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Can I wear gold jewelry with navy dress?

Wearing the right jewelry can elevate any outfit. When putting together an ensemble, it’s important to consider how your jewelry choices complement the colors and style of your clothing. One popular color combination that often pops up when getting dressed is navy blue and gold jewelry. But does this classic duo work well together? Here’s what you need to know about wearing gold jewelry with a navy dress or outfit.

The Color Combination of Navy and Gold

Navy blue and gold are both versatile neutral colors that pair beautifully together. Navy has a rich, deep blue tone that provides an elegant base for an outfit. Gold jewelry pops against the navy background, creating a striking yet sophisticated look. The cool tone of navy blue and the warm, bright shine of gold perfectly complement each other.

This color pairing is popular for good reason. The navy brings out the brilliance of the gold, while the gold adds interest and vibrancy to the navy. The combination is ideal for both casual daytime and formal evening occasions. It’s a timeless duo that always looks put-together.

Gold Tones to Pair with Navy

When wearing gold jewelry with navy, choose gold tones that contrast well against the deep blue background. Here are some gold tones that look especially beautiful with navy:

  • Yellow gold: The most traditional gold tone sparkles against rich navy.
  • Rose gold: The subtle warmth of rose gold picks up on undertones in navy.
  • White gold: For a cool, modern contrast against warm navy hues.
  • Bronze gold: The dusky, antique finish looks sophisticated with navy.

Stay away from pairing a navy dress or outfit with gold jewelry that has a brassy, orangey tone. The two colors can clash. Instead, look for gold jewelry with a bright, clear, yellow color for the most attractive combo.

Gold Jewelry Styles to Wear with Navy

In addition to choosing a complementary gold tone, it’s important to select gold jewelry styles that work well with a navy dress or outfit. Here are some flattering gold jewelry options to consider:

Jewelry Type Best Styles with Navy
Necklaces Short chains, pendants, lariats
Earrings Studs, hoops, drops
Rings Cocktail, gemstone, stacking
Bracelets Bangles, cuffs, charm

For necklaces, shorter chains and pendants are ideal for complementing a navy neckline without competing. Small stud earrings let the navy outfit shine, while bolder hoops and drops make more of a statement. Cocktail rings and stackable bands hit the perfect note of glamour and sophistication.

You’ll also want to consider your navy dress or outfit’s style when selecting gold jewelry. For example, chunky gold chokers or cuff bracelets pair better with casual or athletic navy looks. Delicate jewelry works best for dressy navy outfits and formal occasions. Choose pieces that enhance your entire look.

Tips for Wearing Gold Jewelry with Navy

When styling your navy and gold jewelry ensemble, keep these tips in mind:

  • Match metals – Wear gold earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets in the same tone for a coordinated look.
  • Layer wisely – Stick to 2-3 layered gold necklaces for a polished effect.
  • Highlight face – Draw attention upward with gold earrings and a necklace.
  • Consider occasion – Opt for your boldest gold pieces for a night out, subtle for daytime.
  • Don’t overdo it – Let your navy garment shine by keeping gold jewelry minimal.

By following these guidelines, you’ll achieve a beautifully balanced navy and gold combo for any event or outing.

Complete Outfit Examples with Gold Jewelry and Navy

Seeing how different mixes of gold jewelry and navy garments come together can provide inspiration for your own stylish ensembles. Take a look at these chic head-to-toe outfits featuring the navy and gold color duo:

Casual Daytime

  • Navy v-neck t-shirt
  • Straight leg medium wash jeans
  • Neutral sandals
  • Gold hoop earrings
  • Gold horizontal bar necklace
  • Gold knot ring


  • Navy blazer
  • Silk cream blouse
  • Ankle length navy trousers
  • Pointed toe nude heels
  • Gold stud earrings
  • Thin yellow gold lariat necklace
  • Yellow gold watch

Cocktail Party

  • Navy lace cocktail dress
  • Strappy gold heels
  • Gold chandelier earrings
  • Gold choker necklace
  • Gold bangles and cocktail ring
  • Gold mini handbag

As you can see, the navy and gold color pairing provides endless stylish possibilities for day to night. Have fun mixing different gold jewelry pieces with your favorite navy garments.

Navy and Gold Jewelry Pairing Dos and Don’ts

To recap, here are some key dos and don’ts to keep in mind when wearing gold jewelry with navy:


  • Do choose yellow, rose, or white gold tones
  • Do select short, delicate necklaces
  • Do layer 2-3 gold necklaces
  • Do match metals for a coordinated look
  • Do opt for hoops, drops, or studs for earrings


  • Don’t wear brassy, orangey gold jewelry
  • Don’t choose long, flashy necklaces
  • Don’t mix metals like gold and silver
  • Don’t wear too many pieces at once
  • Don’t pick gold jewelry that competes with your navy garment


Navy and gold make the perfect color pairing, and with the right styling, gold jewelry can beautifully complement navy dresses and outfits. Stick with versatile gold tones like yellow, rose, and white gold. Delicate necklaces, hoop earrings, and cocktail rings work especially well. Layer your gold jewelry wisely, match metals, and aim for balance to let both your navy garment and gold shine.

With this guidance for wearing gold jewelry with navy, you can feel confident putting together sophisticated, stylish looks for any occasion. Have fun mixing and matching different gold and navy pieces for a timeless, elegant aesthetic.