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Can you buy single Colour M&M’s?

Can you buy single Colour M&M’s?

M&M’s are one of the most popular and iconic candy brands, known for their colorful candy-coated chocolates. One of the signature features of M&M’s is that they come in a variety of colors, usually in packages containing an assortment. This leads many candy lovers to wonder – can you buy packs of M&M’s that contain only one color instead of a mix?

The short answer is yes, single color M&M’s packs are available for purchase in stores and online. However, they may not be as widely available as the traditional color-assorted bags. Buying options vary based on location and retailer.

Background on M&M’s

M&M’s have been around since 1941 and were created by Mars, Incorporated. The name M&M’s is derived from the last names of the candy’s founders – Forrest Mars Sr. and Bruce Murrie. The original colors were brown, red, orange, yellow, green and violet. Over the decades more colors have been added like blue, pink, purple, teal, white, dark brown and more.

Part of the brand’s success is attributed to the fact that the colored candy shells were designed not just for aesthetics but also to prevent the enclosed chocolate from melting. Soldiers during World War II were supplied with M&M’s as a convenient snack that wouldn’t melt in the heat.

Today, M&M’s are one of the top selling candies in the U.S. and come in a wide variety of flavors beyond just chocolate. Their signature look and variety of colors continue to make them popular with both kids and adults.

Buying Options for Single Color M&M’s

While most packs contain an assortment of colors, there are a few ways to purchase packs or bulk quantities of M&M’s in just one shade:


– Directly from Mars – Mars Wrigley has an online store that allows shoppers to customize their M&M’s order. This includes choosing a single color from their current lineup. You can order packs as small as 1.69 oz in your preferred color.

– Amazon – Searching on Amazon turns up various bulk listing for single color M&M’s packs. Third party sellers offer larger quantities, usually 1 lb bags. Selection and availability varies.

– eBay – Similar to Amazon, many eBay sellers offer bulk lots of specific colored M&M’s. Quantity and pricing varies by seller.

– Specialty Candy Sites – Candy specialty retailers like Candy Warehouse, Candy Direct and others allow you to purchase bulk bags of single colors like all blue or all red. Minimum orders and pricing varies.


– M&M’s World Stores – The M&M’s World locations in New York City, Las Vegas, London and Shanghai have customize M&M’s stations where you can choose a single color and print or design. Minimum order amounts apply.

– Movie Theaters – Some movie theater concession stands sell single color M&M’s. Usually you’ll find red, green, yellow and orange as options. Availability varies by location.

– Specialty Candy Stores – Local candy shops or candy specialty stores, especially those that sell bulk candy, may carry individual color packs or allow you to scoop your own. However, selection is not guaranteed.

So in summary, the most consistent way to buy single color M&M’s is through the online options – either directly from Mars or via third party bulk candy retailers. Brick and mortar locations are more limited. But it is possible to find individual colors in some stores.

Color Availability

The range of color choices for single color M&M’s depends on where you shop.

If ordering directly from Mars online or at an M&M’s World store, you can select from their standard color lineup:

Blue Brown Green
Orange Red Yellow
Pink Purple Crispy

Specialty candy retailers may carry common shades like blue, brown, red, green, orange and yellow. But availability can vary seasonally. Unique shades like aqua or lime green may only be found during certain holidays or times of year.

At movie theaters, the selection is usually limited to red, green, yellow and orange – the core original M&M’s colors.

So while you can likely find major shades year-round, the wider palette of single color options is primarily accessible online or at M&M’s own retail locations.

Packaging and Sizing

Single color M&M’s can be purchased in different package types and quantities:

– Stand up pouches – typical for movie theater boxes and packs from Mars online store. Sizes range from 1.69 oz to 1 lb.

– Lay down bags – commonly used for bulk sizes like 5 lb and 10 lb. Often resealable.

– Bulk boxes and plastic jars – for the very large quantities like 25 lbs. Mostly from specialty candy suppliers.

– Customized – The Mars store and M&M World locations allow custom printed pouches and containers. Minimums required.

For individual snacking, the pouches around 1.69-3 oz are typical. Bags of approximately 1 lb are convenient for candy bowls. And bulk boxes or jars holding 5 lbs or more are ideal for events, restaurants, parties, etc.

So sizing depends on the intended use and quantity needed. But single colors can be found in almost any packaging size.

Flavor and Variety Options

When you choose a single M&M’s color, what are your flavor options?

For the original chocolate candy shells, the enclosed filling will be milk chocolate unless you specify otherwise. Some of the flavor options include:

– Milk chocolate (most common)
– Dark chocolate
– Peanut
– Peanut butter
– Mint chocolate
– White chocolate

Keep in mind flavor availability can depend on the seller. The Mars online store has the widest selection. Third party bulk suppliers more commonly carry just milk or dark chocolate.

As for non-chocolate candies, you can buy packs of single colors of:

– Crispy (rice cereal center)
– Pretzel
– Raspberry
– Caramel

So for the traditional chocolate candies, milk chocolate is the standard. But you can find a variety of other flavors, especially when custom ordering directly from Mars.

Cost Analysis

How much do single color M&M’s cost compared to regular assorted packs? Here is an overview:

Size Single Color Price Assorted Color Price
1.69 oz $3.99 $1.09
1 lb $10.99 $5.99
5 lb $50.00 $25.99

The individual color packs carry about a 100% price premium over regular assortments. This applies across most standard package sizes.

Factors contributing to the higher price:

– Specialty product – Not mass produced like regular M&M’s so more costly to make in smaller batches
– Customization – Allowing choose of color adds production costs
– Exclusivity – Unique product commanding higher price from novelty-seeking shoppers

For big candy lovers or those wanting M&M’s to match a specific event theme, the higher cost may be justified. But for everyday snacking, the regular assortment packs offer more value.

Pros and Cons of Single Colors

Is it worth splurging on single color M&M’s? Here are some pros and cons to consider:


– Great for themed events – match food/décor or favorite sports team colors
– Allows color coordination – accessories same shade as M&M’s
– Less sorting – no picking through to find favorite shades
– Easier sharing – can divide up by color
– Kid approved – fun way for them to eat just blue, pink, etc


– More expensive – almost double the price over assortments
– Limited novelty – appeal wears off after initial excitement
– Less variety – one note color instead of rainbow effect
– Harder to find – not carried widely in stores

So single color M&M’s offer some unique benefits. But the higher cost and lack of availability may outweigh the novelty for some buyers. It comes down to personal preference and budget.


While not as ubiquitous as the classic assorted packs, it is possible to buy M&M’s in single colors if you know where to find them. Online specialty candy stores offer the widest selection and ability to order packs or bulk sizes in whichever shade you choose. In-person shopping options are more limited, but some stores like M&M’s World locations and select movie theaters carry a few popular colors.

The customized packs deliver more color coordination and theming potential. But the indulgence costs about double the price. So it depends how much value the novelty adds for you. Overall, single color M&M’s remain more of a specialty product than an everyday snack purchase. But they can be the perfect solution if you need tons of tangerine orange or teal green candies for a specific occasion or just want to eat your favorite hue.