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15 Spiritual Meanings of the Color Red

15 Spiritual Meanings of the Color Red

Of all the colors, red is among the strongest and most potent, and it is a color that just can’t be ignored.

It makes its presence felt immediately, waking us up and making us notice it, and it’s no wonder that it’s a color that has been chosen to represent many sports teams, organizations and even countries.

It should also come as no surprise that this is a color with profound spiritual significance, so to explore some of the things this color represents, in this post, we discuss the spiritual meaning of the color red.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Color Red

1. Passion

Red is the color of passion in all its many forms, but above all, it is the color of romantic passion that burns hot and cannot be assuaged.

It is the color of passions and desires that burn deep within our souls that we can’t control or overcome.

The kind of emotions and passions that are symbolized by red might not last for long, but they burn fiercely and can be among the most intense and powerful feelings we can experience, driving us to do courageous or reckless things.

2. Love

Love is represented by the color red, and this is why we see so much red when Valentine’s Day comes around. Everyone is familiar with red hearts on cards, and it’s also traditional to give red roses to your loved one.

Some might see this as a modern, commercialized expression of love, but red also represents the kind of fiery love that can be all-consuming and even destructive – since when we are in its thrall, we are often no longer in control of our actions.

3. Lust

Red is the symbol of love, but it is also the symbol of lust and carnal desire.

It is no accident that areas of cities given over to the selling of physical love are referred to as “red light districts”, and red also symbolizes this more sordid side of sexual attraction.

It can be a lecherous, leery color that symbolizes excessive physical desires, and it can also be a symbol of giving in to these desires and seeking a kind of animal satisfaction in the arms of another.

Red is also commonly used in lipstick and nail varnish, and the brighter and more garish the tone of red, the more overtly it is connected to sex, lust and desire.

4. Uncontrollable emotions

When we lose control of our emotions or actions, it can be described as seeing red – and sometimes in the same situation, we talk about the “red mist” descending.

In this kind of state, we can easily do things we regret, and red is the opposite of more thoughtful, peaceful colors like yellow and green that represent taking a more thoughtful and measured approach.

5. Spontaneity and rash decisions

Similarly, red is related to being spontaneous and taking quick, sometimes rash decisions.

Often, it can be wiser to take our time and think things through before acting, but not everybody can behave like this all the time.

Instead, people can be hot-headed and impulsive, which sometimes leads us to do things we later regret.

Again, colors like green and yellow are the opposite of this, reminding us to act in a more considered manner.

6. Anger and rage

Red is the color of anger and rage, and when these emotions are aroused, it can lead us to violence.

Anger is an emotion that is hard to control, and when people wrong us, anger can cause us to lash out without thinking.

This is also an emotion that can burn and fester, and when we become enraged, it can cause us to seek revenge, even over a period of many years.

For these reasons, red can have negative connotations because of the anger and rage it can represent.

7. War

Just as red is the color of anger, it is also the color of war. Mars is known as the Red Planet, and Mars to Romans or Aries to the Greeks was the god of war.

It is also a masculine color and represents the male propensity to seek conflict and resolve problems through fighting rather than the more feminine way of seeking compromise and resolving confrontations through dialog.

8. Destruction

Many of the things represented by red are destructive, and red can be symbolic of destruction itself.

Love and anger are two of the most destructive emotions we can experience, and likewise, war destroys everything that comes before it, including cities and the lives of so many who become embroiled in it.

Fire is also red, and when out of control, just like war, it destroys and consumes everything that it touches.

For these reasons, red can be a terrible color of destruction, and if you begin to see red more frequently in your life, or if you dream of red, it should give you pause for thought.

It could be a message telling you that a course of action you have chosen will lead to a destructive outcome and that you should change your direction or approach.

9. Blood

Red appears in nature in roses, tomatoes and chilis among other things, but it is most frequently encountered when we see blood – and when blood is spilled, it is not usually a positive sign.

Blood can be related to accidents or to suffering – or sometimes to war – and it is because of the color of blood and the associations we have with blood that red can be seen as a color of suffering, fear and pain.

10. Evil, the Devil and Hell

When we picture the Devil and Hell, we usually imagine a red being in a burning red underworld, and because of this, red is often associated with evil.

This can be contrasted with the colors more commonly associated with goodness such as yellow or white, which are often used to depict the halos of the angels, or green, which commonly appears in depictions of paradise according to many different religious beliefs.

11. Fire

Although fire can be terrifying and destructive when it is out of control, it has also represented warmth and safety since the time of our earliest ancestors, and warm reds can symbolize this.

In the distant past, our forebears would have huddled around the fire as it provided them with warmth as well as safety from wild beasts, and even now when we sit around a campfire, we feel a sense of safety and togetherness, things that can also be represented by red and orange.

12. The material world

Red is the color of the root chakra, which is connected to the material world. This means red is also the color of material possessions and a desire for material wealth.

This is related to the symbolism red has that’s related to love and lust since it is used to represent carnal desire and the pleasures of the body rather than the fulfilment that is gained through spiritual development and enlightenment.

13. Power

Red is a powerful color, and it is found in many symbols of power and authority.

Many rich and powerful men choose to express their status by driving powerful red sports cars. This is a typically masculine expression of status since as we have seen, red is a color that is most closely related to our masculine sides.

Red is also a color that has been used by politicians and royalty to symbolize their power and authority, and when we see a king or queen in full ceremonial dress, whichever country they are from, red is usually a dominant color in their robes.

14. Danger

When we see red, it puts us on alert for danger, and this is something that is universally recognized.

We use red in traffic lights to tell drivers to stop, and red is also used in road signs to alert drivers of a dangerous situation on the road ahead. Red is also the color we have chosen to use for brake lights in cars, and again, this is no coincidence.

This may be connected to the color of blood since when we see blood, it tells us that we may be in a dangerous situation, and when we see red in our lives or in our dreams, it is always a sign that we should proceed with caution.

15. Stimulation and activity

When we are stimulated and fully motivated to do something, we say we are fired up, and in this sense, red can be a positive color of motivation and enthusiasm.

It is an energetic color of action that compels us to do something rather than just sit back passively.

When we experience such stimulation, we can even blush and turn red, showing that we are engaged and emotional rather than stoic and unmoved by what is happening around us.

An unequivocal color that you should take notice of

As we’ve seen, red is a color that has deep spiritual significance, and it is a color that has many positive as well as negative meanings that range from love and activity to destruction and evil.

This means if red begins to appear to you, either in your daily life or in your dreams, you should spend time in deep thought, meditation and introspection to try to find what important message the color is trying to convey.