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Can you wear blue with lavender?

Can you wear blue with lavender?

Whether or not you can pair blue with lavender is a common question many people have when getting dressed or putting together an outfit. The short answer is yes, you most certainly can wear blue with lavender! While the two colors are not exactly the same, blue and lavender complement each other extremely well and can be combined in many stylish ways.

Understanding Blue and Lavender

Before diving into how to wear blue and lavender together, it’s helpful to understand what exactly these colors are. Blue is a primary color and lavender is a light purple shade that contains both blue and red/pink undertones. Here’s a quick rundown of each:

  • Blue – This primary color ranges from light to dark shades like cyan, royal blue, navy, etc. Blue is associated with calmness, stability, intelligence, and confidence.
  • Lavender – Known for its soft, floral, spring-like quality, lavender is a lighter purple with subtle hints of blue and pink/red. It represents femininity, grace, and elegance.

So while blue and lavender are not the same color, they are closely related. Lavender takes blue and adds in hints of purple to create a soft, whimsical effect. The resulting color combination is easy on the eyes.

Complementary Color Scheme

Blue and lavender work well together because they are complementary colors on the color wheel. Complementary colors sit opposite each other and create a strong, high-contrast effect that naturally appeals to the eye. Here are some key complementary characteristics between blue and lavender:

  • Blue is a primary color while lavender is a secondary color derived from purple and blue.
  • Blue is cool in temperature while lavender is slightly warmer due to its pink undertones.
  • Blue has a stabilizing effect while lavender evokes energy.
  • When paired, they create aesthetically pleasing contrast and dimension.

The balance between warm and cool, stabilizing and energizing is what makes blue and lavender ideal complementary pairings. You get vivid contrast while still maintaining harmony.

Tones and Tints

An easy way to match different shades of blue with lavender is by paying attention to tones and tints. Lighter tints of blue tend to look best with lighter shades of lavender. Darker blue tones complement deeper lavender shades nicely. Some examples include:

  • Baby blue and pale lavender
  • Periwinkle blue and lilac lavender
  • Navy blue and amethyst purple
  • Royal blue and wisteria lavender

Matching the depth of shades creates a cohesive, monochromatic effect. Having the same intensity level is key to seamlessly blending the two colors.

Examples of Blue and Lavender Outfits

Now that you understand why blue and lavender work well together, here are some outfit ideas to inspire you:

Casual Lavender Top with Blue Jeans

For a laidback weekend look, pair a lightweight lavender blouse with cuffed blue jeans. Add white sneakers to keep it casual. Finish with simple silver accessories like pendant necklaces, stud earrings, and stacking rings.

Feminine Blue Dress with Lavender Sweater

For brunch or a day date, slip on a flowy chambray blue dress and layer a thin lavender cardigan or sweater over top. Wear your hair down and add a lavender hair clip for a pop of color. Complete the outfit with lace-up lavender flats.

Dressy Navy Suit with Lavender Blouse

For professional settings, wear a navy blue pantsuit with a button-down lavender blouse. Stick to ballet flats or low heels in navy or lavender to keep it office-appropriate. A lavender pashmina scarf would also beautifully complement the outfit.

Vacation Wear – Blue Swimsuit with Lavender Sarong

Pack a cobalt blue bikini and sheer lavender floral sarong for a tropical island getaway. The blue will make the lavender pop against sun-kissed skin. Throw on oversized lavender sunglasses and blue flip flops to complete the vacation vibe.

Formalwear – Royal Blue Suit and Lavender Tie

For black tie events, wear a royal blue fitted suit with a pale lavender necktie and pocket square. The contrast will make you stand out in a unique way. Style your hair neatly and opt for lavender cufflinks to coordinate. Black dress shoes keep the look polished.

Home Decor With Blue and Lavender

Don’t limit blue and lavender to just your outfits! Use this color pairing throughout the home for a soothing blended effect. Here are some blue and lavender home decor ideas:

  • Paint an accent wall blue and hang lavender curtains.
  • Toss lavender and blue throw pillows on neutral furniture.
  • Arrange bunches of lavender flowers in blue vases.
  • Layer blue and lavender towels and rugs in a bathroom.
  • Add blue kitchen appliances and lavender wall art.
  • Decorate a nursery with blue walls and lavender accents.

You can mix and match cool blues with soft lavenders to create a relaxed vibe. Use lighter shades in bedrooms and deeper hues in living spaces for variation.

Makeup Looks with Blue and Lavender

Cosmetics are another fun way to incorporate this color pairing. Try these makeup looks to complement your blue and lavender outfits:

  • Eyeshadow – Dust light lavender shadow across lids and blend royal blue in the crease and outer corners.
  • Eyeliner – Line eyes in dark blue pencil and trace lower lash lines with lavender shadow.
  • Mascara – Use blue mascara on top lashes and lavender mascara on bottom lashes.
  • Lipstick – Swipe on vibrant blue lipstick and dab lavender gloss in the center for an ombre pout.
  • Blush – Sweep cool-toned pinkish purple blush across the apples of cheeks for a flush.

Amp up your lavender and blue outfits by coordinating your makeup too! Play with shades to make your eyes pop and lips the focal point.

Accessory Ideas

No outfit is complete without the perfect accessories! Jewelry, handbags, shoes and other accents take your lavender and blue look to the next level. Consider these accessory ideas:

  • Lavender scarf with blue fringe
  • Blue leather belt with lavender stitching
  • Lavender fedora with a blue band
  • Statement necklace with blue and lavender stones
  • Wristwatch with blue face and lavender leather strap
  • Blue canvas tote bag with lavender piping

Tie everything together flawlessly by mixing lavender and blue throughout your accessories. This elevates your outfit coordination.


Blue and lavender may seem like an unlikely pair at first, but they actually complement each other perfectly. By understanding color theory and how to match tones and intensities, you can effortlessly blend these two hues into stunning outfits. Whether you’re getting dressed for a casual brunch or black tie event, don’t be afraid to experiment with blue and lavender combinations. From clothing, makeup and accessories to home decor, use this color pairing to craft looks that exude imagination, femininity and sophistication. With the right lavender and blue pieces, you’ll always make a stylish statement.