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Do black and purple clothes go together?

Do black and purple clothes go together?

The combination of black and purple clothing is a popular one that has stood the test of time. Black is a versatile neutral that can be paired with almost any color. Purple is a rich, deep, regal hue that adds a sense of luxury and drama. When combined, these two shades complement each other beautifully. But do black and purple clothes actually go together? Let’s take a closer look at how these dark tones work in harmony.

The Color Theory Behind Black and Purple

According to color theory, black and purple go quite well together due to their shared cool undertones. On the color wheel, black and purple sit opposite one another, making them complementary colors. This contrast creates a vibrant aesthetic when paired.

Black is a neutral shade that goes with everything. It has a grounding effect and brings out the vibrancy of accompanying colors. Purple is a secondary color made by mixing red and blue. It has a mystical, regal quality with depth and intrigue. The combination of black’s neutrality and purple’s richness creates a bold, sophisticated look.

Outfit Ideas Combining Black and Purple

There are many stylish ways to incorporate black and purple clothing into an outfit. Here are some of the top looks:

All Black with Purple Accessories

An easy way to mix these hues is by wearing an all-black outfit and accessorizing with purple. Black clothing serves as a blank canvas while pops of purple add visual interest. Purple jewelry, bags, shoes or other accents make the black stand out.

Black Top and Bottom with Purple Layer

Try pairing black pants or a skirt with a black top, then add a purple layer on top, like a blazer, cardigan or jacket. This creates dimension while allowing both colors to shine. The purple layer pops against the black backdrop.

Black Dress with Purple Tights or Shoes

For an edgy vibe, wear a black dress or skirt with purple tights or heels. This elongated look flatters the legs while mixing colors in a subtle way. The purple tights or shoes serve as an unexpected accent.

Mixed Black and Purple Pieces

Don’t be afraid to mix individual black and purple garments, like a purple blouse with black trousers. Combining separates allows you to gauge proportions. Make sure to balance the shades evenly so one doesn’t overpower the other.

Tips for Wearing Black and Purple Together

Here are some top tips for stylishly combining these dark, moody tones:

– Stick to solids or simple patterns. Black and purple work best in solid hues or subtle prints like polka dots, stripes or plaid. Stay away from loud neons or embellishments.

– Mind the proportions. Balance black and purple evenly so one color doesn’t dominate. If pairing a purple top and black bottom, choose fitted black pants to match a loose purple blouse.

– Add metallics. Silver and gold jewelry and accessories offset the deep hues nicely. Metallic shoes or bags also make the colors pop.

– Incorporate neutrals. Cream, gray and brown act as neutral buffers between the shades. They ensure the purple doesn’t clash with the black.

– Consider lighter purple shades. Soft lilacs, mauves and lavenders complement black without being overpowering.

– Use accents sparingly. A little purple goes a long way against black. Use accent pieces like scarves or jewelry.

Occasions to Wear Black and Purple

Here are some of the top occasions perfect for pairing these regal, moody hues:

Occasion Outfit Suggestion
Cocktail party Black sheath dress with purple heels
Dinner date Black trousers with purple blouse
Concert Black t-shirt and jeans with purple jacket
Clubbing Bandage mini skirt with purple crop top
Work event Black suit with purple dress shirt

As shown, the color pairing works for both formal and casual events. The versatility allows you to rock black and purple confidently year-round.

Complete Outfit Examples

Here are two complete head-to-toe outfits mixing black and purple for style inspiration:

Casual Daytime Look

Item Color
Top Long sleeve purple blouse
Bottom Black skinny jeans
Shoes Black ankle boots
Bag Black leather tote
Accessories Small purple earrings

Formal Evening Look

Item Color
Dress Off the shoulder black mini dress
Tights Purple fishnet tights
Shoes Black stilettos
Clutch Purple rhinestone clutch
Accessories Black choker with purple gemstone

As demonstrated, the color pairing works for casual daytime errands or nighttime cocktail parties. Have fun mixing shades with confidence.

Finding Black and Purple Clothing Pieces

Black and purple clothing, shoes and accessories can be found at many standard retailers. Here are some places to check out the latest styles:

  • Department stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc.
  • Fast fashion retailers like Zara, H&M, Forever 21
  • Specialty brands like Anthropologie, Free People, ASOS
  • Online retailers like Amazon, eBay, Etsy
  • Consignment shops and vintage boutiques

When shopping, look for pieces in solids or subtle prints to mix and match. Search for purple accents like jewelry, shoes, purses and other statement accessories against classic black wardrobe basics.


Black and purple make an undeniably chic color combination. Grounding black allows vibrant purple to pop. The contrast creates a stylish, elegant aesthetic perfect for day or night. Follow the color theory and style tips outlined to begin incorporating this classic pairing into your own outfits. With the right proportions and accents, you’ll be looking fashionably regal in no time. So go ahead and confidently wear black and purple together for a look that’s bold, modern and totally on-trend.