.

How much does Benjamin Moore silver paint cost?

Benjamin Moore silver paint costs around $50-$70 per gallon on average. However, prices vary based on the specific product line. The premium Aura line costs more than lower-priced options like Ben. Larger 5-gallon buckets also offer savings for big projects.


With a variety of shades ranging from warm to cool tones, Benjamin Moore offers numerous silver paint colors fit for any room or project. Their silver paints span product lines and sheens, coming in different quality levels and price points. Before choosing a Benjamin Moore silver paint, consider the undertones, sheen, and intensity you want. Be sure to get color swatches and samples to find the perfect silver for your space.