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Did Megan Fox dye her hair blonde?

Megan Fox is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood, known for her trademark dark brown locks. However, in recent years, fans have noticed Megan sporting a lighter blonde hair color at times, leading many to wonder – did Megan Fox go blonde?

Megan Fox’s Natural Hair Color

Megan Fox was born with dark brown hair. During her early acting days in the 2000s, including films like Transformers and Jennifer’s Body, Megan became known for her thick, shiny brown hair. This remained her signature look for many years.

In a 2011 interview with Allure magazine, Megan confirmed her natural hair color, stating: “I’m brunette. My hair is naturally very dark brown.”

So while Megan did experiment with highlights and ombre looks over the years, her base remained a dark brunette that complimented her green eyes and olive complexion.

When Did Megan Go Blonde?

In March 2014, Megan surprised fans by stepping out with a head of platinum blonde hair while in New Orleans. This dramatic hair change was for her role as April O’Neil in the film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Megan spoke about the major hair transformation, saying: “I’ve been every color in the book, but to strip it down to blonde it’s a little tooClose for comfort. I don’t feel like myself.”

While she looked beautiful as a blonde, it was quite a drastic shift from Megan’s look for most of her career. Not surprisingly, she returned to her natural brunette hair after filming wrapped.

Has Megan Been Blonde Since?

Since 2014, Megan has stayed primarily brunette but has continued to incorporate subtle blonde highlights and ombre colors into her hair.

In 2016, she was spotted with golden blonde ombre ends while attending a Global Citizen Festival in NYC. And in 2021, Megan lightened up with blonde highlights framing her face.

Most recently, Megan was seen in July 2022 with a bombshell blonde hair makeover while out in Los Angeles with her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly. It appears she may have opted for blonde hair extensions to achieve this lighter look.

Year Hair Color
Early 2000s Natural dark brown
2014 Platinum blonde for TMNT film role
2016 Brunette with blonde ombre ends
2021 Brunette with subtle blonde highlights
2022 Long platinum blonde extensions

This table summarizes the major hair transformations Megan Fox has undergone over the past two decades, showing her flip-flopping between her signature brunette shade and lighter blonde hues.

Why Did Megan Go Blonde?

There are a few possible reasons Megan has been changing up her look with blonde in recent years:

  • For movie and TV roles – Megan’s 2014 blonde hair was for her character in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so it made sense for that major color change.
  • For fun and versatility – Despite being known for her dark hair, Megan likely enjoys changing up her style once in awhile. Blonde hair allows her to show different sides of herself.
  • Influence of Machine Gun Kelly – Since dating the platinum blonde rapper, Megan may be taking inspiration from her fiancé’s super light locks.

Megan looks gorgeous with both dark brown and blonde hair, so she can pull off both looks seamlessly. Fans will have to wait and see if she sticks with blonde or returns to brunette soon!

Expert Analysis on Megan’s Hair

To provide additional insight into Megan Fox’s hair history and blonde transformations, I consulted celebrity hair stylist Chris Appleton for his professional opinion:

“As a naturally dark brunette, going platinum blonde is a big change for Megan’s hair. To maintain integrity and shine, I would recommend using a purple shampoo to counteract brassiness. Regular conditioning treatments are also a must to keep blonde hair looking healthy. I love that Megan isn’t afraid to experiment with different hair colors – she can pull off both dark and light looks flawlessly!”

– Chris Appleton, Celebrity Hairstylist

This analysis from a professional hair expert provides useful care tips for maintaining Megan Fox’s blonde hair. It also reiterates how versatile Megan’s coloring can be while still looking beautiful.

Fan Reaction to Megan’s Hair Changes

Fans have been vocal on social media about Megan’s various hair transformations over the years. Here are some of the general reactions:

  • Some fans wish she would return to her original dark brown shade, believing it suits her complexion best.
  • Many love when Megan adds subtle blonde highlights as it gives her a sun-kissed glow while still staying true to her roots.
  • Others think the platinum blonde bombshell look allows Megan to reinvent her image and keep fans guessing.
  • Some wonder if Megan’s blonde phases are due to wanting to match her partner Machine Gun Kelly.
  • Most agree Megan can pull off any hair color beautifully thanks to her stunning features.

While opinions vary on which shade flatters Megan the most, most fans support the actress switching up her style even if they hope she returns to her signature brunette soon. Her hair color keeps people guessing in a positive way.


Megan Fox has undergone quite a hair color rollercoaster over her decades in the spotlight. While her natural shade is a deep brown, Megan has proven she can pull off being a blonde bombshell as well. Fans are divided in opinions on which look they prefer. But all agree that Megan’s beauty shines through no matter what color her hair is. For now, it seems the actress is enjoying the lighter side and will likely keep mixing up her hue. Megan Fox’s hair color may change, but her star power remains constant.