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Can you wear purple with blue pants?

Can you wear purple with blue pants?

As a fashion stylist assistant, I’m often asked if certain color combinations work well together. One common question is whether purple and blue go together when worn as pants and a top. The short answer is yes, you can definitely wear purple with blue pants! However, there are a few tips to follow to make sure the outfit looks cohesive and stylish.

Why Purple and Blue Work Well Together

In color theory, purple and blue are considered analogous colors, meaning they sit next to each other on the color wheel. Analogous colors naturally look pleasing together since they share undertones. Purple contains hints of blue and blue has hints of purple. This makes the two colors blend seamlessly.

Both purple and blue are cool, muted tones. Matching different shades of cool colors avoids clashing. Combining a warm color like orange with a cool color like blue can look mismatched. But keeping within the cool color scheme creates a harmonious look.

Purple and blue are classic, versatile colors that suit many skin tones. Blues flatter olive and darker skin tones, while purples complement fair and rosy complexions. Since these colors are so inclusive, they work for a wide range of people.

Tips for Wearing Purple with Blue Pants

Here are some tips to follow when styling purple tops with blue bottoms:

  • Choose complementary shades like lilac purple with navy or royal blue pants.
  • Add neutral pieces like white, tan, gray, or black on top, shoes, or accessories to balance the colors.
  • Try a patterned purple top with solid blue pants or vice versa.
  • Make sure the purple doesn’t clash with undertones of blue by selecting purples with blue/cool undertones.
  • Add metallic accessories like gold or silver jewelry to make the colors pop.

What Colors Go with Purple and Blue

Certain colors naturally complement a purple and blue color scheme. Here are colors that work well paired together:

Color 1 Color 2 Color 3
Lilac purple Navy blue Cream
Royal purple Baby blue White
Light purple Denim blue Gray
Dark purple Light blue Black
Lavender purple Royal blue Silver

Neutrals like white, cream, gray, tan, and black help ground the purples and blues. Metallic shades like silver, gold, or rose gold also complement the color scheme nicely. Just avoid warm tones like yellow, orange, red, or brown, which can clash.

10 Examples of Purple Tops with Blue Pants

Here are 10 examples of stylish ways to wear different purple tops with blue pants:

  1. A lilac purple sweater with dark wash jeans and white sneakers
  2. A royal purple blouse with navy trousers and black heels
  3. A light purple button-down shirt with light wash denim jeans and tan booties
  4. A striped lavender t-shirt with blue chino shorts and sandals
  5. A patterned purple dress with dark blue skinny jeans and ankle boots
  6. A solid dark purple top with light blue jeans and metallic jewelry
  7. A purple graphic tee with cuffed blue jeans and white leather sneakers
  8. A purple blazer with navy dress pants and nude heels
  9. A lightweight purple cardigan with blue capri leggings and ballet flats
  10. A flowy purple peasant top with relaxed blue boyfriend jeans and sandals

As you can see, there are endless possibilities for pairing purple and blue! From casual weekend outfits to dressy work looks, combining purple tops with blue bottoms works for many styles.


Purple and blue are a classic color combination that complements each other beautifully. With the right shades and styling, you can easily wear purple with blue pants or jeans. Choose cool-toned shades that share undertones and balance with neutrals. Avoid warm tones that may clash. With so many different purple and blue hues to mix and match, it’s a great go-to color scheme to always have in your wardrobe rotation.