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Can you wear black shoes with dark purple dress?

Wearing the right shoe color with your dress is an important part of putting together a stylish outfit. Black shoes are regarded as one of the most versatile shoe colors that can be paired with many colors of dresses if styled properly. Whether you can wear black shoes with a dark purple dress depends on the shade of purple, the style of the dress, and the type of black shoes you choose.

Quick Answer

Yes, you can wear black shoes with a dark purple dress in most cases if you follow some basic guidelines. Black shoes work well with richer, darker shades of purple like eggplant, plum, and wine. For lighter purples like lilac or lavender, nude or metallic shoes may be a better option. The style of the dress also plays a role – opt for black shoes with solid purple dresses or those with small accents of purple. For dresses covered in purple floral patterns or large prints, a shoe that picks up one of the colors in the print is recommended.

Factors to Consider

Here are some key factors to consider when deciding whether black shoes will complement your dark purple dress:

The Shade of Purple

The depth and intensity of the purple hue makes a big difference. Rich, jewel-toned purples like eggplant, plum, wine, and iris look beautiful with black. These deeper shades have a sophistication that pairs nicely with the boldness of black shoes.

On the other hand, lighter purples like lilac, lavender, and light orchid tend to look better with nude or metallic shoes. The softer, pastel-like quality of lighter purples clashes with stark black. Nude shoes don’t compete with the purple hue, while metallics like gold, rose gold, or silver add a pretty pop of contrast.

Style of the Dress

The style and pattern of the dress must also be taken into account:

  • Solid purple dresses – black shoes work well for dresses that are solid purple or mostly purple. The block of purple color is nicely balanced out by black footwear.
  • Dresses with small purple accents – If the dress contains small touches of purple like piping, embroidery or floral appliques, black shoes can still work well by keeping the look grounded.
  • Large purple patterns or prints – For dresses covered in large purple floral patterns or prints, black shoes may look too harsh. Try footwear in one of the colors from the pattern instead.

Type of Black Shoes

Consider the style of black shoes you plan on wearing with your purple dress:

Type of Shoe Guidelines
Pumps or heels A classic, versatile choice to elongate your legs and add some drama.
Ballet flats Dainty and feminine flats keep the look casual and sweet.
Ankle boots Boots toughen up the look in an edgy way.
Loafers or Oxfords Polished leather shoes give off preppy, sophisticated vibes.

In general, stick to leather, suede, patent or metallic black shoes. Avoid athletic sneakers or casual sandals as these may look too informal.

Tips for Wearing Black Shoes with a Purple Dress

Follow these tips to nail the combination of black shoes and purple dress:

  • Match metals and leather finishes – Coordinate the hardware and details on your shoes with those on jewelry, handbag or belt. Gold, rose gold and silver go well with purple.
  • Set a foundation with tights or leggings – Add black or nude tights or leggings under your dress to create a base on which to build the rest of your look.
  • Accessorize appropriately – Don’t over-accessorize. Let your shoes and dress be the stars and opt for minimal jewelry and bags.
  • Play with proportions – Try a mini dress with over-the-knee boots or a maxi dress with pointy flats to create interesting dimensions.
  • Pay attention to the occasion – Lighter purples may suit daytime events better, while darker eggplant or wine purples have an elegant vibe for night.

Do’s and Don’ts

To summarize, here are the dos and don’ts of wearing black shoes with different shades of purple dresses:


  • Do wear black shoes with rich, dark purple dresses.
  • Do opt for black leather, suede or patent shoes.
  • Do complement a solid purple dress with bold black heels or booties.
  • Do stick to black tights and minimal accessories.


  • Don’t pair black shoes with pale or pastel purple dresses.
  • Don’t wear black sneakers, sandals or canvas shoes.
  • Don’t choose black shoes with dresses covered in large purple florals.
  • Don’t overdo it on the jewelry and bags.


Black and purple make for a rich, dramatic color combination. However, care should be taken when coordinating black shoes with purple dresses. Focus on the darkness and depth of the purple hue, the amount of purple in the dress design, and the style of the black footwear. When these factors are balanced properly, you’ll achieve a sophisticated, put-together look. But mismatched shades and styles can make an outfit fall flat. With the right guidelines, you’ll feel confident rocking your favorite LBDs and power heels with your stunning purple dresses.