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Does a red dress look good with black heels?

Does a red dress look good with black heels?

Pairing red and black together can make for a striking fashion statement. When done right, the bold, vivid red paired with classic black can look sophisticated and elegant. However, the combination does require some finesse to pull off successfully. In this article, we’ll explore whether a red dress can look good styled with black heels, and provide tips for making the look work.

Can red and black go together?

Red and black are both bold, powerful colors. Black is seen as classic, sophisticated and elegant. Red is energetic, passionate, and dynamic. When combined, the two colors can play off each other in an exciting way. However, the contrast is stark, so the look needs to be balanced.

Wearing red and black together became fashionable in the 1920s. The bold, artsy look was a reaction against the demure, feminine styles that preceded it. Since then, red and black ensembles have moved in an out of mainstream fashion. Recently, we’ve seen red and black used together on many celebrity red carpets. Stars like Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lopez, and Diane Kruger have rocked red dresses with black accessories. This shows the combination can work for formal occasions.

So in summary, yes, red and black can complement each other beautifully. But care needs to be taken to avoid looking jarring or overwhelming.

Does a red dress work with black heels?

Specifically pairing a red dress with black heels can be very chic. The black heels ground the red dress, making the look more elegant and sophisticated.

Red is an attention-getting color. It draws the eye. Pairing it with black keeps the look from becoming too flashy or loud. The black heels anchor the red dress.

Black heels are also more versatile than brightly colored heels. They go with everything and elongate the leg. Black pumps or stilettos can dress up a red dress for a formal occasion, or dress it down for a night out.

So in summary, black heels do work nicely with a red dress. The color combination is bold yet balanced. Just be sure the dress and heels work together stylistically.

Tips for Styling a Red Dress with Black Heels

Here are some tips to help you successfully style a red dress with black heels:

Choose the right red shade

Not all reds are created equal. The shade of red you choose will impact how the dress pairs with black. Darker, deeper reds like burgundy, oxblood and wine work better with black than bright, clear reds. Aim for a red with some depth. Pinks and orange-reds can look mismatched with black.

Deep reds with a touch of blue or purple also complement black nicely. Avoid neon or tomato reds unless you want a very bold, intentional clashing look.

Go for black over nude heels

Black heels are a better choice than nude heels for a red dress. Nude heels can look washed out and fade into the skin, while black makes a statement. The color contrast between a vibrant red dress and classic black heels is dynamic.

However, nude heels can work too, especially if you want to elongate the leg and draw less contrast. Just be sure the nude heel has some pigment and doesn’t totally blend into your skin tone. A nude with a hint of beige or tan will pair better with red.

Mind the texture

Pay attention to the textures of the red dress and black heels. Matching textures will look sophisticated, while clashing textures can cheapen the look.

For example, pair a matte red dress with matte black heels. A metallic red mini would match great with some patent leather pumps. If your dress has interesting structural details, let the heels be simple.

Avoid combining a flimsy red dress with heavy black heels. Keep the textures cohesive.

Accessorize minimally

Red and black pack a punch on their own. You don’t need lots of accessories competing. Less is more.

Keep jewelry minimal: stud earrings, a simple bracelet or necklace. Only carry a small black clutch or bag. Tiny black or silver accessories will complement without overpowering.

Let the red dress be the star. Resist adding colorful scarves or jackets. You want black and red to work together, not fight each other.

Consider hair and makeup

Hair and makeup should accent the red and black duo. Both should be polished. Avoid clashing tones like bright pink lips or blue eyeshadow.

Do a bold red lip with winged eyeliner and black mascara to match the drama of the dress. Or go soft and radiant with a neutral lip, rose gold eyeshadow and tousled hair.

Just don’t compete with the dress by going wildly colorful with your beauty look. Keep it modern and chic.

How to Wear a Red Dress with Black Heels for Different Occasions

Here are tips for wearing the red dress and black heels combo for various events:

For the Office

At the office, aim for an elegant look. Choose a dark red dress in a professional cut, like a sheath or wrap dress. Pair with simple black pumps or kitten heels.

Add a black blazer over the dress. This gives polish and coverage for a conservative office. A string of pearls or gold necklace are safe jewelry options.

Skip bright red lipstick for the office. Go for a tinted balm or nude lip instead. Keep hair and makeup minimal.

For a Cocktail Party

Have fun with the red/black pairing at a cocktail party. Try a sleeveless, fit and flare red dress with strappy black heels.

Accessorize with statement earrings like chandeliers or hoops. Try a red lip or cat eye makeup. Style hair in an updo or pretty waves.

Finish with some sheer black tights if it’s cold out. Add a wristlet or minaudière clutch bag. The red and black combo will really stand out.

For a Formal Event

Make a dramatic entrance at a formal event in a red gown and black stilettos. Choose a floor-length red dress in a luxe fabric like satin or chiffon. Pair with pointed toe pumps.

Diamond or crystal statement earrings and necklace look gorgeous. Do a bold red lip with a smoky eye. Wear hair up in a chic style to show off the jewelry.

Bring a black clutch minaudière bag. Try adding long black gloves for extra elegance. You’ll look like a celebrity on the red carpet.

For a Night Out

Have fun with the pairing on a night out dancing or bar hopping. Opt for a red mini dress or bodycon style. Pair with strappy black heels or booties.

Go for big hoop earrings and a red lip. A half updo is cute and casual. Finish with a black crossbody bag.

You can also try a short black leather moto jacket over the red dress, for an edgy date night option. This look transitions seamlessly from dinner to the dance floor.

5 Stylish Outfits with a Red Dress and Black Heels

Here are 5 complete outfit ideas to inspire you:

1. Red Wrap Dress and Pumps

– Deep burgundy wrap dress
– Black patent leather pointed toe pumps
– Gold bracelet and stud earrings
– Black leather tote bag

2. Red Fit and Flare Dress and Stilettos

– Bright red sleeveless skater dress
– Black suede platform stilettos
– Diamond drop earrings
– Silver cuff bracelet
– Red envelope clutch

3. Red Bodycon and Ankle Booties

– Fire engine red midi bodycon dress
– Black suede ankle booties with chunky heel
– Black choker necklace
– Red lipstick
– Black crossbody bag

4. Red A-line Dress and Kitten Heels

– Dark red A-line dress with boat neck
– Black patent leather kitten heel pumps
– Pearl stud earrings
– Black blazer
– Black satchel

5. Red Long Dress and Pumps

– Cherry red sleeveless gown
– Black suede pointed toe pumps
– Diamond chandelier earrings
– Silver cuff bracelet
– Black satin clutch
– Red lipstick


Pairing a red dress with black heels can look amazing when done right. The bold color contrast makes a statement. Just stick to deeper red shades and textures that complement the black heels. Accessorize minimally and keep hair and makeup elegant. Then rock your red dress and black heels with confidence!