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Can you wear mint green in the fall?


Mint green is a light and refreshing color that evokes thoughts of spring and summer. As the weather cools down in the fall, many people wonder if they can still wear mint green or if they should switch to warmer, more autumnal colors. The good news is that mint green can definitely still work in your fall wardrobe with the right styling. Here’s a quick overview of how to wear mint green in the fall:

  • Layer mint green sweaters or tops with neutral pants, skirts, or jackets
  • Make mint green accessories like scarves, hats, or shoes a fun pop of color
  • Mint pairs nicely with other fall hues like camel, navy, maroon, or olive
  • Avoid wearing head-to-toe mint green, instead use it as an accent
  • Mint green is great for fall business or business casual looks

Keep reading for more detailed tips and inspiration on rocking mint green this fall!

Why Does Mint Green Work for Fall?

Mint green may have a spring/summer vibe, but it can work in autumn too. Here’s why:

  • It’s a neutral tone that provides versatility in fall wardrobes.
  • Mint is a lighter color, giving it contrast with deeper fall tones.
  • The cool undertones of mint complement fall color palettes.
  • Mint pairs well with popular fall neutrals like navy, gray, olive and brown.
  • It makes a refreshing change from typical heavy fall hues.

While warm earth tones tend to dominate fall fashion, having some lighter and brighter colors mixed in can keep your look from feeling too heavy or drab. Mint green strikes that perfect balance of feeling autumn-appropriate while still being light and cheerful.

How to Style Mint Green for Fall

When building fall outfits with mint green, it helps to keep these styling tips in mind:

Use mint as an accent color: The key for wearing mint in fall is pairing it with neutral colors and using it sparingly in your outfit. Too much mint green can look out of place once the weather cools. Instead, incorporate mint through accessories or layers.

Try mint tops with neutral bottoms: Pair mint green sweaters, blouses or tees with fall-friendly bottoms like jeans, khakis, leggings or olive pants. This creates a nice balance.

Make it work for work: Mint green is a great way to add a subtle pop of color to professional fall work looks. Try a mint button-down shirt with dress pants or a blazer.

Mix in complementary colors: Camel, navy, maroon, gray and olive look beautiful with mint green. These deeper shades help ground mint in an autumn color story.

Add winter layers: Layer up mint green summer pieces for fall by adding a neutral jacket, cardigan or coat in a dark color. This helps the mint transition into chillier weather.

Incorporate through accessories: Scarves, hats, handbags and shoes in mint green work nicely for a fall accent. Jewelry like mint earrings or necklaces can also be worn year-round.

Mint Green Fall Outfit Ideas

Here are some mint green fall outfit examples that look fantastic:

Mint sweater + jeans + ankle booties: A relaxed mint crewneck or turtleneck sweater complements classic blue jeans and neutral booties for an easy daytime fall outfit.

Mint button-down + trousers + loafers: For work, pair a tailored mint shirt with cigarette pants or trousers in navy, black or gray. Finish with sleek loafers.

Mint dress + motorcycle jacket + tights: A short sleeve mint dress takes on fall vibes with an edgy moto jacket and black tights or leggings. Boots or booties complete this look.

Mint coat + black dress + heels: Make mint the star of your outfit by wearing it as a lightweight overcoat with an LBD and heels for a night out.

Mint skirt + turtleneck + knee boots: For a casual day, try a flirty mint skirt over a neutral turtleneck tucked into knee-high slouch boots.

Mint accessories: Add small touches of mint through a scarf tied on your handbag, mint shoes that pop against an all black outfit, a fun mint hat for flair, or stunning mint earrings.

When to Wear Mint Green in Fall

While mint green works for fall, it can look more obviously out of season once winter hits. Here are guidelines on when mint green works best in fall vs. when to shelve it for spring:

Month Works for Mint Green?
September Yes – weather is still warm so mint feels seasonally appropriate
October Yes – mint pairs well with changing leaves and cooler temps
November Yes, especially earlier in the month when it’s still fall. Later in November opt for deeper colors.
December No – winter colors like burgundy, forest green or navy suit December better

The most important factors are weather and seasonal ambiance. Mint green can work through November depending on your climate, but becomes harder to integrate once winter weather hits in full force. Use common sense based on your location.


Mint green may not be the first color that comes to mind for fall, but it can definitely be incorporated for a fresh twist on autumn style. The key is wearing mint thoughtfully by layering it with neutral pieces, using it minimally for pops of color, and pairing it with complementary fall tones. With the right styling, mint green can work for a variety of situations from casual daywear to professional office looks. It offers a lively alternative to darker fall hues. So don’t be afraid to add a little mint green to your fall wardrobe this year!