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Can you bet Gatorade color on BetMGM?

Betting on the Gatorade color poured on the winning Super Bowl coach is a popular prop bet offered by many sportsbooks, including BetMGM. As one of the largest legal online sports betting operators in the United States, BetMGM offers a wide variety of prop bets for the Super Bowl, including on the color of the Gatorade bath.

What is the Gatorade color prop bet?

The Gatorade color prop bet allows you to wager on what color Gatorade will be poured on the winning Super Bowl coach at the end of the game. This is one of the most popular prop bets offered for the Super Bowl.

Here are the most common Gatorade colors offered:

Gatorade Color Typical Odds
Orange +200
Yellow/Green +225
Red +275
Blue +700
Clear +900

As you can see, orange is typically the favorite, having been poured about 7 times in recent Super Bowl history. But any color has a chance, keeping the prop bet interesting.

Does BetMGM offer Gatorade color betting?

Yes, BetMGM offers betting on the Gatorade color for the Super Bowl. As one of the largest sportsbooks, they offer a full slate of prop bets on the Super Bowl.

For the 2023 Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, here were the BetMGM odds as of 2/7/2023:

Gatorade Color Odds
Orange +225
Yellow/Green +275
Blue +400
Red +450
Clear +750
Purple +1200

As you can see, Orange was the betting favorite, followed closely by Yellow/Green. BetMGM gave good odds on all potential colors.

What strategies can you use to bet the Gatorade color?

Here are some strategies you can use when betting the Gatorade color prop:

  • Look at historical trends – As noted, Orange has hit most often. Certain teams also have tended to favor certain colors.
  • Follow news reports – Local beat writers may report on the Gatorade color choice at practices.
  • Factor in team colors – The winning team may be more likely to use their own team colors.
  • Consider the weather – Hot weather may dictate more clear or water Gatorade.
  • Think about flavors – Flavors like Fruit Punch are associated with red, while Lemon-Lime is a yellow/green tone.

In the end, this prop has a random element, but doing your research can help identify potentially profitable bets. The odds on less common colors often give a great payout.

What are the origins of the Gatorade shower?

The tradition of dousing the winning Super Bowl coach in Gatorade originated with the New York Giants in the mid-1980s. Giants defensive tackle Jim Burt first poured Gatorade on coach Bill Parcells after their Super Bowl XXI win in 1987.

It didn’t take long for the Gatorade shower to catch on as an expected NFL tradition after big wins and a unique Super Bowl betting opportunity.

Is betting the Gatorade color legal?

Betting on the Gatorade color is completely legal in states where online sports betting is regulated and licensed. This includes legal betting sites like BetMGM.

As of 2023, around 35 states allow online sports betting in some form, including popular betting states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Tennessee. Be sure to check your local state laws to ensure betting is legal in your area.


Betting on the Gatorade color is a fun way to enhance your Super Bowl experience, and BetMGM offers competitive odds on all color possibilities. Make sure to research trends, team affiliations and flavors. And given the randomness involved, spread your bankroll across multiple colors to increase your chances of winning this popular prop.

Online sports betting can be a fun and profitable hobby but also carries risk. Bet responsibly and never wager more than you can comfortably afford to lose.