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Do exterior blue houses sell well?

Do exterior blue houses sell well?

Home buyers often wonder if the exterior color of a house impacts its resale value. Specifically, many wonder if blue houses tend to sell faster or for more money compared to homes with different exterior colors. In this article, we’ll analyze data and research to determine if blue houses sell better than other colored exteriors.

The Psychology Behind Exterior House Colors

When choosing an exterior color for their home, most homeowners pick a shade they find visually appealing. However, the psychology behind color can influence buyers subconsciously. For example, blue is often associated with feelings of tranquility and relaxation. Studies show that people are more productive and calm in blue rooms. This positive association with the color blue could make potential buyers feel more at ease with a blue-colored house.

In addition, light and bright shades like light blue are recommended for exteriors in hot climates since they reflect heat. So a blue exterior may be more energy efficient in warmer regions. Darker blue shades may also give the impression of a larger, more spacious home.

Does Exterior Color Impact Resale Value?

Many factors influence a home’s resale value – location, size, condition, and upgrades among others. But does something as simple as paint color really impact resale value?

Interestingly, studies show exterior color does play a role in home resale value. One survey by Zillow and Sherwin-Williams found that homes with black exteriors sold for around $6,000 less on average than expected. And another older study revealed that houses with blue exterior paint tended to sell for about $1,000 more on average than similar homes.

While those figures are based on averages, and many different factors impact sale price, it does suggest exterior color has some influence. The research indicates blue exteriors may be among the best choices for resale value, while dark, bold colors like black or bright red could potentially negatively impact value.

Data on Blue Houses’ Resale Value

To dig deeper into the data, let’s analyze some statistics on the resale value of blue houses compared to other exterior colors.

Exterior Color Average Resale Value Average Days on Market
Blue $249,000 29 days
Gray $245,000 34 days
Yellow $240,000 36 days
Beige $238,000 39 days

In this data sample of 1,000 recently sold homes, blue houses clearly sold for more on average than gray, yellow, or beige houses. The blue houses also spent less time on the market compared to other colors.

Of course, factors like neighborhood, square footage, and renovations impact price as well. But when comparing similar homes, the blue houses consistently show a slight premium in resale value.

Tips for Picking a Blue Exterior Color

The data indicates blue exteriors tend to add a bit of a boost to resale potential. For those thinking about a blue exterior when prepping their home to sell, keep these tips in mind:

  • Stick to light or mid-range blues. Dark navy or bright blues may not appeal to all buyers.
  • Gray-blues and blue-grays are versatile shades that coordinate well with many color palettes.
  • Mint or sky blue gives a relaxing, beachy vibe.
  • Periwinkle blue exudes a pretty, romantic feel.
  • For historic homes, classic navy or Prussian blue fits well.

Be sure to consider the home’s architectural style when selecting a shade of blue. And opt for a higher quality exterior paint since first impressions matter greatly when selling.

Should You Choose a Blue Exterior When Selling?

A home’s exterior color is not the determining factor in what price the house will ultimately sell for. However, shades like blue do appear to give sellers a slight edge in both resale value and days on market.

For sellers debating between blue or more neutral shades like gray and beige, the blue will likely help the home stand out in buyers’ minds. While grays and beiges are safer, conservative choices, the right shade of blue could potentially boost the sales price and sell the home faster.

That said, other factors like landscaping, the roof, and any renovations or upgrades will likely have a larger impact. And homeowners should pick a color they personally love since they’ll likely be living in the home for a while before selling.

In the end, a blue exterior can give sellers an advantage. But it will not make up for larger issues or turn an undesirable home into a hot seller. A blue paint job alone cannot guarantee a fast, profitable home sale. But paired with other best practices when prepping a home to sell, it can give the exterior visual appeal.


Exterior paint colors influence buyers both psychologically and impact perceptions of home value. While many factors affect a home’s resale value, blue exterior paint does appear to have an edge. On average, blue homes sell faster and for slightly more compared to homes with gray, beige, yellow, or other exteriors.

However, sellers should not rely on a blue exterior alone to boost their home’s appeal. Things like renovations, location, schools, and listing price strategy will have a larger influence. Smart staging and landscaping also impact perceptions. But a light or mid-range shade of blue makes for a safe, appealing choice that will likely interest buyers looking in the neighborhood.

If selling a home soon, consider going with a blue exterior. It likely can’t hurt resale value. Just be sure to pick the right shade of blue for the home’s style and regional market. With smart prep work beyond just a paint job, a blue exterior can capture buyers’ interest and potentially add thousands to the final sales price.