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Can you wear purple with army green?

Can you wear purple with army green?

Wearing purple and army green together can seem like an unexpected color combination at first glance. However, with the right shades and styling, these two colors can actually pair quite well for a stylish and eye-catching outfit. Understanding the color theory behind mixing purple and green and following some simple guidelines can help you successfully rock this bold color combo.

Complementary Colors

In color theory, purple and green are considered complementary colors. This means they are opposite each other on the color wheel. When placed side-by-side, they create a striking visual contrast that makes both colors “pop.”

Complementary color combinations like purple and green create a vibrant look that is energetic and stimulating to the eye. The high contrast of the colors mutually intensifies them, making for an exciting color palette.

Choosing the Right Shades

While purple and green always complement each other, some shade combinations work better than others.

For purple, medium to lighter shades like lilac, lavender, plum, and orchid tend to pair best with army and olive greens. These softer purples provide enough contrast against the deeper green tones without being overpowering.

Darker eggplant and wine purples can sometimes overwhelm lighter shades of green. But they can work well with deeper hunter greens.

On the green side, olive, sage, and mossy greens tend to be the most versatile for pairing with different purple tones. Army and forest greens also complement most shades of purple nicely.

Stay away from pairing bright purple with neon or lime greens as this creates too harsh of a contrast. Muted jewel tones and earth tones are the way to go.

Outfit Ideas

Here are some chic ways to wear purple with army green in your wardrobe:

Purple top with army green bottoms

Pair an orchid purple blouse with olive green trousers or an army green pencil skirt. Add complementary accents like purple heels or a green clutch.

Army green dress with purple jacket

Layer a plum blazer or cardigan over an olive green fit and flare dress. Finish with purple heels and accessories.

Purple sweater with army green coat

Give a mossy green trench coat or anorak a pop of color by layering it over a lavender sweater and faded purple jeans.

Army green jumpsuit with purple shoes

Ground an army green utility jumpsuit with vibrant purple pumps or booties.

Purple skirt with army green top

Create color blocked look with a hunter green top and plum A-line skirt. Add a purple crossbody bag.

Purple Shade Best Pairing Army/Olive Green
Lilac Sage
Lavender Moss
Plum Army
Orchid Olive
Eggplant Hunter
Wine Forest

Styling Tips

To pull off the purple and green look, keep these styling tips in mind:

– Stick to the same color saturation. Pairing a bright purple with a muted green can look off. Go for jewel tones with jewel tones and earth tones with earth tones.

– Use one color as an accent. Having both purple and green in large doses can feel overwhelming. Use one as the main color and the other sparingly as accents.

– Add a neutral third color. Shades like black, white, gray, tan and cream can help bridge the two colors together.

– Repeat colors in accessories. Using purples and greens in your jewelry, bag, shoes and other accents will tie the look together.

– Consider triadic harmonies. Adding a third color equally spaced on the color wheel like orange, yellow or blue creates a dynamic triadic harmony.

– Check patterns. Stripes, florals and prints with both colors instantly coordinate them. Just make sure the patterns aren’t competing.

Makeup and Hair

Extend your purple and green outfit to your beauty look with coordinating makeup and hair:


– Eyeshadow in harmonizing purples and greens

– Green eyeliner swept under purple shadow

– Plum mascara and lipstick

– Iridescent highlighter for a fun pop of color


– Purple or green hair accessories like ribbons, headbands or clips

– Braids or highlights in one of the accent colors

– Deep plum or army green hair dye


Though not an obvious combination at first, with the right styling, purple and army green can be mixed and matched to create show-stopping looks. Keep hues and saturations consistent, use neutrals to bridge the gap, and extend the color story into your accessories and beauty look. With the perfect complementary palette, you’ll be ready to rock this daring color trend.

So be bold – pair your purples with some army greens for a vibrant style that’s always in fashion!