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Do red and green go together decor?

Do red and green go together decor?

Red and green are classic Christmas colors that evoke images of holiday decor. But can these two bold, contrasting colors work in home decor year-round? The answer is yes, with some creative styling red and green can make a stunning and sophisticated color combination.

Complementary Colors

On the color wheel, red and green are complementary colors, meaning they are directly opposite each other. When placed side-by-side, they create strong visual contrast and really make each other stand out. Using complementary colors together creates a bold, eye-catching look.

This strong contrast is exactly what makes red and green a traditional pairing for Christmas. The mix of warm red and cool green represents the warmth of the holidays and the green of Christmas trees and wreaths.

While highly contrasting, red and green have a balanced energy when used together. Red is stimulating and lively while green has relaxing, zen-like qualities. Combining them creates visual interest while still feeling harmonious.

Tips for Decorating with Red and Green

Here are some tips for successfully incorporating red and green into your home decor in a sophisticated way:

– Use red and green as accents instead of the main colors. Having one or both be the dominant color scheme can be overwhelming. Using them sparingly as accent colors allows you to enjoy the vibrancy they add while maintaining balance.

– Try deeper shades like burgundy and forest or hunter green. Deeper tones are more graceful and refined than bright primary red and green.

– Add texture and metallics. Texture and sheen adds depth and dimension that makes red and green even more intriguing together.

– Space it out. Balance your reds and greens by distributing them throughout a space instead of clustering them in one area.

– Repeat colors in varying shades. Using red and green in different shades and tints creates unity.

– Use a neutral base. Anchoring your red and green accents with creams, grays, or other earthy neutrals helps ground the look.

– Consider cultural context. In many cultures red and green have symbolic meanings, so be aware of those color associations if decorating for specific holidays and events.

Red and Green Color Schemes

There are a few specific color schemes featuring red and green that work especially well:

Burgundy and Forest Green

This is one of the most sophisticated red and green combinations. Deep burgundy has vintage, luxurious appeal while dark forest green offers a refined, natural elegance. Use these colors when aiming for an upscale, traditional aesthetic.

Red and Green with Gold

Adding metallic gold into a red and green palette creates a glamorous, opulent look. The red adds vibrancy while the green balances the warmth of the gold. Use this scheme to create a luxe, ornate style.

Red, Green and Brown

Earthy browns nicely complement both red and green. This combination has a grounded, nature-inspired feel. Use different shades of brown along with red and green accents for a harmonious, organic look.

Red, Green and Blue

Blue is another color that pairs well with red and green. Combining all three primary colors creates visual interest while keeping the look bright and playful.

Rooms to Use Red and Green

While red and green work in virtually any room, some spaces lend themselves especially well to these colors:

Living Room

Red and green can make a lively statement in the main gathering area of your home. Use them in pillows, throws, accessories or as the colors of your furniture.

Dining Room

Set a festive table with red and green accent pieces. Candles, flowers, charger plates or other table decor provide the perfect opportunity to play with these colors.


Red and green add a bold, elegant touch to any master or guest suite. Use sparingly in bedding, window treatments, artwork or floral arrangements.

Home Office

Energize your workspace with vibrant red and green accents. Paint an accent wall green and display red office supplies or decor pieces.


Make your entryway inviting with red and green touches. Hang coats on green hooks beside a red front door, or place a green plant on a red hall table.

Kids’ Rooms

For children and teens who love color, red and green create a lively, playful room. Use in wall decor, bedding, furnishings and storage.

Decor Styles for Red and Green

Red and green pair beautifully with these popular home decor aesthetics:


Against a sleek, neutral modern background, pops of red and green look fresh and contemporary.


The vibrant mix of red and green suits a diverse, eclectic space filled with unique finds.


Red and green evoke classic elegance when used in a formal traditional setting.


Deep red and green bring colorful flair to woodsy, cabin-style rustic decor.

Mid-century Modern

Vintage mid-century styles gain liveliness with fun retro red and green accents.


Punchy reds and greens liven up breezy, resort-style tropical decor.


Homey farmhouse rooms feel cheery and welcoming when accentuated with red and green.

Examples of Red and Green Home Decor

Here are some specific ways to tastefully incorporate red and green throughout your home:

Floral Arrangements

Fresh flowers provide the perfect opportunity to blend red and green. For example, red roses and white tulips in a green glass vase or green hydrangeas with red carnations in a neutral planter.

