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Can you wear a green tie with a navy suit?

Can you wear a green tie with a navy suit?

Choosing the right tie to pair with a navy suit can seem tricky, but there are some simple guidelines to follow. The most traditional and formal option is to wear a solid or subtly patterned tie in a complementary color like burgundy, silver, or light blue. However, a green tie can also work well with a navy suit in the right context. Here are some tips on successfully wearing a green tie with a navy suit.

Quick Tips for Pairing a Green Tie with a Navy Suit

Here are some quick tips on wearing a green tie with a navy suit:

  • Stick to solid or subtly patterned ties in forest green, olive green, or muted sage green tones. Avoid neon or very bright greens.
  • Pair it with a white or light blue dress shirt. This creates enough contrast against the green tie.
  • Wear a simple navy suit in a solid, tone-on-tone weave or subtle pinstripe. Avoid loud patterns on the suit.
  • Make sure the green tie closely matches or complements the color of your eyes for maximum effect.
  • Save it for more casual settings like business meetings, client lunches, networking events, not hyper formal occasions.

How to Wear a Green Tie with a Navy Suit for Different Occasions

Context and formality are key when determining if a green tie works with a navy suit. Here are some tips for various occasions:

Business Meetings

Business meetings tend to be more relaxed settings where you want to project approachability. A solid mid-tone green tie paired with a navy suit and white shirt can convey confidence and trust.

Client Lunches

Client lunches call for looking stylish yet professional. Try a dotted sage green tie with a navy suit and light blue shirt. It shows personality while still being business-appropriate.

Networking Events

Networking events allow more stylish flair. Wear a patterned green foulard or knit tie with a navy suit and crisp white shirt. It’s memorable but not overly flashy.

Formal Occasions

Very formal daytime occasions like important business meetings or daytime weddings call for more subtle ties. Stick to a solid silver green or deep forest green grenadine tie with a navy suit and white shirt.

Casual Settings

For more casual daytime affairs like lunches with friends or travel, try bolder green printed ties with navy suits and light blue shirts. Have fun with funky motifs or silk knits.

Choosing a Flattering Green Tie Color

Not every shade of green may be flattering, so choose the right hue by following these tips:

If you have… Try this green…
Fair skin, blonde/red hair Sage green, mossy green, jade green
Warm skin tone, brown/black hair Forest green, olive green, emerald green
Green or hazel eyes Greens that closely match your eye color

Tie Fabrics & Patterns to Consider

The texture and pattern of a green tie can impact its formality and how well it complements a navy suit. Here are some top options:

  • Solid satin: Satin fabric in a solid green has a smooth, glossy look. It’s formal enough for important occasions.
  • Textured silk: Look for ties in textured silk like shantung or raw silk. The matte finish makes it relaxed yet stylish.
  • Grenadine: Green grenadine ties have a woven texture with diagonal ribbing. The lightweight fabric works year-round.
  • Dot: A green tie with dotted pattern adds subtle interest. Smaller dots maintain formality.
  • Stripe: Thin diagonal stripes on a green tie have a proper, professional vibe for business wear.
  • Paisley: For more flair, try a green paisley tie. The teardrop motif makes a statement but isn’t too loud.
  • Foulard: Green foulard ties feature small intricate prints like flowers or geometrics. The patterns add depth and color.

Tie Width & Length

A green tie’s proportions should complement the navy suit and your body shape:

  • Width: Average tie width is 3 to 3.5 inches wide. Wider ties (up to 4 inches) work well for large men’s frames or wide lapels.
  • Length: The tip of the tie should touch the middle of your belt buckle. Longer ties suit taller men.
  • Tip: Square tie tips look modern. Pointed tips are traditional for formal wear.

Putting It All Together

Use these guidelines to choose a green tie that works with your navy suit and flatters your complexion and eyes. Look for silk ties in solid, textured, or subtle patterned fabrics like dots, stripes, or geometrics.

For very formal occasions, stick to dark forest greens or cool-toned sage greens in a matte, woven texture. For business wear, mid-tone greens in smooth satin or textured silk make safe choices. And feel free to experiment with bolder brights, retro prints, or funky motifs for more casual affairs!


Pairing a green tie with a navy blue suit is a great way to add a dash of color and personality to your professional wardrobe. By following the tips on shades, patterns, proportions and formality, you can confidently wear a green tie with both power and panache. From important meetings to casual Fridays, a green tie shows you have style savvy but also understand classic menswear rules. With the right navy suit, shirt, and tie proportions, you’ll always look sharp and distinguished.