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Can I wear gold shoes with cobalt blue dress?

Quick Answer

Yes, you can definitely wear gold shoes with a cobalt blue dress. Gold and cobalt blue are complementary colors that look great together. The rich, warm tone of gold shoes will pop against the cool blue hue of the dress. This color pairing creates a striking, sophisticated look.

What colors go with cobalt blue?

Cobalt blue is a vivid, eye-catching shade that allows for many different color pairings. Here are some of the best colors to wear with cobalt blue:

  • Gold – As mentioned above, the metallic shine of gold is a perfect match for cobalt blue. Gold jewelry, handbags, and shoes will really make the blue pop.
  • Silver – Like gold, silver has a metallic shine that complements the blue tone. Silver heels or jewelry look chic with a cobalt dress.
  • White – Crisp, bright white is a great contrasting color for cobalt blue. A white blazer over a cobalt dress or white accessories add a fresh, summery vibe.
  • Black – For elegant eveningwear, pair cobalt blue with classic black. The duo makes a dramatic statement.
  • Nude – Nude shoes or accessories serve to elongate the leg and neutralize the bold blue tone.
  • Red – Vibrant red makes cobalt really stand out. Small red accents like pumps, lipstick or a clutch provide a lively color punch.
  • Pink – Soft pinks work especially well with cobalt blue. Blush shoes and purses temper the strong blue in a feminine way.
  • Green – Blue’s complementary color, green, looks wonderful with cobalt. Emerald and mint additions pop against the blue background.

Why does gold work well with cobalt blue?

There are a few key reasons why gold and cobalt blue combine to create such a stylish look:

  • Complementary colors – Blue and yellow (gold’s base hue) are directly across from each other on the color wheel. This makes them naturally eye-catching and vibrant together.
  • Temperature contrast – Cobalt blue is a cool-toned shade, while gold is intensely warm. This temperature difference makes each color stand out against the other.
  • Sophistication – Gold and cobalt blue evoke a polished, upscale aesthetic. The pairing can take an outfit from simple to elegant and luxe.
  • Versatility – Gold shoes or accessories work for both casual daytime cobalt outfits and dressy evening looks.
  • Metallic sheen – The shiny, metallic finish of gold plays beautifully against the flat matte quality of cobalt blue.
  • Neutral balance – Gold provides a neutral, versatile accent that draws out cobalt’s bold shade without overwhelming the look.

How to style gold shoes with a cobalt blue dress

Here are some fabulous ways to wear gold shoes with a cobalt blue dress:

Daytime chic

For a daytime look, pair metallic gold flats or low kitten heels with a cobalt blue sundress or sheath dress. Add sunglasses, a straw bag and simple gold jewelry for a glamorous warm-weather vibe.

Cocktail soiree

Up the glam factor with strappy gold heels, a cobalt blue cocktail dress and gold statement earrings. Carry a gold frame clutch and wear nude lips to keep the bold color pairing center stage.

Black tie event

Make a dramatic entrance in a floor-length cobalt gown and metallic gold stilettos. Wear hair in an elegant updo to showcase dazzling gold earrings and a necklace. Include a black fur shawl or wrap to transition the look from day to night.

Office style

Stay chic at work with cobalt blue trousers paired with a white blouse, black blazer and close-toed gold pumps. This put-together ensemble will take you from your 9-5 to evening cocktails seamlessly.

Do’s and don’ts of wearing gold and cobalt blue

When styling this eye-catching color combination, keep these do’s and don’ts in mind:


  • Pick one statement piece in each color, like a cobalt dress and gold shoes. Too much of both hues can overwhelm a look.
  • Choose gold and blue in rich, saturated shades to make the colors really pop.
  • Add in neutral pieces like nude heels or a white handbag to break up the bold colors.
  • Make sure gold jewelry complements cobalt blue rather than blending in. Rose gold and yellow gold work best.


  • Wear cobalt and gold head-to-toe. Use one color as an accent to the other.
  • Go overboard with metallic. Limit gold pieces to avoid looking gaudy.
  • Pair cobalt and gold with other competing bright colors. Stick to neutral base shades.
  • Go too light or muted with the blue tone. A vivid cobalt shade has the biggest impact.

Example outfits with cobalt blue and gold

Here are a few stunning head-to-toe looks to inspire your own gold and cobalt blue outfits:

Casual daytime:

– Cobalt blue shift dress
– Rose gold ballet flats
– Gold circle sunglasses
– Rose gold bangle bracelet
– White crossbody bag

Cocktail party:

– Cobalt blue wrap dress
– Strappy gold stiletto heels
– Gold chandelier earrings
– Gold envelope clutch
– Bold red lipstick

Black tie wedding:

– Cobalt blue evening gown
– Gold strappy sandals
– Diamond and gold bracelet
– Crystal embellished gold clutch
– Fancy updo hairstyle


Pairing cobalt blue with gold makes for an easy, versatile way to dress up any outfit with some glamour. The complementary colors look striking together, with cobalt’s cool tone contrasting beautifully against gold’s warm metallic shine.

Keep the pairing looking sophisticated by choosing one statement piece in each shade, and build the rest of your look around neutral foundation pieces. With the right styling, you can easily take your gold and cobalt blue ensemble from a daytime event to evening without missing a beat.

So don’t be afraid to have some fun and experiment with this bold, vibrant color combination! Gold shoes add a perfect pop of glamour and warmth to any cobalt blue dress or outfit.

Outfit Type Cobalt Blue Pieces Gold Pieces
Casual Daytime Shift dress Ballet flats, sunglasses, bangle bracelet
Cocktail Party Wrap dress Heels, chandelier earrings, clutch
Black Tie Wedding Evening gown Sandals, bracelet, clutch