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Do ColorMax contacts work?

ColorMax colored contact lenses are a popular brand of cosmetic contacts that can change your eye color. They come in a variety of vivid shades and offer a fun way to experiment with different looks. But do they really work as claimed? Let’s take a closer look at how ColorMax contacts perform for vision correction and enhancing eye color.

How Do Colored Contacts Work?

All contact lenses, including color contacts, work by sitting directly on the surface of the eye. They create a new optical zone to focus light and correct vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Color contacts have an additional function – they contain special tinting and translucent prints that alter the appearance of the wearer’s natural eye color. The center transparency zone allows real iris details to show through for a natural look. The tinted area overlaid on top obscures the original color beneath.

When light enters the eye through the contact lens, the color reflectance is changed, creating an artificial enhancement of the iris. The result is a vibrant, modified eye shade that masks the wearer’s natural pigmentation.

ColorMax Contact Lens Features

ColorMax lenses are manufactured by CooperVision, a major contact lens producer. Here are some key features of their colored contact lineup:

  • Vibrant iris color enhancement effects
  • Prescription power options from -6.00 to +4.00D
  • Center transparency zone to display natural eye characteristics
  • Toric lens designs for astigmatism
  • Monthly and yearly replacement schedules available
  • Made from behold filcon A material approved by the FDA

ColorMax lenses use CooperVision’s state-of-the-art photochromic, color-adding technology to create a variety of bright contact lens shades. They offer both enhancing color effects and vision correcting powers for prescription wearers.

How Well Do They Work For Changing Eye Color?

The color-changing ability of ColorMax contacts depends on several factors:

  • Vividness of Shade: Some colors like Violet are more vibrant and alter eye color dramatically. Lighter shades like Blue don’t have as strong an effect.
  • Natural Eye Color: Results vary depending on the original iris shade. Light eyes show the most transformation. Dark brown eyes continue to show some natural melanin tones shining through.
  • Indoor vs Outdoor Light: Colors appear most brilliant in indoor lighting. Outdoors, the enhancing effects are muted.

Here’s how the ColorMax color lineup generally performs for eye color enhancement:

ColorMax Shade Color Change Ability
Violet Extreme color change even on dark eyes
Royal Blue Moderate enhancement on light eyes
Blue Subtle enhancement on medium eyes
Green Minimal effect especially outdoors
Hazel Modest enhancement on light brown eyes

As you can see, the most dramatic eye color transformation occurs with the brighter purple and blue colored contact shades. More subtle earth tones like Green provide only a light enhancing effect that is harder to notice.

Vision Correction Capabilities

In addition to color changing abilities, ColorMax lenses can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism just like regular contacts:

  • Nearsightedness: Low to moderate myopia up to -6.00D
  • Farsightedness: Low to moderate hyperopia up to +4.00D
  • Astigmatism: Toric lens designs available for corneal cylinder correction

ColorMax lenses use precision lathe-cut manufacturing techniques to incorporate the wearer’s prescription into the design. This provides sharp, comfortable vision correction in addition to the cosmetic color enhancement.

What Do Customers Say?

According to ColorMax reviews, customers generally report good performance for changing light eye colors dramatically, especially to bold shades like Violet and Royal Blue. The lenses make brown eyes appear slightly enhanced with a color tint but some natural melanin shows through in most cases.

The majority of wearers are satisfied with the visual acuity and comfortable lens feel. A few complain that the color effects fade too quickly. Overall, many reviewers say ColorMax lenses work well if you have the right expectations about the level of enhancement based on your particular eye color.

Pros & Cons of ColorMax Contacts

Here’s a quick rundown of the key pros and cons of ColorMax color contact lenses according to customer reviews and product performance:

Pros Cons
– Vibrant color options like Violet and Royal Blue – Subtle color change on dark brown eyes
– Allows natural iris to show through – enhancement effects fade over time
– Prescription powers available – Higher price than regular contacts
– Comfortable breathable lenses – Need good contact lens hygiene


Overall, ColorMax can provide a dramatic enhancement for light-colored eyes but more subtle results on dark brown irises. The lenses effectively change eye appearance, especially under artificial lighting conditions. But some natural pigment shows through on darker eyes. For the best color transformation, lighter shades like Ice Blue tend to work better than dark colors like Green.

The lenses are comfortable to wear with both enhancing colors and visual acuity correction powers. But they do require diligent cleaning and replacement to maintain eye health and keep the colors looking vibrant. Proper fit is also key to allow oxygen to pass through and avoid irritation.

For those with light-colored eyes who want a temporary, cosmetic color change, ColorMax can generate an intense effect. Just have realistic expectations about the level of enhancement based on your particular eye shade. And take steps to keep the lenses clean and replace them regularly so you can enjoy the eye-catching color results safely.