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Can you get white eggshell paint?


Yes, you can get white eggshell paint. Eggshell paint is a popular interior paint finish that has a smooth, low-sheen appearance. It is considered a good choice for walls, trim, and ceilings in low to medium traffic areas of the home. Eggshell paint reflects more light than flat paint, helping hide minor surface imperfections, but not as much light as semi-gloss or gloss finishes.

White eggshell paint is a versatile neutral color that can work well in almost any room of the house. It helps brighten up spaces and can provide a clean, fresh backdrop. White eggshell has a slight hint of warmth, so it is often preferred over a stark, clinical white. Here are some quick answers about white eggshell paint:

– Eggshell paint has a smooth, velvety appearance. It is less shiny than semi-gloss paint.

– White eggshell paint can make a space feel open and airy. It reflects light well.

– Eggshell is durable enough for hallways, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and ceilings.

– It hides minor imperfections better than flat paint. It is easy to clean.

– White eggshell has a warm undertone that keeps it from looking sterile.

– Major paint brands like Behr, Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Valspar offer white eggshell paint.

Where to Buy White Eggshell Paint

White eggshell paint can be purchased from any major home improvement store, paint specialty retailer, or online:

Home Improvement Stores Paint Specialty Retailers Online
– Home Depot -Sherwin-Williams – Amazon
– Lowes -Benjamin Moore – Home Depot
– Menards -PPG Paints – Lowes
– Ace Hardware -Dunn-Edwards – Walmart

The most popular national brands like Behr, Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Valspar are readily available. Hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes stock white eggshell paint from Behr in gallon cans and sample sizes. At paint specialty retailers, you can get paint mixed in any brand and sheen. Custom tinting allows for unlimited color options. Paint can also be ordered online and shipped directly or picked up in-store.

Top Brands for White Eggshell Paint

When selecting a white eggshell paint, you’ll want to stick to top-rated brands known for quality and coverage. Here are some of the best options:

Behr – Behr offers their Premium Plus ultra white eggshell enamel that provides great hide and a pearl-like sheen. It’s ideal for interior walls, trim, and ceilings.

Sherwin-Williams – Sherwin-Williams’ Extra White SW 7006 is a popular eggshell finish with strong stain resistance and hide. It has a warm undertone.

Benjamin Moore – Benjamin Moore’s White Dove OC-17 is a best-selling soft white with a gentle eggshell luster. It hides imperfections well.

Valspar – Valspar’s Swiss Coffee is a versatile eggshell that works everywhere. It resists yellowing and cleans easily.

PPG – PPG’s Pure White 00W 01-1 has great flow and leveling and provides a consistent, uniform finish.

Always check consumer reviews and go with a brand you trust. Top brands will provide better coverage and last longer before needing a repaint.

Sheen Level of Eggshell Paint

The sheen level refers to the amount of light reflected by dried paint. Eggshell has a smooth, low-luster finish. Here is how it compares:

Paint Finish Sheen Description
Flat -No sheen, matte
Eggshell -Subtle sheen, velvety
Satin -Low-luster sheen
Semi-Gloss -Some sheen, shiny
Gloss -Very shiny, reflective

Eggshell reflects just enough light to provide a smooth, uniform appearance, but not so much that imperfections are highlighted. The velvety look is ideal for most rooms.

Rooms Best Suited for White Eggshell Paint

Here are the rooms where white eggshell paint works best:

Bedrooms – White eggshell keeps bedrooms feeling open but is durable enough for an active space. It’s easy to keep clean.

Bathrooms – The subtle sheen resists moisture and stands up to humidity. White makes small bathrooms appear larger.

Living Rooms – White eggshell complements any furniture or decor. It hides scuffs left behind on walls.

Dining Rooms – The soft eggshell finish serves as a quiet backdrop for colorful dining spaces.

Hallways – It holds up to traffic and reflects light to make hallways brighter.

Ceilings – Eggshell’s velvety sheen helps hide small ceiling imperfections.

Doors and Trim – White eggshell gives a clean, uniform look throughout a home on all trim and doors.

Advantages of Eggshell Paint

There are several advantages that make eggshell a great choice for DIY and professional painters:

– Durable – It stands up well to occasional scuffing and cleaning.

– Washable – The smooth finish can be wiped down easily.

– Versatile – It works in nearly any room thanks to its subtle shine.

– Hide flaws – It reflects light evenly to disguise imperfections.

– Warm look – Eggshell lacks the clinical appearance of flat paint.

– UV resistant – It resists yellowing compared to lower sheens.

– Quick dry – Eggshell paint typically dries faster than flat.

– Uniform finish – It goes on smoothly without appearing patchy.

– Easy touch-ups – You can spot paint eggshell without sheen differences.

Disadvantages of Eggshell Paint

The drawbacks of eggshell paint include:

– Shows imperfections – It doesn’t hide flaws as well as flat paint.

– Prone to scuffing – Darker colors will show scuffs more than lighter ones.

– Frequent touch-ups – High traffic areas may need more frequent repainting.

– Sensitive to poor application – Brush strokes are obvious if painted improperly.

– Challenging for beginners – The subtle sheen makes eggshell trickier to apply than flat paint.

– Reflects too much sheen for some – People wanting zero shine would prefer flat.

– Not as washable as gloss – It can’t withstand heavy scrubbing like glossier paints.

– Darker colors show more flaws – Lighter eggshell paints hide imperfections better.

Cost Comparison to Other Finishes

Eggshell paint lands squarely in the middle price-wise. It costs more than flat but less than higher sheens:

Paint Finish Cost Per Gallon*
Flat $20-35
Eggshell $25-40
Satin $30-45
Semi-Gloss $35-50
Gloss $40-60

*Costs are approximate and depend on the brand and quality.

In general, higher sheens cost more due to increased resins in the formula. But eggshell offers an appealing balance of affordability and performance.

How to Apply Eggshell Paint

It’s easy to get a flawless eggshell finish with proper technique:

– Always prime first for better adhesion and coverage.

– Use high-quality roller covers like microfiber or woven polyester.

– Apply two coats for best results allowing each coat to fully dry.

– Maintain a wet edge to prevent lap marks and variations in sheen.

– Roll in sections of 2-3 feet using vertical strokes, then blend with horizontal strokes.

– For cutting in with a brush, use angles rather than straight edge strokes.

– Finish each section by “laying off” in one direction for a uniform look.

– Allow at least 2 hours dry time and ventilation between coats.

With some practice and patience, eggshell paint can be applied smoothly without visible brush marks. Prepare surfaces properly and work methodically for best results.


White eggshell paint offers the perfect balance of durability and washability combined with a velvety, luminous finish. It provides great coverage over minor surface flaws while still allowing your walls and trim to stand out. From major brands like Behr and Benjamin Moore to specialty paint stores, white eggshell can be purchased anywhere paint is sold. While slightly more labor-intensive to apply than flat paint, the results are worth it. Just use high quality application tools and proper technique to get a flawless finish. White eggshell paint is easy to clean, touch-up, and provides a fresh backdrop for any style of decor.