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Did Black Widow dye her hair?

Black Widow, also known as Natasha Romanoff, is one of the most prominent female superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Played by Scarlett Johansson, she first appeared in Iron Man 2 with fiery red hair that became an iconic part of her look. However, in subsequent films, her hair color seemed to change, leading many fans to wonder – did Black Widow actually dye her hair?

Black Widow’s Origins

In the comics, Black Widow was introduced with black hair. When she debuted in the MCU in 2010’s Iron Man 2, her hair was a bold red color. This change from her comic book origins seemed to be an attempt to give the character a more distinctive and memorable look on film. The bright red locks made Black Widow stand out amongst other blonde superheroes like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts. Her hair immediately became closely associated with Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal of the character.

Changing Hair in The Avengers

In 2012’s The Avengers, Black Widow’s hair was more of a strawberry blonde than a true red. It still had a reddish tint but appeared lighter and more natural. Some viewers speculated that this change was due to Johansson wanting to wear a more understated color. However, others theorized it was an attempt to make Black Widow look more innocuous as an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Her flashy red hair from Iron Man 2 would certainly have blown her cover!

Going Blonde in Infinity War

Black Widow’s most dramatic hair change occurred in 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War. When she was on the run with other Avengers like Steve Rogers, she sported long, straight, blonde locks. This new blonde color lent itself to a more low-profile, discreet image as she hid from government forces. Some fans immediately began questioning whether Scarlett Johansson was wearing a wig or had actually dyed her hair for the film. The apparent root regrowth visible in some shots indicates it was likely Johansson’s real hair colored blonde.

Back to Red in Endgame

In 2019’s Avengers: Endgame, Black Widow’s red hair made a return. Set after Infinity War, Endgame featured Black Widow with her iconic red color, suggesting she had dyed it back after the events of the previous film. The fiery red suited her warrior persona more than the blonde disguise she adopted in Infinity War. This return to red also served as a reminder of Black Widow’s origins when audiences first fell in love with the character in 2010’s Iron Man 2.

Theories on the Changes

So did Black Widow actually dye her hair all these colors over the years? The apparent root growth visible in some shots leaves little doubt that yes, Johansson did color her real hair to match Black Widow’s changing locks. Why the many shifts from red to blonde to red again? Here are some popular fan theories:

  • Disguises – The different shades helped her go undercover and maintain a low profile when needed.
  • Reflecting changing story arcs – Darker colors like brown/blonde mirrored more somber events for the character.
  • Johansson’s personal preference – The actress simply enjoyed changing up her look across films.

The Symbolism of Black Widow’s Hair

Black Widow’s shifting hair colors provided more than just a cosmetic change – her hair held symbolic meaning reflective of the character herself. Here is some analysis of what her hair color conveyed in each film:

Movie Hair Color Symbolism
Iron Man 2 Red Fiery spirit, intensity, aggression
The Avengers Strawberry blonde More understated, secretive
Infinity War Blonde Disguised, in hiding
Endgame Red Back to her true self

As this symbolism demonstrates, Black Widow’s hair evolution directly paralleled her character arc across the films.


So did Black Widow dyed her hair? Based on the evidence, the answer seems to conclusively be yes. Johansson clearly colored her hair different shades to match Black Widow’s changing style in the films. Rather than just a cosmetic change, the evolving hair colors held deeper meaning. Blonde conveyed a sense of disguise and concealment, while red represented Black Widow’s bold, authentic self. This subtle symbolism provided insight into the character through a simple shift of hair dye. After years of disguises and secrecy, Black Widow ultimately returned to her true red-headed self in Avengers: Endgame.