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Do gold and GREY go together?

Do gold and GREY go together?

Gold and grey are two classic, elegant colors that can work beautifully together in fashion and home decor. But knowing how to combine them in a way that is cohesive can take some skill. Here we’ll look at tips for pairing gold and grey successfully.

Complementary Colors

On the color wheel, grey and gold are complementary colors, meaning they are directly opposite each other. This makes them ideal for pairing together, as they create a striking visual contrast.

Grey has a cool, muted tone while gold is much warmer and brighter. When positioned next to each other, the gold makes the grey pop, and vice versa. The contrast makes both colors stand out more.

Tones to Use

Not just any gold and grey will necessarily go well together. The specific tones matter.

For gold jewelry to pair with grey clothing, rose gold or yellow gold with a brassy, antique finish works better than shiny or bright yellow gold. Bright gold against grey can look mismatched. Aged, brassier gold has more subtle warmth that complements the cool grey.

For grey paint or furniture paired with gold home accents, charcoal greys and warm greys work better than cool greys with blue undertones. The slight warmth of the grey brings out the gold tones nicely.

Good Gold and Grey Combos Bad Gold and Grey Combos
Rose gold jewelry + charcoal grey Bright shiny yellow gold + icy grey
Brassy gold lamps + warm medium grey walls Cool greige walls + golden artwork


Incorporating other metallics besides gold can help bridge the gap between the warm and cool tones. Metallics like pewter, silver, copper, and bronze work well with both grey and gold. Adding metallic throw pillows or other accents in pewter and bronze marries the grey and gold together nicely.

You can also look for grey fabrics that have subtle gold metallic threads running through them. This allows the grey and gold to be literally woven together. Gold detailing on grey furniture, like bronze hardware, can also help marry the two.


Don’t be afraid to incorporate other neutral tones like cream, tan, light brown, and black. These earthier neutrals complement both the grey and gold, strengthening the cohesiveness of the color scheme. Crisp white also acts like a refreshing neutral between the gold and grey.

For example, pair a grey sofa with gold accent pillows, then add in pillows that are cream, tan, brown and white. Use a black and white graphic rug to anchor the gold and grey furniture. The neutrals act as transitions between the cooler and warmer tones.


Varying textures also helps blend gold and grey. Use a combination of metals, glossy and matte finishes, smooth and organic textiles. Pair a sleek grey leather sofa with a fluffy gold sheepskin throw, and rough gold sconces with creamy grey walls in satin finish. The mix of textures helps the colors flow together more seamlessly.

You can also look for single pieces that naturally incorporate grey and gold texture variations, like a sculptural vase with grey speckled matte base and shiny brass abstract shapes on top.


Patterns and prints help marry gold and grey together in an fashionable way. Floral patterns are a lovely choice, like a grey dress with a subtle gold floral print or gold bedding with grey floral accents. Geo patterns like chevron stripes in grey with gold diagonal stripes layered on top also marries the hues nicely.

Small dots are another go-to pattern for combining gold and grey. Grey and gold polka dots or a grey gingham print layered under a gold dot pattern curtain panels can make the colors feel cohesive and chic.

Good Gold and Grey Prints Not Ideal Gold and Grey Prints
Light grey with metallic gold pinstripes Black and white buffalo check with shiny yellow gold squares
Dark charcoal with brass dot pattern Icy grey with neon yellow sunbursts

Focal Points

When decorating a whole room with gold and grey, it helps to have a statement piece that incorporates both colors. This focal point anchors the two hues together.

For example, in a living room with grey walls and sofas have one large gold framed mirror or piece of wall art. In a bedroom with gold nightstands and grey headboard use a singular grey and gold area rug under the bed.

Don’t disperse the gold and grey evenly throughout the space. Let one special piece showcase both colors to tie the whole palette together.


Lighting is an important way to meld gold and grey decor. Gold lighting fixtures paired with cool LED bulbs or grey lamp shades warms up the cool grey tones.

Conversely, grey metallic pendants work with gold artwork or accents below to reflect a flattering glow over the space. Use a grey floor lamp next to a gold side chair. Mixing metallic tones in lighting helps bridge the gap.

Creative Pairings

Some more unique but stylish gold and grey combinations include:

  • A charcoal grey sweater with rose gold jeans
  • Black grey washed denim jacket with yellow gold buttons
  • Dark grey kitchen island with brass gold hardware
  • Light grey walls and trim with golden oak wood floors
  • A grey linen sofa accented with gold velvet pillows

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when pairing gold and grey. The contrast can be very chic if done creatively.


Gold and grey can be a showstopping color combination with the right balance. Choose the proper tone of gold and grey so they enhance each other. Use metallic, neutrals, texture, patterns, focal points and varied lighting to blend them cohesively. With smart strategies, gold and grey can come together beautifully for stylish fashion and home decor.