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Do yeezy slides come in different colors?

Yeezy slides, designed by rapper and fashion mogul Kanye West in collaboration with Adidas, have become an iconic footwear choice since their debut in 2019. With their streamlined silhouette featuring a chunky sole and minimalist upper strap, Yeezy slides are known for their comfort, style, and association with West’s influential Yeezy brand.

An Overview of Yeezy Slides

The first Yeezy slides released in mid-2019 and quickly sold out in limited quantities. Made of soft EVA foam, the slides featured an upper strap with small circular perforations. The original Yeezy slides came in three neutral colors: bone, resin, and earth brown. They retailed for $55, making them a relatively affordable entry point into the Yeezy footwear line.

In subsequent seasons, Adidas and Yeezy expanded the Yeezy slides line with new colors, graphic prints, and high-end luxury materials. While the slides maintain the same signature shape, new iterations have included glow-in-the-dark soles, graphic logos, shearling linings, and bold neon hues.

Core Colorways

While Yeezy slides continue to release special edition color schemes, there are a few core color options that consistently return each season:

  • Bone – Off-white, neutral tan
  • Resin – Dark brown, chestnut tone
  • Earth Brown – Rich brown with orange undertones
  • Pure – Bright white

These classic Yeezy slide colors provide versatility and have the most lasting power in the sneaker marketplace. The bone white slides, in particular, serve as a wardrobe staple that can match with any outfit.

Limited Edition Colorways

In addition to the core neutral palette, Yeezy slides often release limited drops featuring bold pops of color and graphic prints. Some of the most coveted special edition Yeezy slides over the years have included:

  • Glow Green – Vibrant green with glow-in-the-dark accents
  • Pure Blue – Crisp, bright blue hue
  • Soot Red – Deep burgundy red tone
  • Sand Grey – Soft heathered grey with graphic mono print
  • Desert Sand – Warm sandy beige, released exclusively in kids sizes

These limited colorways sell out instantly and often resell for exponentially higher prices due to their scarcity and demand. The unique color stories allow collectors to expand their Yeezy rotation.

Notable Special Editions

In addition to one-off colorways, certain special edition Yeezy slides have stood out for their luxe detailing and premium materials:

  • Flax – Natural flaxseed hue, lined with soft shearling
  • MX Oat – Oatmeal cream shade made from environmentally-friendly materials
  • MX Moon Grey – Silvery-grey with iridescent glow plastic heel counter

These slides feature subtle design upgrades that justify their higher price point, hovering around $180 versus the standard $55 for general release pairs. The flax and oat color schemes also align with Kanye West’s emphasis on earthy, natural tones in the Yeezy product universe.

Full Range of Colors

While new Yeezy slides colorways seem to drop every season, here is a visual overview of the full range of hues and prints released so far:

Colorway Photo
Bone Bone Yeezy Slides
Resin Resin Yeezy Slides
Earth Brown Earth Brown Yeezy Slides
Pure Pure White Yeezy Slides
Glow Green Glow Green Yeezy Slides
Pure Blue Pure Blue Yeezy Slides
Soot Red Soot Red Yeezy Slides
Sand Grey Sand Grey Yeezy Slides
Flax Flax Yeezy Slides
MX Oat MX Oat Yeezy Slides
MX Moon Grey MX Moon Grey Yeezy Slides

Seasonal & Regional Exclusives

In addition to wide releases, Adidas and Yeezy have dropped slides in colors and designs exclusive to certain seasons and regions:

  • Neon orange and neon green slides released only in Asia in summer 2020
  • Black slides with red lettering exclusively released during holiday season 2020
  • Golden brown “Eliada” slides released only in New Zealand in 2021

These limited regional and seasonal designs make the Yeezy slides offering feel fresh and unpredictable worldwide. Some colorways like the black holiday slides do end up re-releasing the following year. But most exclusives remain true one-offs, adding to the product’s collectability.

Kids & Infant Sizes

While adult Yeezy slides go up to size 14 US in men’s sizing, Yeezy also caters to its youngest fans by offering slides in kids and infant sizes. Popular kids’ colorways have included:

  • Pure – Classic bright white
  • Resin – Rich dark brown
  • Glow – Vibrant green with glow accents
  • Desert Sand – Sandy light beige seen only in kids sizes

The silhouette remains the same, just proportionately sized down for growing feet. This allows parents to match their slides with their kids for a cute coordinated moment.

Men’s vs Women’s Sizing

Yeezy slides are unisex and not gender-specific when it comes to sizing. The sizing accommodates both men and women within the adult range. Women should go down 1.5 sizes from their regular shoe size for the ideal slides fit. Here is a quick size conversion reference:

Women’s Size Men’s Size
5 3.5
6 4.5
7 5.5
8 6.5
9 7.5
10 9
11 10
12 11

Celebrity Sightings

As an iconic staple from one of the most influential contemporary designers, Yeezy slides have been spotted on the feet of countless celebrities. Fans can draw style inspiration from these stars when rocking their Yeezy slides:

  • Kanye West – Often pairs earthy slides with Yeezy apparel for tonal looks
  • Kim Kardashian – Favors sleek black and white slides as everyday neutrals
  • Justin Bieber – Made pure white slides an essential summer style
  • Gigi Hadid – Models her neon green slides for a pop of color
  • Emily Ratajkowski – Keeps it casual in comfy soil brown slides
  • ASAP Rocky – Matches his slides to edgy designer outfits
  • Drake – Opts for bold blue slides to accent dark clothing

Spotting Fake Yeezy Slides

With Yeezy slides ranging from $55 for general releases to $500+ for rare colorways on the resale market, knockoff slides are common from disreputable sellers. Here are tips for spotting counterfeit pairs:

  • Misshapen or disproportionate strap and sole
  • Cheap, flimsyfeeling foam material
  • Wrong font, spacing, or misspellings on size tag inside strap
  • Fuzzy or indistinct Adidas logo on the sole
  • Bright white foam (authentic soles are more natural cream)

Purchasing slides in person can help assess quality and construction. For online purchases, buyers should thoroughly vet seller reviews and only buy from trusted retailers and resellers.


The minimalist Yeezy slide design also makes the silhouette ideal for customization. Creative enthusiasts have customized their slides with:

  • DIY dye jobs to transform the base color
  • Paint pen designs to add patterns or logos
  • Attaching charms or hardware to the upper strap
  • Embroidery or patchwork for more texture

Customized Yeezy slides allow wearers to show off their own personal flare. The simple styling gives the perfect canvas for small touches or major transformations.


With new colors, materials, and styles releasing every season, Yeezy slides continue to be a versatile footwear option. Their comfort and minimalist aesthetic ensure enduring popularity and collectability. Whether keeping it simple in core neutrals or making a bold statement with limited editions, Yeezy slides offer self-expression for feet. Kanye West’s vision yields a product primed for both everyday wearability and showcase as a hype piece.