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Can you wear red and light blue together?

Can you wear red and light blue together?

Red and blue are classic color combinations that can look striking when done right. But light blue and red in particular can be tricky to pair. So can you wear light blue and red together successfully? Let’s take a closer look.

The Color Theory Behind Red and Light Blue

In color theory, red and light blue sit opposite each other on the color wheel. This makes them complementary colors. Complementary colors create strong contrast when placed side-by-side. This contrast can be eye-catching but also jarring if not balanced properly.

When pairing complementary colors like red and light blue, it’s important to use one color as the dominant shade and the other as an accent. For example, wearing a red top with light blue jeans brings out the best in both colors. The red stands out while the light blue acts as a subtler complement.

Trying to wear red and light blue in equal proportions often looks mismatched and overwhelming to the eye. The high contrast competes for attention rather than highlights each shade.

Tips for Wearing Red and Light Blue Together

Here are some top tips for wearing red and light blue together successfully:

  • Make one color dominant. Use red or light blue as the main color for your top or bottom. Use the other shade as a smaller accent or accessory.
  • Watch proportions. If pairing a red top and light blue jeans, balance the amount of each color that shows. For example, a fitted red sweater with loose light blue jeans.
  • Add neutrals. Layer on neutrals like white, black, gray, or tan to tone down the contrast between the red and light blue.
  • Mind the shades. A bright cherry red and pale powder blue will clash. Opt for muted shades like oxblood red and sky blue instead.
  • Separate with patterns. Break up large blocks of red and light blue by layering on a patterned item like stripes, dots, or florals.
  • Highlight with accessories. Weave in a light blue scarf with a red dress or red earrings with a light blue top.

When Does Red and Light Blue Work Best?

Certain color combinations and placements make red and light blue work more seamlessly together. Here are some of the most universally flattering ways to pair these two colors:

Red Top, Light Blue Bottom

Wearing a red top with light blue jeans or trousers is an easy go-to look. It keeps the colors nicely separated into color blocks. The light blue bottoms also balance out the boldness of the red top half.

For women, a fitted red sweater or blouse looks elegant with straight leg light blue jeans. For men, a red button-down or polo pops against light blue chinos.

Light Blue Top, Red Bottom

Flipping the color placement also works well. A light blue button-down shirt or blouse paired with red pants makes a vibrant statement. Men can opt for a light blue Oxford shirt with red chinos.

Just keep the light blue top more tailored and muted to prevent clashing with the bold red bottoms. A pale blue pastel top with cherry red pants would be too much contrast.

Mostly Neutrals with Red and Light Blue Accents

For the most foolproof way to wear red and blue, stick to mostly neutral items like white, black, gray, or tan. Then weave in small pops of red and light blue through accessories only.

For example, a tan dress with a red belt and light blue earrings and shoes. Or a white button-down with a red and light blue striped tie. This creates a pulled-together look where the colors enhance rather than compete with each other.

Outfit Ideas with Red and Light Blue

Here are some chic outfit ideas for wearing red and light blue together for different occasions:

Casual Daytime

  • White t-shirt + light blue jeans + red sneakers
  • Gray hoodie + red skirt + light blue sandals
  • Black shorts + red and light blue striped tank


  • Navy dress + red blazer + light blue heels
  • Charcoal pants + light blue dress shirt + red tie
  • Black trousers + white blouse + red and light blue beaded necklace

Night Out

  • Little black dress + light blue clutch + red strappy heels
  • White button-down + black jeans + red and light blue floral bowtie
  • Red skirt + black top + light blue jacket + black heels

Special Occasion

  • Strapless red gown + light blue shawl
  • Tan suit + light blue shirt + red floral pocket square
  • Light blue dress + red belt + diamond earrings

How to Mix and Match Individual Red and Light Blue Pieces

You can also build a red and light blue outfit by mixing and matching individual garments and accessories in these colors. Here are some pieces that pair well together:

Red Pieces Light Blue Pieces
Button-down shirt Denim jeans
A-line skirt Bomber jacket
Little red dress Pointed flats
Blazer Oxford shirt
Handbag Scarf
Heels Ballet flats

Some additional winning combinations include:

  • Red sweater + light blue jeans
  • Light blue sundress + red wedges
  • Red skirt + light blue blouse
  • Red suit jacket + light blue trousers
  • Light blue button-down + red chinos

Clothing Colors that Go with Red and Light Blue

Certain clothing colors act as perfect neutral buffers when pairing red and light blue. They tone down the contrast while still allowing the red and light blue to stand out.

Here are some of the best clothing colors to wear with red and light blue:

  • White: Crisp white acts as an airy neutral that doesn’t compete with the red and light blue. It’s easy to incorporate through tees, button-downs, sundresses, jeans, etc.
  • Black: Chic black clothing helps ground red and light blue without being too harsh. Little black dresses, trousers, turtlenecks all work beautifully.
  • Navy: Rich navy blue is darker than light blue so it complements without matching. Use it in dresses, blazers, pants, and accessories.
  • Gray: Light, medium, and charcoal grays effortlessly blend with red and light blue as the perfect neutral base.
  • Camel: Warm camel or tan clothing adds a sophisticated touch to red and light blue pairings.
  • Pastels: Soft pastel pinks, yellows, lavenders, and mints work as subtle counterparts to red and light blue.

Khaki, olive, bronze, and brown clothing are other great options for mixing and matching with red and light blue pieces.


Red and light blue can be a stunning color pairing with the right balance. Keep one color dominant and the other as an accent. Aim for muted rather than super-bright shades. Add in plenty of neutrals to prevent clashing. With these tips in mind, you can confidently wear red and light blue together for bold, sophisticated looks.