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Can you cut cync light strips?

Home lighting has come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days of relying solely on traditional light bulbs. Now, there are so many options when it comes to lighting up your home in style. One popular choice is LED light strips. Brands like Cync offer flexible and versatile LED light strips that can be used in various ways to create custom lighting effects. But can you cut Cync light strips to size? Let’s take a closer look.

What are Cync light strips?

Cync is a company owned by GE that offers a variety of smart home products, including LED light strips. Cync’s lighting strips come in different lengths, ranging from 5 feet up to 65 feet. They use advanced LED technology that allows you to control them right from your smartphone using the Cync app and Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Length Details
5 feet Up to 80 lumens per foot, cuttable
16 feet Up to 80 lumens per foot, cuttable
65 feet Up to 60 lumens per foot, not cuttable

Some key features of Cync’s LED strips include:

  • Flexible and thin design that allows them to be installed almost anywhere
  • Adhesive backing for easy mounting
  • Millions of color options via the app
  • Voice control capabilities
  • Scheduling and automation options
  • Dimmable

Cync’s light strips are a great option for adding accent lighting to almost any area of your home. The strips can be installed under cabinets, above open shelving, behind furniture and TVs, and more. Their versatility and smart features make them a popular choice.

Can you cut Cync light strips?

So can you actually cut Cync’s LED strips to customize the length? The answer is: it depends.

Cync’s 5 foot and 16 foot light strip kits specifically state they are cuttable, meaning you can shorten them to fit your exact needs. These strips have cutting lines printed on them to guide you. So for these shorter strip kits, yes you can absolutely cut them to your desired length.

However, Cync’s 65 foot light strip kit states that it is not cuttable. Trying to cut this long strip will likely damage it and prevent it from functioning properly. This very long strip is meant to be used only in its original 65 foot length.

In summary:

  • Cync 5 foot and 16 foot light strips are cuttable
  • Cync 65 foot light strip is NOT cuttable

How to cut Cync light strips

If you do have one of the cuttable Cync LED strip kits, here are some tips for cutting them:

  1. Look for the cut lines printed on the strip and use sharp scissors to cut along the lines.
  2. Only cut on the marked cut lines to ensure the strip still functions properly.
  3. Cut equal lengths off both ends if shortening the entire strip.
  4. Be very careful not to cut or damage the small copper pads along the cut lines.
  5. Test the light strip before mounting it to ensure correct functioning.
  6. Use electrical tape to prevent short circuiting of the exposed copper pad ends.

Cutting the strips takes precision but following the printed cut lines carefully allows you to customize Cync’s 5 foot and 16 foot strips to your perfect size. Measure the area you want to install them twice and only cut once to avoid errors.

Other light strip cutting tips

When working with any LED light strips, not just Cync’s, keep these general tips in mind for cutting:

  • Only cut along marked cut lines or sections.
  • Use very sharp, precision scissors for clean cuts.
  • Minimize bending or twisting when cutting.
  • Seal any exposed copper pads with electrical tape.
  • Test strips before mounting them after cutting.
  • Consult manufacturer guidelines for cuttability.

Following the specific guidelines for the light strips you are working with is always recommended. But in general, most LED strip kits under 20 feet are designed to be cut for custom lengths as needed.

Cync light strip ideas

Once you have your Cync light strips cut to the perfect size, the fun part comes in deciding how and where to install them. Here are some popular ways to use Cync’s LED strips in your home:

Under cabinet lighting

Install strips under your kitchen, bathroom or other cabinetry to provide beautiful task lighting. The strips illuminate the counter space and add a decorative glow.

Accent walls

Line an entire accent wall horizontally with light strips to create a cool backdrop. Group multiple strips together for a bolder look.

Cove lighting

Tuck strips into alcoves, coves or ledges for subtle indirect lighting anywhere in your home. A quick and easy way to add mood lighting.

Stair lighting

Line stair risers or stair undersides with light strips to safely illuminate stairs and make a statement.

Bed headboards

Install strips on the backside of a bed headboard to cast beautiful colored light behind the bed.


Adhere strips under open shelving or cabinets to highlight displayed items and decor.


Put strips along your kitchen or bathroom kickboards for a subtle glow at floor level.

With all the different ways you can use Cync’s smart LED light strips, the possibilities are endless. And being able to cut the strips to custom sizes makes the applications even more versatile. Carefully follow the included instructions for any cuttable strips to enjoy perfect lighting everywhere.


Cync offers high quality and customizable LED light strips that can transform any space. While their 65 foot strip cannot be cut, Cync’s 5 foot and 16 foot options conveniently allow you to trim them to your exact desired length. By carefully following the printed cut lines and using sharp scissors, you can cut these strips to fit any area perfectly. Cync’s light strips provide millions of colors, voice and app controls, and cool lighting effects for nearly any part of your home when installed creatively. Just be sure to double check the product details to know if a Cync strip is cuttable before making any cuts.