Throw Pillows

Pillows are an easy way to add pops of color. Try red pillows on a green sofa or vice versa, or mix red and green pillows with neutral furniture.

Area Rugs

Anchor a space with a patterned rug in red and green. Try a Persian-style red and green floral rug or a Moroccan trellis design rug.

Wall Art

Make a bold statement with red and green artwork. Botanical prints work well, or you can display green paintings in red frames.

Table Settings

Dinnerware, napkins, placemats and table runners provide the perfect chance to play with red and green. Layer different patterns and textures for visual interest.

Holiday Decorations

Incorporate red and green year-round by displaying holiday decor like poinsettias, evergreen wreaths and red or green candles.

Kitchen Appliances

Small kitchen appliances like a stand mixer, toaster or blender make a fun pop of color in red or green.

Feng Shui Perspective on Red and Green

In feng shui design, red and green carry significant symbolic meaning. Here is a look at these colors through the lens of feng shui:


Red is considered an auspicious, lucky color in feng shui. It represents prosperity, happiness and vitality. Red inspires passion and excitement and is believed to attract fame and success. Use red decor to promote positive energy in south and southwest areas of your home.


Green has a strong wood energy in feng shui, promoting health, balance and growth. Its soothing, zen-like qualities encourage renewal and vitality. Use green decor in east and southeast areas connected to family and relationships. Avoid pairing it with too much red in these spots.


While visually striking, red and green together can symbolize conflict in feng shui. Their clashing yang and yin properties can create agitation and discord if not balanced properly. Limit red and green combos in vulnerable areas like bedroom and home office spaces.

Red and Green Holidays

Red and green have special significance in the celebrations of various holidays:


No colors represent Christmas more than red and green. They symbolize the holiday season worldwide through decorations, gift wrap, clothes and more.

Valentine’s Day

Red and green make classic romantic Valentine’s colors, representing love and nature. Use in flower arrangements, heart decor, table settings and desserts.

St. Patrick’s Day

Emerald green mixed with fiery red shades epitomize this Irish holiday. Display them in party decor, dishes, beverages and themed accessories.


Red and green hold meaning in Kwanzaa as the red represents the bloodshed of ancestors and green represents the future.

Chinese New Year

Red signifies luck and happiness while green symbolizes prosperity in Chinese culture. Use red and green items for Chinese New Year celebrations.

Blue as an Accent Color with Red and Green

While red and green make a lively pairing, sometimes a third color is needed to create balance. Blue makes an excellent accent color, creating a triadic color scheme.

The three primary colors offer lots visual energy while still remaining harmonious. Blue also cools down the warm red tones and grounds the green for a more relaxing effect.

Some ways to incorporate blue with red and green:

– Add blue throw pillows to a sofa with red and green accent pillows

– Display a blue floral arrangement on a red and green tablescape

– Hang a blue abstract painting above a green seating area with red chairs

– Arrange red, blue and green candles together as a centerpiece

– Add a blue area rug to balance out red and green furniture and decor

Keeping the blue as an accent will prevent the palette from becoming too overwhelming primary colors. The blue offers just enough contrast and balance.

Creative Alternatives to Red and Green

While red and green work beautifully together, some other creative color combinations offer similar contrast and pop:

Yellow and Purple

These opposite secondary colors complement each other in the same vivid way as primary red and green. The combination is fun, youthful and retro.

Orange and Light Blue

This is a brighter, more playful take on red and green. It’s especially perfect for kids’ spaces and fun, whimsical decor styles.

Pink and Teal

For a softer contrast, pair feminine pink with the cool tones of teal blue-green. It’s a refined twist on the red and green palette.

Red and Gold

Replace green with metallic gold for a luxe, glamorous version of this bold color scheme. The red still pops while gold adds elegance.


While the classic Christmas colors of red and green may seem garish together at first glance, they can actually create a very sophisticated, elegant color combination with some finesse.

Using red and green as accents, keeping them balanced, and anchoring them with neutrals results in a look that’s bold yet refined. This color scheme enlivens any space with vibrancy and contrast for a tailored, polished aesthetic.

With creativity and balance, red and green can come together beautifully to make showstopping decor all year long. Their lively complementary nature offers endless possibilities.