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Do you wear white underwear with white shorts?


White shorts are a summer staple that can be worn by both men and women. However, the choice of underwear to wear under white shorts can be a bit tricky. The main concern when wearing white shorts is showing underwear lines or visible panty lines (VPL). White underwear under white shorts can potentially show through and create visible lines and bumps. So should you wear white underwear with white shorts? Let’s dive into the pros and cons.

Quick Pros and Cons of Wearing White Underwear with White Shorts

Pros Cons
Matches the shorts color Can be see-through
Feels clean and fresh Shows lines and bumps
Goes well with light colors Limits underwear options

Factors to Consider

There are a few factors to take into account when deciding whether to wear white underwear with white shorts:

  • Shorts style – The cut and fit of the shorts makes a difference. Tighter fitting shorts increase the chances of visible panty lines. Looser styles provide more coverage and reduce this risk.
  • Underwear style – Briefs, bikini cuts, thongs, seamless styles all have different levels of VPL potential. Lower rise underwear tends to fit better under shorts.
  • Fabric – The thickness and opacity of the shorts and underwear fabrics matter. Sheer, lightweight or stretchy fabrics are more prone to show through.
  • Activities – If you will be active in your shorts, such as exercising, thicker athletic underwear may work better.
  • Occasion – Dressier occasions may require more care to avoid visible lines.

Analyzing these factors for your specific shorts, underwear and situation can help determine if white on white is a good option or not.

Solutions for Avoiding Visible Lines

If you want to wear white shorts but are concerned about visible panty lines with white underwear, there are solutions:

  1. Wear nude or beige underwear – Matching your skin tone hides lines.
  2. Choose seamless underwear styles – Made without seams and edges to remain invisible.
  3. Go for a thong or g-string – Minimizes material under shorts to reduce lines.
  4. Wear shorts over tights – Acts as a barrier between shorts and underwear.
  5. Size up on underwear – Prevents a tight fit that outlines underwear.
  6. Pick cotton underwear – Natural fibers minimize static cling and impressions.

Trying different cuts, fabrics and colors can help find the best underwear for wearing under white shorts without visibility issues.

When White on White Works

While not always ideal, wearing white underwear with white shorts can work in some cases:

  • Very lightweight, flowing shorts – Looser cuts allow underwear to remain discreet.
  • Full coverage underwear – Minimizes chances of exposure from movement.
  • Neutral colored shorts – Off-white or cream shades can hide white underwear.
  • Casual occasions – Everyday activities pose low risk of noticeability.
  • Confidence – If you don’t mind potential panty lines, white on white can work.

Pay attention to your shorts fit and underwear coverage. Relaxed styles and thicker fabrics can allow wearing white on white successfully.

Tips for White on White Outfits

If you decide to wear white underwear with white shorts, here are some tips to do it right:

  • Scope out visibility – Try squatting in front of a mirror to see if underwear shows.
  • Size up – Choose shorts and underwear a size larger to prevent tight fits.
  • Line check – Do a line check from all angles before going out.
  • Neutral tones – Add beige or tan accessories to complement the whites.
  • Confident stance – Keep your head high and don’t constantly check for VPL.
  • Safety shorts – Layering with spandex shorts adds extra insurance.

Remaining aware of activities that may expose underwear and having a backup plan can allow comfortable wear of white on white.


White shorts are a warm weather go-to that call for careful underwear selection. White underwear under white shorts can present challenges due to visibility. Assess your shorts style and fit along with underwear cut, fabric and occasion. Solutions like nude shades, seamless styles and sizing up can avoid noticeable panty lines. With some adjustments to shorts or underwear, white on white can work in many cases. Focus on confidence and use line checks and protective layers as needed to comfortably wear white underwear with white shorts.

Additional Questions

Here are some additional questions related to wearing white underwear with white shorts:

Does the length of the shorts make a difference?

Yes, shorter shorts increase the risk of exposure from movement or wind, so visible underwear lines are more of a concern. Longer shorts provide more coverage and can minimize visibility issues with white underwear. Shorts that hit mid-thigh are a good compromise length.

What kind of fabric is best for avoiding show through?

Opaque, thicker fabrics like denim, twill or ribbed cotton are ideal choices to help avoid underwear show through and lines. Stay away from sheer, lightweight fabrics like linen or crepe that cling and can reveal shadows and outlines.

Do guys have to worry about visible lines with white underwear and shorts?

Yes, guys should also be aware of potential VPL, especially with tighter fitting boxer briefs or briefs. Longer leg boxers and trunks can provide more coverage. Dark shorts and underwear combos make lines less obvious but white on white takes more care.

What other colors besides nude work well for underwear under white shorts?

Light gray, beige, light blue and pastels like lilac or mint can work well too. Dark colors like black or brown can also minimize visibility of lines while adding contrast. Avoid bright hues like neon that could show through.

What are the best fabrics for white shorts to hide underwear lines?

Good fabric choices include denim, twill, poplin and thick cotton blends. Stay away from linen, jersey knits, crepe and anything too lightweight or sheer that will cling or become transparent when stretched over underwear.

The Bottom Line

White shorts are a warm weather staple that call for the right underwear selection to avoid visible panty lines. White underwear under white shorts can present show through challenges in some cases. Pay attention to shorts and underwear fit and style. Solutions like nude shades, seamless cuts and sizing up can avoid noticeable lines for confident and comfortable wear. With adjustments to shorts or underwear type, white on white can work in many situations. Focus on what makes you feel good and utilize protective layers as needed.