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Do color codes work in discord?

Discord has become one of the most popular communication platforms, especially among gamers and online communities. With its robust features for text and voice chat, Discord allows users to connect in a variety of ways. One of Discord’s customizable features is the ability to use color coding in your text.

What are color codes?

Color codes in Discord allow you to change the color of your text by using hexadecimal color values. To use a color code, you put the hex code in brackets before your text. For example:

[#0000FF]This text will be blue

The hex code #0000FF corresponds to the color blue. When you send that message, the text “This text will be blue” will appear in blue instead of the default black text color. This can help your text stand out in a chat or highlight important information.

How to use color codes in Discord

Using color codes in Discord is straightforward:

  1. Look up the 6-digit hexadecimal code for the color you want. There are many color code resources online.
  2. Put the hex code in brackets before your text: [#XXXXXX]text here
  3. Send your message and the text will appear in that color!

A few tips for using Discord color codes:

  • Make sure the hex code has 6 digits, like #FF0000 for red.
  • The number sign # before the hex code is required.
  • You can use lowercase letters in the hex code.
  • Opening and closing brackets are both needed [ ]

With those basics, you can start jazzing up your Discord messages with splash of color!

Do color codes work on mobile?

The short answer is yes – color codes work both on the desktop Discord client and in the mobile apps for iOS and Android. The process is the same:

  1. Get the hex color code
  2. Put it in brackets before your text
  3. Send your message

The styled color text will display properly on mobile. This consistency across platforms is handy, as many Discord users access channels from both desktop and mobile devices.

Can you use color codes on all text?

Color codes can be applied to most text you send in Discord messages. However, there are a few exceptions:

  • Your username: You can’t change the color of your username globally. Only Discord staff accounts can do this.
  • Channel names: Color codes don’t change the actual channel name text.
  • Embed text: Text inside embedded content from other sites or links can’t be changed.
  • Emojis: Color codes don’t apply to custom emoji icons or emotes from emoji packs.

But most normal message text will be styled with the color you specify. You can get creative with color coded italics, bold text, highlights and more.

Do color codes work on code blocks?

In short, no – color codes don’t work within Markdown code blocks in Discord. Code blocks are formatted text indicating programming code or console output. They are created by enclosing text in triple backticks ``` like this:

function hello() {
  console.log("Hello World!");

If you try to use a color code inside code block text, it will not render. The text remains the default formatting. This prevents confusion with actual code that may have hex values.

However, you can use color codes in the description text outside a code block. For example:

[#FF0000]Here is some JavaScript code:

function hello() {
  console.log("Hello World!"); 

So the description “Here is some JavaScript code:” would appear red, while the code inside the blocks remains unchanged.

Can you color code an entire message?

Unfortunately there is no way to color code an entire Discord message, including the username and profile picture. The color codes only apply to the text content of your message.

There are a couple workarounds if you want your whole message the same color:

  • Add the color code at the start of each line of text in your message.
  • Upload an image of your text in the desired color and send that instead of plain text.

But there’s no simple option to style the entire message contents all at once. The color codes are designed for use on partial text.

Can bots use color coding?

Yes, Discord bots created with the Bot API have access to the same color code formatting for their messages. By using a hex code, developers can make a bot’s messages appear in specific colors.

For example, a bot giving status updates could send critical errors in red, warnings in yellow, and success messages in green. Or a music bot could list song titles in a contrasting color.

Adding color coding takes only a small tweak to how the bot generates its text messages. This can greatly improve bots’ visibility and readability in busy servers.

Does Discord support RGB color codes?

Discord only supports hex color codes for text formatting. You may come across RGB color codes using the format rgb(R, G, B) with 0-255 integer values for red, green and blue.

These RGB codes will not work directly in Discord. However, you can easily convert RGB to hex using online tools. Then take that 6-character hex code and format your text color with it instead.

Here’s an example RGB to hex conversion:

  • RGB code: rgb(0, 128, 255)
  • Hex equivalent: #0080FF

So in Discord, you would use the hex code [#0080FF]Your text here to get that same blue color.

Can you use custom color names?

Discord only allows specifying colors using valid hexadecimal codes. You cannot use color names like “red” or “blue” to change text colors.

The hex code acts as an exact definition of the color, while names are more ambiguous. Using precise hex codes avoids confusion and ensures your color renders properly on all devices and displays.

If you have a common color name you want to use, look up its equivalent 6-character hex code to input in Discord. There are many color code charts online that translate colors to their hex values.

Do color codes work in embeds?

Discord’s embed feature for structured messages supports using color codes within the embed content. For example, you can color code the text in the embed title, description, field names, etc.

To set a default color for the entire embed background, you use a color code with the color property when constructing the embed. For example:

  "color": "#0099FF",
  "title": "[#FFFFFF]Embed title text",
  "description": "[#000000]Embed description text" 

This will create an embed with a blue #0099FF background, white title text, and black description text.

The embed color and text colors are styled independently. You can combine them to achieve clean, readable embeds to enhance your Discord messages.

Are there limitations on using color codes?

Discord doesn’t impose any specific limits on using colored text in your server. However, here are some guidelines to make sure your color codes are used appropriately:

  • Don’t overuse colors just for decoration – use them intentionally to enhance readability.
  • Don’t make text too bright or neon, which strains readability.
  • Use roles and muted channels if members are abusing color formatting.
  • Large blocks of colorful text can disrupt conversations – use colors in shorter highlights.
  • Avoid colored text in announcements/rules channels where plain text is preferable.

Like any feature, color codes can become disruptive if used excessively or inappropriately. Apply them judiciously to selectively highlight key information for members.


Discord’s color coding for text enables endless possibilities to make your messages stand out. With the ability to customize text colors using hex codes, you can liven up conversations, highlight key points, coordinate themes, and improve readability.

Understanding the nuances of how color codes work in Discord unlocks their full potential. Use them strategically in your server text channels, private chats, profile, embeds, bot messages, and more. Just be sure to follow best practices so color is applied effectively, not disruptively. With the right approach, color coding can take your Discord experience to the next level.