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Can mint green go with navy blue?

Can mint green go with navy blue?

Mint green and navy blue are both popular colors that can work beautifully together in the right context. Combining cool minty greens with rich navy blues creates an eye-catching yet sophisticated color palette. However, making these colors complement each other requires some strategizing and knowledge of color theory. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at whether mint green and navy blue go well together, tips for pairing them effectively, and examples of mint green and navy blue color schemes in fashion, interior decor, and graphic design.

The Color Theory Behind Mint Green and Navy Blue

In color theory, colors are categorized into “warm” and “cool” tones. Warm colors like red, orange and yellow evoke energy, passion and warmth. Cool colors like blue, green and purple suggest calmness, tranquility and sophistication. Mint green is a cool, pale pastel shade of green, whereas navy blue is a darker, richer shade of blue. Combining a light cool color with a darker cool color can create a cohesive, pleasing color scheme.

The mint green and navy blue color palette is considered “analogous” on the color wheel. Analogous colors sit side-by-side on the color wheel and tend to look harmonious when combined. They create a calming, comfortable visual experience. Navy blue also contrasts well with mint green due to the difference in lightness – the pale mintiness pops against the deeper blue.

Tips for Combining Mint Green and Navy Blue

Here are some tips for pairing mint green and navy blue successfully:

Tip Example
Use navy blue as the dominant color and mint green as the accent. Since navy is darker, it will anchor the scheme. Navy blue walls with mint green decor accents and pillows.
Add metallic accents like silver, gold or copper to tie the colors together. Metallics pair well with both mint and navy. A navy blue dress with mint green heels and gold jewelry.
Introduce creams or whites to soften the contrast between the two colors. A bedroom with white trim and bedding, navy blue walls and mint green curtains.
Use varying shades of mint green and navy blue together for depth. A graphic design with navy blue headers, darker navy text, light mint backgrounds and pale mint borders.

Mint Green and Navy Blue in Fashion

In fashion, mint green and navy blue is a refreshing color combination that works year-round. The mint adds a fun pop of color to grounding navy blue. Some ideas:

– A navy blue dress with mint green heels and clutch
– A mint green skirt with a navy top and navy heels
– Mint jeans with a navy blazer and loafers
– A striped mint and navy shirt paired with white pants
– Mint green shorts and a navy and white striped tee
– Mint sneakers with navy joggers and a navy jacket

Navy and mint is a versatile color scheme that can be dressed up for work or events, or worn casually for weekend wear. Metallic shoes, jewelry and bags help bridge the two colors together.

Mint Green and Navy in Home Decor

For home interiors, mint green and navy blue creates a relaxing vibe that’s both stimulating and serene. The mint adds vibrancy while the navy brings sophistication. Some ways to incorporate this color scheme at home:

– Paint walls navy and add mint green decor like throw pillows, blankets and planters
– Use mint green and navy blue in a coastal chic aesthetic with white, wood tones and nautical stripes
– Paint an accent wall or front door mint green against a navy blue house exterior
– Add mint and navy to a preppy nautical themed room with navy walls, mint bedding and white anchor prints
– Pair dark navy kitchen cabinets with a mint green tile backsplash
– Use navy blue sofa against a mint green accent chair and patterned rug featuring both colors

The cool tones of mint and navy suit modern, minimalist spaces as well as traditional rooms. Keep towels, curtains, vases and other accessories in coordinating greens and blues.

Mint Green and Navy Blue in Graphic Design

For graphic design, website design and branding, navy blue makes a striking background color that allows mint green accents and details to stand out. Some examples:

– A website with a navy header and footer and mint green body text
– Product packaging with a mint green logo over a navy blue background
– Business cards or stationery with navy as the base and mint for typography and logos
– Icons, graphs and charts in mint green against a navy backdrop
– Social media posts featuring mint graphics against a navy background

This color scheme creates a professional, trustworthy brand identity. The darker navy grounds the design while the mint adds personality.


Mint green and navy blue can pair beautifully if used strategically. Navy should serve as the foundational neutral while mint green adds a refreshing splash of color. Add metallic accents, white and tonal shades to help the colors complement each other. This color combination works well in fashion, home decor and graphic design for a look that’s both tranquil and lively. While following the guidelines above, don’t be afraid to get creative and make this sophisticated palette your own!